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How Much Are Alarm System Repair Services?

Most homeowners spend between $112 to $169 nationally.
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Alarm systems help homeowners feel safe and comfortable, whether at home, away or asleep. Just like other home products, these systems aren't immune to malfunction. When an alarm system fails, it can be frustrating, but many home alarm problems have easy fixes.

This handy guide offers valuable information about common home alarm problems, alarm repair, costs for repair and more. If your home alarm system isn't doing the job, find alarm repair professionals in your area today!

National Repair Alarm or Security System Costs

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National Average Cost $192
Minimum Cost $55
Maximum Cost $730
Average Range $112 to $169
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Table of Contents

  1. Home Security Systems Repair Cost
  2. Common Alarm System Repairs
  3. Common Fixes For Alarm Or Security Systems
  4. DIY Or Hire A Contractor?
  5. Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Systems
  6. Alarm System Alternatives
  7. Considerations For Hiring Home Security Professionals
  8. Find A Contractor

Home Security Systems Repair Cost

The cost to repair a home security or alarm system depends on the problem, whether or not the problem requires new parts and the repair company. Most homeowners spend between $100 and $300 for a home security system repair. Occasionally, a home security system requires replacement.

Replacement of a home security system (or initial installation) usually costs between $800 and $1,600. Factors that affect installation costs include the complexity of the alarm system and the company doing the work. Extras like security cameras and lighting raise the price for home security system installation.

Home Security Systems Repair Cost

Common Alarm System Repairs

Continual beeping, false alarms and system failure are common signs of home alarm trouble. Fixing a home alarm system starts with identifying the problem and its cause. Common situations that affect security or home alarm systems include:

  1. Power failure
  2. Battery failure
  3. Connection trouble
  4. Equipment incompatibility
  5. Improper installation or programming
  6. Detector deficiency
  7. Inadequate maintenance

Common Fixes For Alarm Or Security Systems

While some home security system fixes demand little time or knowledge, others require the help of a professional. The table below shows common fixes for security system problems.

Security System Problem Typical Fix

Power failure

Replace power supply and install products with backup batteries

Battery failure or beeping

Test batteries and replace if needed

Connection trouble

Test wiring and replace if needed

Equipment incompatibility

Replace entire alarm system or pieces that are not compatible

Improper installation or programming

Inspect system and reinstall or reprogram

Detector deficiency

Install more sensors for complete coverage

Inadequate maintenance

Inspect alarm systems annually

Annual inspections help prevent security system problems. Before choosing a home security system, homeowners should ask companies if this service is included with installation.

Common Fixes For Alarm Or Security Systems

DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Testing and replacing batteries is one home alarm fix that many homeowners can do on your own. However, because it’s so important for safety and wellbeing, home security isn't something to take lightly. Qualified professionals keep home alarms functioning properly and as such, most homeowners will contact a professional for home alarm inspection and all other repairs.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Systems

Two types of home alarm systems offer security for homeowners: monitored and unmonitored systems. Each type offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Monitored Home Alarm Systems

Some home alarm systems are monitored by a security company. When there is a false alarm or an intruder entry, the security company provides an immediate response to manage the problem. Often, a security company provides technical support for maintenance and repair of the system. This support usually comes free or at a reduced cost, and it helps ensure optimal security system functioning.

Two Methods to Monitor Alarms

Security companies use two types of methods to monitor a home, and the cost depends on which type is used. Some companies monitor alarm systems by way of a landline, and others monitor through cellphone chips installed on the alarm's panel. The cost for home monitoring through a landline usually runs from $15 to $30 per month, while monitoring through a cellphone chip typically costs homeowners from $40 to $60 per month. In addition to access through a smartphone or tablet, this type of monitoring usually comes with a two-way voice intercom system.

Unmonitored Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems that are unmonitored leave the management of a false alarm or intruder entry up to the homeowner, which can be difficult under duress. In addition, homeowners are often responsible for scheduling regular inspections and maintenance to make sure the system still works. The cost for maintaining an alarm system depends on the system's condition, its complexity and the company providing the service.

Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Systems

Alarm System Alternatives

Home alarms help deter intruders from entering the home. A number of other products may also help deter intruders and/or keep valuables safe. These include:

  • Dead-bolt door locks
  • Security bars on windows
  • Security screws and anchors for windows
  • Small alarms for windows and doors
  • Security gates
  • Motion-sensor lighting
  • Security cameras
  • Smart-home devices to control home lighting
  • Combination safes for storage of valuables
  • Pepper spray for personal protection

Considerations For Hiring Home Security Professionals

Home security system monitoring or repair requires the help of a trusted professional. When searching for a company, make sure you check your state licensing requirements. Licensing for home security work often requires a criminal background check, which helps ensure workers are trustworthy. Getting company referrals and reading online reviews helps guarantee experience and performance on the job. A written contract with the hired company should list the scope of the job, the cost and a timeline for completion.

Find A Contractor

An alarm system helps homeowners feel safe, whether at home or away. Just like other home products, these systems occasionally malfunction. Whether a repair requires a simple change of batteries or faulty wire replacement, good home alarm function is critical. If your alarm system is giving you trouble, find a qualified professional today!

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