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Most homeowners spend between $140 to $191 nationally.
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For most people, home appliances are a relatively large investment. It's natural to expect good quality products, but normal use may necessitate occasional repairs. When completing a home improvement project, the average cost to repair common appliances should be taken into consideration. Understanding how much typical appliance repairs cost is an important first step toward making a sensible purchase in connection with a renovation project.

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National Average Cost $173
Minimum Cost $51
Maximum Cost $350
Average Range $140 to $191
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A malfunctioning refrigerator has a detrimental effect on the kitchen's functionality. On average, consumers can expect to pay for between two and three hours of labor on a refrigerator repair, plus the cost of any replacement parts. Most homeowners will be billed for between $250 and $300. To keep repair costs down, consider foregoing a refrigerator with an icemaker, as this is the most likely component to require repair.

A range that includes an oven and cooktop is central to the kitchen. Common repairs cost approximately $175. In most cases, only about an hour of labor is required. Repairmen usually charge between $60 and $85 for one hour of work. Replacement parts account for the rest of the repair cost.

Modern cooks often make use of a microwave as a time saving device. As appliances go, this innovation is one of the least expensive. Accordingly, many consumers choose to simply replace a microwave when it stops functioning properly. Decent models manufactured by well known brands cost anywhere from $75 to $400. People who choose to repair a microwave typically do so when it requires repair shortly after purchase or when it is part of a matched set with other kitchen appliances. Expect to pay for one hour of labor at about $70 plus the cost of any parts. A bill for between $100 and $125 is common.

Dishwashers are a wonderful modern convenience, and the cost to repair them varies depending upon the problem. A leak may cost between $100 and $200 to fix while a sophisticated control panel can be as much as $200 or more to replace. Other problems, like a slow drain or a broken door, can cost less than $100 to fix.

Having a washer and dryer is indispensable these days, with many families making use of them on an almost daily basis. If the washer or dryer requires repair, it may cost as little as $120, but repairs topping $400 are not unusual if the transmission or motor needs work.

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