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EDGE Energy

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Torsten Seling, LLC

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Solar Panel Installers Near Me

Solar panel installation is easy and common due to the advancement in solar technology. Not only does installing solar panels help in saving on costs, but it also ensure a safe and clean environment. Solar panels, like other green projects, contribute highly towards a future greener environment through conservation of natural resources. Due to the complexity of the solar panel system, most homeowners hire solar panel installers.

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How to Find the Best Solar Companies Near You

Finding professional solar providers near you might involve more than just reading reviews and portfolios of various companies. Getting references from friends and other homeowners can help secure trustworthy solar installation companies near you. Many solar panel contractors have different operational needs, costs and other requirements that you have to take into consideration before committing to the project. Once you are ready for installation, a certified solar installer should examine your home to ascertain if you can put up a solar panel in addition to giving a quotation of the total estimate.

If you decide to carry out interviews as your preferred method of hiring, here are questions to aid the process:

  1. How long have you been in the solar panel installation business?
  2. Can you prove your business is licensed and insured?
  3. How long will the solar panel installation take?
  4. Do you offer options of leasing or buying the solar panel system?
  5. Can my roof support solar panels?
  6. Will it be possible for me to connect to the grid?
  7. What kind of solar technology should I install: photovoltaic or thermal?
  8. Will I vacate my home during the installation phase?
  9. How soon can you begin installation?
  10. Have you installed similar system for homeowners near me? Can I speak with them?
  11. Will you provide a detailed estimate?
  12. When are the solar panel installation payments due?

Solar Panel Installation Costs

Installing a solar panel cost most homeowners from around $9,865 to $15,241. The type of solar panel - monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous - largely contributes to the cost. Some solar companies near you can offer discounts on installation depending on their policies or agreement between you and the company. Luckily, some of these costs will be offset via tax subsidies and lower energy costs down the line.