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How Much Do Bathroom Doors Cost?

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National Door Costs

$180 Minimum Cost
$600 Maximum Cost

Real Quoted Projects From Door Contractors

Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Bathroom Remodel, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo

  • 982 projects like this
  • Most recent: 12 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Kitchen Remodel, Less than 2 months, Single family house or condo

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Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Addition to Existing Structure, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo

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Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Major Home Repairs (General Contractor), Ready to start, Unknown

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Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Remodel Multiple Rooms, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo

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Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Basement Remodel, Single family house or condo

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How Much Do Bathroom Doors Cost?

Bathroom doors deteriorate and become outdated like any other home design element. As that time approaches, homeowners must research average bathroom door prices. While door design does play a role, most choose a bathroom based on cost. You can review all bathroom door prices below and see how to lower your bathroom door installation cost.

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Table of Contents

  1. Bathroom Door Prices
  2. Bathroom Door Installation Prices
  3. Bathroom Door Price Factors
  4. Wood Bathroom Door Prices
  5. Steel Bathroom Door Prices
  6. Fiberglass Bathroom Door Prices
  7. Bathroom Pocket Door Prices
  8. Bathroom French Door Prices
  9. Bathroom Door Design
  10. Find A Door Contractor

Bathroom Door Prices

Like all doors, certain materials and designs demand higher budgets than others. Fortunately, unless you need a very large set of bathroom doors, your door price will not fluctuate too much. According to national door costs, bathroom door prices range between $180 and $600 per door. This price does not include installation or labor costs.

Bathroom Door Installation Prices

In general, it’s best to hire a door contractor to install your new bathroom doors. Doing so will ensure that the job gets done right and in a timely manner. Most contractors charge between $50 and $200 to install new bathroom doors, depending on how long the project will take. Furthermore, contractors may charge homeowners an additional $20 to $100 for the necessary tools and other materials, such as hinges, to successfully install the door.

As you can see, it’s not out of the ordinary to spend more on labor than the actual bathroom door. While installing or replacing bathroom doors is not easy, experienced DIYers can do it on their own. As long as you don’t damage your new door and install it plumb and even, you should be fine.

Bathroom Door Prices

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Bathroom Door Material Cost

$180 per door

$600 per door

Bathroom Door Labor Cost

$50 per project

$300 per project

Total Bathroom Door Price

$230 per door

$900 per door

How Much Do Bathroom Doors Cost

Bathroom Door Price Factors

Your door installation cost will likely fall in the range above, but there are of course other price factors that can increase or decrease your final cost. You may not be able to control all price dynamics below, but keeping the ones you can in check will go a long way in lowering your total bathroom door cost.

  1. Door Material: Bathroom doors are made from wood, steel, fiberglass and more. Steel doors tend to be the most expensive, while fiberglass and vinyl are the most affordable.
  2. Door Contractor: Most homeowners hire door contractors to install bathroom doors. Different pros will have different labor prices. As you might expect, an experienced door pro will charge more per project than an inexperienced pro.
  3. Design: There are plenty of door designs out there, but sometimes, homeowners prefer a custom bathroom door. If so, you will pay more than the average costs above.
  4. Location of Door: If you purchase your door online or from a custom door manufacturer across the country, they will charge extra for travel. Like anything, the farther it has to travel, the more expensive it will be.
  5. Frame Status: Certain homeowners replace bathroom doors after their door frames were damaged. Before you can replace the door, you must fix the door frame. As such, your total bathroom door replacement cost will rise.
  6. Door Handle & Hinges: More often than not, new doors require new hinges and handles. Upscale handles, such as gold, cost more than standard door handles.

Wood Bathroom Door Prices

Homeowners thinking about purchasing and installing new bathroom doors should start by determining the type of door material you want. The most common options these days include wood, fiberglass and steel. It’s important to weigh both the pros and cons, while also taking their budgets into consideration.

Many homeowners agree that wooden doors are by far the most aesthetically pleasing when it comes to bathroom doors. They have a natural beauty that simply can’t be rivaled by steel or fiberglass. However, one of the drawbacks of using wooden doors is their expense; these can easily run over $300 for just the door, and possibly even more depending on the type of wood you choose.

Another big drawback when it comes to using wooden doors in bathrooms is the potential for damage. Most wood is absorbent, which means that the doors can soak up humidity and condensation, resulting in warping over time. Since bathrooms tend to be areas of high humidity, wooden doors are generally not the best idea unless the bathroom is a half-bath without a shower or tub. On the other hand, it’s also possible to buy wooden doors that have been specially treated for use in high humidity areas, but this drives up the cost quite significantly.

Bathroom Door Prices

Steel Bathroom Door Prices

Another option to consider when it comes to bathroom doors is that of steel. While most homeowners would agree that steel is not the most cosmetically-pleasing door, the fact remains that these doors tend to be extremely durable. Steel doors tend to be more expensive than wood, however, they’re considered cost effective due to the fact that they often do not need to be replaced for years.

Steel is naturally resistant to water damage. There is no need for homeowners to worry about condensation and humidity when using this type of door. Furthermore, steel door designs have come a long way over the years and some of them are more visually appealing than most homeowners would expect.

Fiberglass Bathroom Door Prices

Fiberglass is a very popular choice for bathroom doors. The greatest benefit of fiberglass is that it’s the most affordable compared to all door costs. Starting prices for fiberglass do not exceed $200.

Luckily, fiberglass doors can be made to look just like wood. In fact, some homeowners are unable to even distinguish real wood from a fiberglass door made to look like wood, making this a great option for those who want the beauty of natural wood with a durability level similar to that of steel.

Fiberglass doors may not be quite as durable as steel, but they are resistant to water damage, which will prevent warping over time. Fiberglass doors can also be painted, making this a good option for those who want a versatile door.

Bathroom Door Replacement Cost

Bathroom Pocket Door Prices

Materials play a dominant role in your bathroom door price, but design can also affect your final cost. Pocket doors have been around for years and if you’re working with a smaller space, pocket doors make perfect sense for bathroom doors. When opened, they fit gently into the wall, taking up no extra space. However, if your frame was not built for pocket doors, space has to be created. Therefore, your cost will shoot up.

Nonetheless, if you’re replacing your bathroom pocket doors with new ones, your price will fall in line with those above. In fact, according to HomeAdvisor, an actual pocket door costs between $140 and $220 (door only). Expect the price to fluctuate based on material and whether or not you hire a door contractor.

Bathroom French Door Prices

On the opposite end of the spectrum, bathroom French doors provide an aesthetic appeal like no other. If you have the space and budget, French doors should surely be considered for your new bathroom doors.

As expected, for materials alone, French doors cost between $300 and $3,000. This price includes both doors. Interior fiberglass French doors should not exceed $1,300, while interior wooden French doors should not exceed $1,500.

Bathroom Door Installation Prices

Bathroom Door Design

Aside from the type of door and costs, there are other considerations you should keep in mind before undertaking this project. Some of these include:

  • The swing of the door
  • The size of the door
  • The hang of the door

Homeowners should start by deciding whether the door will swing inwards towards the bathroom or outwards towards the hallway. Most homeowners prefer a door to swing out, as this can save space in smaller bathrooms. Furthermore, homeowners need to make sure that the correct measurements are taken to ensure that the right size door can be purchased. Carefully measuring with a tape measure several times to check accuracy is recommended. Finally, if you want to DIY this project or just make the job easier on the contractor, you should consider a pre-hung door, which will have all the necessary parts and components required to hang the door already in place. This will surely decrease your overall bathroom door price.

Find A Door Contractor

Clearly, there are many factors to take into consideration when shopping for new bathroom doors. With careful research and consideration, you’ll end up with a new bathroom door that is both functional and beautiful.

If you’ve already chosen your bathroom door, but want a professional to ensure all goes well with installation, we can help. Use ImproveNet to find the best bathroom door contractors near you.

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