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Attic Fan Repair Costs

Most homeowners spend between $227 to $315 nationally.
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Attic fans are installed into the attic space of a home to dissipate built-up heat. Excessive heat in the attic can result in wood and roof damage as well as damage to any items stored within the attic space. High temperatures in the attic can make the upper level of the home hotter and taxes the air conditioning system during the summer months. In the winter, attic fans can help dispel moisture that can rot the wood framing. A malfunctioning attic fan needs prompt repair for proper control of the attic environment.

National Repair an Attic Fan Costs

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National Average Cost $274
Minimum Cost $60
Maximum Cost $556
Average Range $227 to $315
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The Average Cost of an Attic Fan Repair

Homeowners report paying an average of $232 to repair an attic fan. The majority of homeowners spent between $199 and $265 to have their attic fans fixed. At the low end, homeowners spent $100 for an attic fan repair while $380 was the maximum price reported for having an attic fan fixed by a handyman. If there is a problem in the home's wiring contributing to the malfunctioning attic fan, hiring a licensed electrician will add to the cost of the repair.

Types of Attic Fans

Attic fans can be installed into the rooftop or the wall of an attic space. The fans need electricity in order to operate. Possible issues with attic fans include electrical, thermostat and mechanical problems. The fan becoming wet from outdoor precipitation that leaks inside through vent openings or missing flashing is another source of problems.

Considerations for Attic Fan Repairs

A few minutes of troubleshooting could save a homeowner on the cost of fixing a broken attic fan. First, see if the circuit breaker for the fan has tripped. If the fan is controlled by the thermostat, check to make sure the settings are correct. If the attic fan's motor has blown, buying a replacement motor and paying the cost of labor to repair it may be more expensive than simply replacing the entire fan. A broken thermostat or wiring problem will need to be repaired by a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor anyway, but this can add to the repair cost. Some contractors or cities may charge a disposal fee for getting rid of broken fans.

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