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How Much Does A Basement Remodel Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $12,064 to $19,922 nationally.
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How much does it cost to finish a basement? There are many expenses associated with remodeling, and, for the best estimate, you should take them all into consideration before work begins. As is obvious from the wide range for the average cost of a basement remodel, budgets can dramatically vary. Both labor and material costs must be put together in an accurate budget, and most of these costs are dependent on the basement finishing job and its needs. 

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National Remodel a Basement Costs

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National Average Cost $17,459
Minimum Cost $200
Maximum Cost $40,000
Average Range $12,064 to $19,922
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Table of Contents

  1. Basement Remodel Cost
  2. Basement Bathroom Installation Cost
  3. Basement Bedroom Installation Cost
  4. Rooms You Can Add & Pricing
  5. Basement Framing Cost
  6. Basement Flooring Cost
  7. Increased Resale Value
  8. Find A Local Basement Contractor

Basement Remodel Cost

Total basement renovation cost can vary, but in most cases, this project won’t be cheap. What you put into your basement remodel is what you will get out of it, so that initial payment can turn into a terrific return on investment. The average basement remodel will increase your home’s resale value. Next to kitchen and bathrooms, basements are ranked as one of the most valuable home renovations.

The average basement remodel cost is $20,193, with most homeowners spending between $11,051 and $29,339. The cost to finish a basement will depend on the size of your space and the extent of your remodel.

Unfinished Basement vs. Remodel

One of the biggest factors to determine the price of a basement project is whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch. If you’re beginning with a totally unfinished basement, that is going to be a different cost than renovating an already complete space. Finishing the area typically requires an additional $3,000 for the labor and materials to transform a non-livable space into a usable, comfortable basement.

Finishing a basement could involve any of the following: framing walls with studs, adding insulation, framing for egress windows, adding/upgrading electrical for lighting, installing outlets, encasing ductwork, putting in ceilings, sealing the basement floor, installing flooring, plumbing and more. While the average cost to take on this project is $7.50 per square foot, homeowners could spend as much as $18,500 depending on the scope, finishes and materials.

Cost To Finish Basement

Basement Bathroom Installation Cost

A great way to increase the ROI of your basement remodeling or finishing project, is to add a bathroom. This will not only increase the value of your home, but also the functionality of your basement. Some factors to consider when budgeting are:


The bathroom going in your basement will have to be connected to both the sewage lines and water supply. The costs for this will include materials, hiring a plumber and opening any walls for connecting water and sewage.


While the main cost factor of installing flooring is the flooring itself, the average cost to install new flooring is around $2,300. Once you choose the right flooring, you need to choose the right way to install it. Most homeowners choose to hire a contractor for larger installations, and for good reason.

Whether you DIY or not, you need to be aware of the average flooring material costs:

Type of Flooring

Average Material Cost














Everything that is going into your basement remodeling or finishing job, will need to be inspected and approved. This includes any framing, electric or plumbing. The cost for permits ranges between $100 and $3,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Finish A Basement

Basement Bedroom Installation Cost

If you’re looking to take advantage of your basement space and want to add another bedroom, this is a great addition along with a basement bathroom. Both will increase the value of your home and make this remodel or finishing project worth it. Plus, this extra room can be a guest room or maybe a passion project room.

Adding a bedroom to your basement can be costly, with the average cost running anywhere from $80/sf to $200/sf. The cost will depend on the size of the bedroom you want to add, the materials being used and other additions inside the bedroom.


Drywall must be applied to any framed basement walls you have and must be applied to any additional walls used to create your basement bedroom. A standard 8’ by 4’ panel will cost between $10 and $20, depending on the thickness. The cost to install these panels varies, but most homeowners report spending around $1.50/sf. The total cost of your project will range between $1,152 and $1,982, with an average cost of $1,915 to install a wall.


Adding carpet to your extra bedroom is a great way to separate this space from your basement, and make the room feel like an escape. There’s nothing like getting up and putting your feet on a soft carpet. Another pro of carpet is that it’s cheaper than hardwood flooring, or other popular flooring options. The average cost to install carpeting is $1,628, with homeowners reporting prices between $862 and $1,831.


According to real estate agents and appraisers, a bedroom must have a door, window and closet. Adding a closet to your basement bedroom is crucial to adding value to your basement addition. There are a few components that will affect the cost, the size of the closet being the biggest. The average cost to install a closet is $1,779, with most homeowners spending between $1,272 and $1,917. More than likely, your closet cost will be lower seeing that the size of the closet won’t be nearly as large as your master bedroom or other main bedrooms.


Check with your local authorities to find out what permits will be needed for your bedroom addition. Some permits that will be required are framing permits, electrical permits and plumbing permits. These permits are for your safety and will ensure the project is done according to building codes.

Finishing Basement Cost Estimator

Rooms You Can Add & Pricing

If you don’t want to add a bedroom or bathroom to your basement, there are plenty of other remodeling projects you can add to your basement.

Home Theater

A home theater is the best way to watch movies with your family, cheer on your favorite team and entertain guests. The cost for a home theater will vary depending on the entertainment system you choose to install. Homeowners reported spending between $1,300 and $16,500 on home theater services.

Wet Bar

Another great addition to your basement is a wet bar, which can turn your basement into the center of the party. The final cost of your wet bar, including installation, will range between $2,000 and $12,000. The cost can be increased by the size of the bar, appliances added, materials used, décor added and lighting.

Cost To Install Home Theater

Basement Framing Cost

Before walls and flooring can be added, the basement must first be professionally framed. Framing an unfinished basement can be very expensive; not only will it require a large amount of labor, but material costs are high as well. If you consider all the lumber your contractor will need to lay, plus crossbeams and studs, you will find that lumber is going to be one of the costlier aspects of the project.

While the size and number of walls dictate the exact cost of any project, most homeowners report spending, on average, about $1/sf on materials for framing alone. This does not include the cost of insulation and drywall or sheetrock.

When putting a wall over a recently constructed frame, sheetrock is the industry standard for a durable option, that can be painted easily. It can help insulate the room due to its density and generally lasts a long time when maintained. If you’re trying to significantly drive down costs, using paneling for the walls is an effective option. It’s very light, inexpensive and pre-finished in a variety of different sizes and types. Labor costs may also decrease because paneling is easier to transport and work with.

Basement Remodel Cost

Basement Flooring Cost

Putting down a floor in your basement offers a host of different options that will depend on your wants and needs more than anything else. Carpeting in the basement can easily be installed by any professional. Any type of carpeting can be installed in the basement and is often the most economical option. Another popular solution to flooring in the basement is the use of tile. Although tile is a more expensive option considering both material and labor costs, tile can be very visually appealing in your newly remodeled basement.

Increased Resale Value

Deciding to remodel your basement is one of the smartest remodeling projects you can make. According to Remodeling Magazine's most recent “Cost vs. Value”, the average basement remodel has a 69% payback.

If you are worried about your return on investment, make your basement into a functional space that serves many purposes. Make this space a family room, home office, man cave or another bedroom. Consider what you need out of this basement and how your family will use it.

Find A Local Basement Contractor

There are some aspects of your basement remodel or finishing job that you can tackle yourself, while there are others that require the help of a professional. Hire a licensed contractor that understands the ins and outs of your project, and one that fits your budget.

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