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Bathroom Mirror Prices

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National Mirror Costs

$179 Minimum Cost
$1,290 Maximum Cost

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Bathroom Mirror Prices

When it comes time to enhance the look of the bathroom, mirrors play an important role as the main focal point of the space. One thing to take into consideration is the cost of bathroom mirrors. Costs can vary by manufacturer as well as style and size of the mirror. There are countless design options available for every budget and need. When taking in the consideration for costs, intended use and types of mirrors, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

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The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of bathroom mirrors: $179
  • Average maximum cost of bathroom mirrors: $1,290

Types & Use

When tackling any home renovation or new construction project, homeowners want quality items that really make a statement. This is no exception when it comes to bathroom accessories such as mirrors. Pricing on bathroom mirrors can range from under $100 to several hundred dollars with specialty designed pieces costing even more. It is important to consider types of mirrors when starting an overall cost estimate. Here are just a few types of common bathroom mirror styles:

  • Vanity mirror
  • Captain mirror
  • Swing-arm or pivot mirror
  • Lighted mirror
  • Venetian
  • Frameless mirror
  • Medicine cabinet

A vanity mirror is a bathroom accessory generally found on bathroom vanities or dressing tables. This type of mirror sits on a surface and is double-sided with a magnifying mirror on one face of it. Built-in lights are also common to help with applying makeup or when someone needs a close-up view. Vanity mirrors may also be attached to the wall with a row of lights on either side or on top. 

For a more vintage look, some homeowners may choose to add a captain mirror to accessorize another mirror in the bathroom. These often have a zig-zag extension so they can be moved toward the person for a close-up when shaving. They may also be referred to as a swing-arm or pivot mirror.

Lighted mirrors come with built-in lighting options that include halogen bulbs to give of a soft glow.

For a more classic or Victorian themed look, some homeowners may choose a Venetian-style mirror. This type includes ornate designs that are often etched into the sides or surface of the mirror, giving it a specific look to match the surrounding decor. These mirrors are often custom-made and can be on the higher end of an overall bathroom cost budget.

For most contemporary bathrooms, the frameless mirror reigns supreme. Often sought after by homeowners, especially when remodeling and upgrading their bathroom design, the frameless mirror is always a top choice. The edges are usually buffed, giving the appearance of a free-floating mirror on the wall's surface. A framed mirror is similar except the mirror is highlighted by a wood or metal frame to add decorating flair and accent.

The traditional medicine cabinet should also be mentioned. Often used as a space-saver in a smaller or second bathroom, the medicine cabinet serves a dual purpose—to show reflection and to act as a storage unit. Most medicine cabinets are very economical and can easily be worked into a tight bathroom remodel budget.

Each mirror has a specific use, but the design possibilities are endless. More than one style of mirror can also be used in the same bathroom to add more accents and elements to the space.


Bathroom mirrors have a huge cost advantage to a remodel budget because there are so many markets to choose from. If the bathroom is being professionally done, contractors can tap into wholesale costs that fit right into the homeowner's budget. For do-it-yourselfers, there are countless mass retail chains and online competitors who are willing to deliver the best, bottom-dollar cost on all mirror styles.

Because of the versatility of mirrors as well as their competitive cost brackets, another main advantage is their function. Every homeowner tends to personal care in the bathroom, so a mirror is a must for almost every home. This makes the availability of the product high. Mirrors, if taken care of properly, should not break and can last a lifetime, making them a solid investment into a home with a high resale value as well.


There are a couple of disadvantages to incorporating certain bathroom mirrors into a remodeling budget. The biggest one is the cost of custom-built or designed bathroom mirrors. The glass of which the mirror is made of can cause the cost to skyrocket among its competitors. Custom-ordering large pieces of glass that may have beveled or decorative edging can cause the costs to go above budget. Decorative clips and other accessories can also play a part in rising costs.

Shape may be a disadvantage as well. For custom frames that need to accompany an irregular or oval-shaped glass, the bottom cost can be affected. Holes may have to be drilled to accompany certain framing options, and installation of extremely heavy pieces of glass can get costly. This means that some pieces of mirror and glass may need special reinforcement to the wall, causing additional construction-related labor and material costs.

A final cost disadvantage is the specialty electrical wiring that may be required to complete certain lighted mirror projects. Some mirrors have specific voltage requirements that need to be met for the bathroom to meet code and pass inspection. The price for this can vary depending on the type of mirror and the hourly rate of the electrician.

More Considerations

Reinforcement should always be a consideration because it provides added protection to the wall and the entire bathroom space. Larger mirrors and specialty mirrors should always have a safety backing set in place while in transit as well as after installation—this will help strengthen the mirror and increase impact strength in the event the mirror happens to fall or get bumped into.

Bathroom mirrors are wonderful accents to any bathroom and coordinating space. With the endless types and styles available, homeowners have a variety and selection to choose from. When considering costs in relation to budget, it is best to shop around for the best price comparisons.

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