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Yard & Landscape Grading Near Me

Landscape Grading Companies Near Me

Proper landscape grading prevents water drainage problems in your yard and potential damage to the foundation of your home. Grading means creating a front, side and backyard slope that naturally drains water away from your home. This sloping also prevents pooling of water that can attract mosquitoes, keeps water out of your neighbor's yard and stops soil and plant erosion.

Professional landscape grading companies take the worry out of getting your lawn grading right. When you're ready, ImproveNet can connect you with top landscape grading contractors near you.

How to Find the Best House Landscape Grading Contractors Near You

The specific services you need to reslope your lawn may be as simple as adding soil next to your foundation and low spots in your lawn. Or, it could involve locating utility lines, excavating soil, laying new sod or constructing retaining walls or valleys at the end of your property called swales.

Asking the questions below will help you choose the landscape grading company that's right for you:

  1. What specific soil problems in my yard and around my foundation need to be addressed?
  2. Will you use meshing or geogrid to help keep the soil and plants in place?
  3. Will you have to change my drainage system to a French drain, bog, swale or other to keep water away from the foundation of my house?
  4. Will I need a city permit, and will you take care of applying for it?
  5. Do you need to replace my grass with new sod, or can you use my existing grass?
  6. I heard that tilling two inches of topsoil into the subsoil after you grade it helps prevent drainage problems, and four inches of topsoil should be placed over that for my plants and grass to grow well. Will you do that?
  7. Will you use large equipment such a tractor, backhoe, mini-excavator, mulcher or skid clear loader to complete the job? Can you access my yard without disturbing fencing or other barriers?
  8. Do I need window wells around my basement windows, so you can grade the soil properly without blocking them?
  9. Will you need to extend pipes – such as for my oil heater or water lines – or drain traps so they aren't buried under the new grading?
  10. Do you recommend adding shrubbery or other plants to my landscaping, and do you provide that service?
  11. How much will the project cost?

Landscape Grading Cost

Most homeowners spend between $1,059 and $1,716 nationally. The price is worth the potential higher cost and hassle of future damage. Use our yard grading landscape cost estimator to get free estimates from local contractors who can slope your lawn properly.

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