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Aluminum Soffit Prices

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National Roofing Costs

$10 per foot Minimum Cost
$15 per foot Maximum Cost

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Aluminum Soffit Prices

Aluminum soffits are a popular material with homeowners looking for a flexible and durable material that require tactile strength in difficult roof applications. There are a few components that make up an aluminum soffit and make it one of the most popular roof applications on the market.

The Costs

  • Minimum cost: $10.00 per foot of aluminum
  • Maximum cost: $15.00 per foot of aluminum


Aluminum soffit panels come in a variety of configurations and colors, depending on the style of the home. Panels can be configured in a traditional, beaded pattern to blend in with porch or stoop roofs for a classic look. A variation of the material can mimic the look of wood plank soffit by aligning it in an alternating pattern. Aluminum soffit panels typically come in 12-inch or 16-inch widths. Vented panels are almost always 16-inches long and can come in styles that are hidden or show perforated openings along the course of run.

A frieze runner is a variation of the J-channel commonly used in vinyl soffits. It is aligned with the fascia board on the bottom and holds the soffit material in place. Frieze runners can be reversible to allow for a more boxed-in look or to hold a wider width of material. They can serve to hold 12-inch or 16-inch panels without the additional expense of custom J-channel kits.

Double channels are larger adaptations of J-channels that connect corners of aluminum soffit. They serve a similar purpose of an F-channel in vinyl soffit material. Some double channels are 'invisible', which means that the run of soffit material blends in with the beaded track of the initial run of soffit panel. Some homeowners may also choose to install a contrasting material to brighten the look of a home in the front. An extended roof overhang on the eaves may require a double channel that has a wider width.

Advantages of Aluminum Soffits

Aluminum soffits have considerable advantages over other materials such as vinyl. The biggest advantage is the ability to hide imperfections in a roof. Aluminum is highly flexible and far less rigid than its vinyl cousin. It can fit into tight corners and obscure spots that would otherwise require custom fabrication. Another bonus is material can actually serve as a fire stop or retarder for the roof. The impervious nature of the material to wear and water makes this an excellent material in hurricane-prone regions.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Soffits

Aluminum can be more expensive than vinyl or composite. Budget constraints can limit the run of aluminum needed if there is a large area to cover. Aluminum is considered a low-impact soffit. This means that, while it is durable, it can be bent or damaged from a high-impact event such as a falling tree or debris from a storm.

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Last updated on Nov 7, 2018

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