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How Much Do Aluminum Fascia Boards Cost?

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How Much Do Aluminum Fascia Boards Cost?

The fascia boards on your home may seem like decorative trims, but they serve the important function of keeping moisture out of the eaves while also supporting the gutters. Many people use aluminum fascias because they are a quick and convenient upgrade from traditional wood fascias, and they require little maintenance. But before you make the change, get a better understanding of the costs involved.

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Table of Contents

  1. Aluminum Fascia Boards Cost
  2. What Is Fascia Board?
  3. Fascia Board Cost Comparison
  4. Aluminum Fascia Boards Repair Costs
  5. Advantages Of Aluminum Fascia Boards
  6. Disadvantages Of Aluminum Fascia Boards
  7. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  8. How To Install Aluminum Fascia Boards
  9. Find A Pro

Aluminum Fascia Boards Cost

The cost of installing aluminum fascia boards depends on a wide range of factors, including geographical location, the size of your property, the quality of the materials and whether you employ a professional fitter. The cost of employing a pro to do the job, including the cost of all materials, ranges from $8 per linear foot to $20 per linear foot.

As professionals charge from $32 to $78 per hour, it's possible to significantly reduce costs by doing the work yourself. If you undertake the installation as a DIY project, your only expenses are the price of the fascia and any tools and equipment you require.

Aluminum Fascia Boards Repair Costs

What Is Fascia Board?

Fascias are strips situated at the point where the roof meets the outer wall of the house to cover the ends of the trusses under the roofline. Fascias attach directly to the trusses to prevent moisture from getting into the eaves while also supporting the bottom row of tiles and carrying the guttering. Wooden fascia boards are common, but they require regular maintenance, so some homeowners use aluminum fascias instead.

Fascia Board Cost Comparison

Aluminum is more durable than wood or vinyl, but it costs more. Typical costs for vinyl or wood fascia boards and soffits range from $6 to $10 per linear foot, and the cost to fit out a simple single-level home is anything from $600 to $2,000. The price of aluminum fascia ranges from $8 to $20 or more, and the budget for a single-story home ranges from $800 to $6,000. Costs vary based on the supplier and the quality of the product, so it pays to shop around for deals.

Aluminum Fascia Boards Repair Costs

Aluminum is incredibly durable, and unlike wood it doesn't rot. You don't need to worry about painting it, and significant repairs are uncommon. Ripples and rust are the most frequent problems, and in some cases, it may be necessary to replace a section of the fascia to correct these issues. Replacing a single length of fascia is something a DIY enthusiast may want to try, in which case the only expense is the fascia board.

If your existing wooden fascias are peeling and crumbling due to extensive exposure to the elements, then using aluminum fascia is a cost-effective way to repair them. The aluminum boards are thin and light, and it is often possible to attach them directly over the existing fascias. This keeps down preparation costs and reduces the overall project time.

How To Install Aluminum Fascia Boards

Advantages Of Aluminum Fascia Boards

Aluminum fascias offer a range of advantages over other materials:

  • They are lightweight and easy to cut, making them easier to work with.
  • They are low maintenance, as they are durable and don't rot.
  • They are available in various styles and colors to match existing features.

Disadvantages Of Aluminum Fascia Boards

While aluminum fascias offer a wealth of advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • They are more expensive than wood or vinyl boards.
  • Thinner 0.19 gauge aluminum is more likely to ripple.
  • Steel nails may react with the aluminum, causing rust.
  • It's possible to dent and scratch them.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

By installing your own fascia boards, it's possible to reduce costs. Although the installation is a relatively straightforward process, it requires a lot of measuring and cutting, often while up a ladder. Working at heights comes with certain risks, so for safety reasons, it's often wiser to employ a roofer. Contractors have the necessary tools and skills to do the job quickly, minimizing the disruption to your home life, and the finished job is going to be to a high standard, reducing the risk of problems later on such as leaks or sections of fascia that drop down or ripple.

How To Install Aluminum Fascia Boards

The costs involved with repairing a roof are often quite high, so some people like to keep down costs by doing the work personally. Aluminum fascia boards are relatively easy to install, as long as you have the correct materials and a head for heights. The basic steps for installation on a hip roof with a single gable end are:

  1. Measure flashing, cut to length and nail along the bottom edge of the hip roof.
  2. Cut the gable fascia to the correct length.
  3. Hold the fascia along the angle of the gable so it slightly overhangs at the bottom front corner, and mark the overhanging section with a pen.
  4. Notch the bottom front corner of the fascia board and wrap it over the bottom end of the roof truss.
  5. Bend the overhanging angled section of the fascia over the front of the roof truss, and then slide it beneath the flashing.
  6. Nail the fascia in place, starting from the bottom, with a nail every 36 inches.
  7. Measure the front fascia, and cut to the correct length.
  8. Slide the fascia board underneath the flashing.
  9. Nail the corners from the bottom, making sure to secure the front fascia to the side fascia.

To see how the pros do it, please watch the video below:

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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