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How Much Is An Alarm Monitoring Service?

Most homeowners spend between $353 to $888 nationally.
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Your home is your castle, and keeping your property safe and secure is essential. When you're away from home, an alarm monitoring system becomes your eyes and ears, providing protection and peace of mind until you return. ImproveNet's online search function makes it easy to find qualified alarm monitoring companies, but before you shop for quotes, learn more about the costs to find out what you can expect from such a project.

National Hire an Alarm Monitoring Service Costs

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National Average Cost $1,718
Minimum Cost $80
Maximum Cost $25,000
Average Range $353 to $888
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Table of Contents

  1. Alarm Monitoring Service Cost
  2. What Is An Alarm Monitoring Service?
  3. Benefits Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service
  4. Drawbacks Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service
  5. Best Alarm Monitoring Companies
  6. Monitoring Service Prices Vs. Other Home Security Features
  7. Cost Considerations
  8. Find A Pro

Alarm Monitoring Service Cost

The cost to hire an alarm monitoring service varies based on the level of protection you require and your geographical location. Costs usually range from $105 to $504, with an average of $303. However, costs may be as low as $42 or as high as $1,000, depending on the monitoring package you purchase.

Homeowners usually pay for monitoring costs in the form of monthly subscription fees, and those fees don't include the cost for alarm installation. The cost of hiring a contractor to install an alarm system ranges from $338 to $1,016, with an average of $667.

What Is An Alarm Monitoring Service?

Installing security systems is an important step in protecting your home and family. A traditional unmonitored alarm system triggers to alert occupants and neighbors to possible danger, but this system doesn't have a way of directly contacting emergency services. In many cases, the sound of an alarm is enough to wake occupants and scare off intruders. However, if you aren't home to hear your alarm, or your neighbors don't phone the police on your behalf, determined intruders may still gain access to the property and may even silence the alarm before it has a chance to alert anyone.

Monitored alarm systems are linked to dedicated off-site monitoring companies. When the alarm is tripped, the monitoring company is on call to respond immediately, contacting you and the authorities. Advanced systems include features such as panic buttons to use in the event of a home invasion.

What Is An Alarm Monitoring Service

Benefits Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Home alarm monitoring services provide an extra level of protection, enhancing all of the benefits associated with a basic alarm system, such as:

  • Heightened Security: Security cameras and alarms deter intruders, often before they even attempt to enter the property. Monitoring makes the property even more secure because someone is available to respond instantly in an emergency — even when nobody is home — thanks to the 24-hour protection from the monitoring company.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums: Many insurance providers offer discounts on home insurance for properties with alarms. Such discounts are usually even better for monitored alarm systems.
  • Extra Features: The most advanced monitored alarm systems and home automation systems include panic buttons for making an emergency call and alerts to make you aware when somebody accesses a sensitive area, such as a drinks cabinet, gun locker or garage.
  • Flexibility: Monitoring services offer different packages to suit a range of needs, and some let you monitor your own systems via mobile devices while you're away. Furthermore, if you decide you don't want to continue using a monitoring service, you may have the right to cancel the service and continue using your existing alarm setup as an unmonitored system.

Drawbacks Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service

The primary drawback of an alarm monitoring service is the cost. In addition to the cost of purchasing and installing the system, there's a rolling contract fee. These fees start from as little as $20 a month, but prices can quickly escalate to hundreds of dollars a month as you add additional products and services to your contract. Additionally, you may get an automatic response from the emergency services even if you trip your alarm accidentally, creating unnecessary disruption and confusion for you and the police.

Benefits Of A Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Best Alarm Monitoring Companies

The following companies have been extensively tested and earned glowing reviews from homeowners and independent consumer agencies:

  • Frontpoint: Offers 100% wireless and cellular monitoring 24/7, with remote access and control for homeowners.
  • ADT: The largest security company in the United States. Offers cellular and landline coverage with comprehensive, whole-house security.
  • LiveWatch: National coverage with cellular and landline monitoring, rapid response times in an emergency and four different protection plans to choose from. No long-term contracts.
  • Protect America: Cellular, Internet and landline coverage for ultimate protection, regardless of the emergency. There are no equipment or activation fees, and prices for homeowners come with a discount.
  • Protection 1: Cellular, Internet and landline coverage. A choice of four protection plans gives you extra flexibility, but there's no option to install the security equipment yourself.

Monitoring Service Prices Vs. Other Home Security Features

Employing a monitoring service is a good way to improve the security of your property. However, there are many other security options to consider, some of which may be more cost-effective.

Security Feature

Average Cost

Installing a home automation system


Installing a security gate


Installing a surveillance camera


Installing security bars on windows


Installing a security safe for valuables


Best Alarm Monitoring Companies

Cost Considerations

When determining if an alarm monitoring service is worth the expense, consider these factors:

  • Level of Coverage: A basic monitoring service costs as little as $20 a month, but sophisticated services that include regular security patrols and advanced features cost $200 a month or more.
  • Potential Loss: In the event of a crime, the average loss for a home with a security system is approximately $2,000 less than the average loss for a home with security, according to the Electronic Security Association.
  • Reduced Insurance Costs: Discounts for your home insurance often increase as you add more security features, offsetting the costs.
  • Alternatives: If you only have a few valuable possessions, it may be more cost-effective to find an alternative security solution, such as installing a safe for jewelry and important documents.

Find A Pro

If you're considering adding an alarm monitoring service to your home security system, ImproveNet's online search function makes it easy to find local monitoring companies.

It's worth getting at least three quotes and spending extra time researching companies; this helps you establish the quality of their service and ensure they meet your needs and budget.

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