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How Much Does an Aggregate Pool Deck Cost?

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National Deck Costs

$8 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$35 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does an Aggregate Pool Deck Cost?

Homeowners who have an outdoor pool, or even those who are planning to construct one, will also want to think about the best material to use as a deck surrounding the pool. Ideally, the pool deck would be made from a material that can handle plenty of splashing water as well as humidity, be a non-slip surface and look aesthetically pleasing in a key outdoor space. Aggregate concrete pool decks fit all those requirements, and they could be the perfect fit for many properties. This guide can explain more about aggregate concrete, its advantages, its disadvantages, the various costs involved, the installation process and ways to customize the look.

The Costs

  • Average Minimum Cost of Aggregate Pool Decks: $8 per square foot
  • Average Maximum Cost of Aggregate Pool Decks: $35 per square foot 

What is Aggregate Concrete?

Aggregate is a rough material that is typically found in concrete, but it's only called aggregate concrete when it's exposed at the top of the surface of poured concrete areas. In order to expose the aggregate, which is essentially tiny rocks, grains or pebbles, the concrete has to be poured wet and then scrubbed to remove the top layer and reveal the aggregate below. Since aggregate adds texture, style and color to poured concrete, it is a popular option for those who want to create a more upscale or attractive look around the pool.

Advantages of Aggregate Pool Decks

Aside from simply looking more appealing than standard poured concrete, aggregate pool decks are resistant to most weather conditions and are low-maintenance. Since aggregate concrete pool decks are used outdoors, it's important that they are able to withstand high humidity, the soaring temperatures of summer and the freezing temperatures of winter. The textured nature of aggregate concrete is also perfect for its location around a pool, as children and adults are prone to slipping in this wet environment. Finally, being low-maintenance is a big hit among homeowners. All it takes to clean typical aggregate concrete is a weekly spray with a hose, and then it can air-dry on its own.

Disadvantages of Aggregate Pool Decks

Before hiring a contractor to build a pool deck made of aggregate concrete, homeowners should carefully weigh the disadvantages of this material. While maintenance is minimal on a regular basis, the aggregate will need to be sealed after installation and then resealed every two or three years in order to retain its durability and glossy shine. Another drawback is that larger pieces of aggregate can make walking without shoes uncomfortable, which might be a concern around the pool. Finally, aggregate concrete is difficult to install as a DIY project, and the cost of hiring professionals for installation may be substantially more than a simpler style of concrete pool deck.

Choosing the Right Aggregate For the Concrete Pool Deck

One of the highlights of creating an aggregate pool deck is choosing the aggregate used in the project. Homeowners who are simply after the texture and durability rather than design and color can choose an aggregate that is more generic and used in standard concrete mixes, but most people will enjoy choosing a color and style that meets their design ideals. It is even possible to add in personal items, such as local seashells, to create a truly custom look. Other common aggregate materials include quartz, limestone and colored recycled glass. The key factors to consider when choosing an aggregate material are:

  • Cost of the aggregate
  • Local availability and delivery of the material
  • Colors of the aggregate
  • Size of the aggregate
  • Variation in a single batch
  • Hardness underfoot

Special Design Effects That Can Increase Total Price of the Project

There are a number of different design styles and ideas that can upgrade the look of an aggregate pool deck. However, since most of these also require additional labor, they tend to increase the price of the project. Just a few of the most popular design effects for aggregate concrete pool decks include adding in chemical stains, concrete stamping around the aggregate for a border, using two or more aggregate styles for variety, staining the concrete itself for a bolder color choice and adding divider strips for added interest on the pool deck.

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

Before discussing the best way to install aggregate concrete pool decks, it's important to have a basic understanding of the process as a whole. The first step involves creating footers and outlining the space, just like any other concrete pouring task. Then, when the concrete is poured, it needs to be allowed to set for a few minutes but not long enough to dry entirely. The aggregate then needs to be exposed either by hand or by a large machine that removes the soft top layer of concrete without unsettling the rough aggregate below. For smaller jobs, aggregate can be exposed using something as simple as a broom and a spray of water from a hose, but large pool decks typically require either a chemical solution called a surface retarder or the use of an abrasive blaster. While it is possible to DIY install a basic aggregate pool deck, most homeowners should delegate the task to professionals if it fits into the budget.

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