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How Much Do Bay Windows Cost?

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National Window Costs

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How Much Do Bay Windows Cost?

Bay windows extend outward from the home in a circular arc, and they can be a beautiful way to increase a home's curb appeal as well as let in lots of natural light. However, this window upgrade can also bring with it some serious costs. Homeowners who want to add one or more bay windows to their home should know about the best materials for construction, the advantages of installing bay windows and the costs involved.

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Table of Contents

  1. Bay Window Cost
  2. Bay Window Installation Cost
  3. Bay Window Replacement Cost
  4. Popular Bay Window Brands & Pricing
  5. Bay Window Sizes & Prices
  6. Bay Window Cost Factors
  7. Framing Materials
  8. Where To Install Bay Windows
  9. Bay Window Installation & What To Expect
  10. Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bay Windows
  11. Find A Local Window Contractor

Bay Window Cost

Bay windows are a very attractive addition for your home, but they do come with an unattractive cost. On the outside, they increase your home’s curb appeal, while in the inside, they open up your home to more natural light and panoramic views. When getting estimates from contractors, make sure you’re given the cost for the bay windows themselves, as well as the cost of installation. Bay Windows come in two types: boxed bay and full bay.

  • Average Minimum Cost of Bay Windows: $400
  • Average Maximum Cost of Bay Windows: $3,000

Boxed Bay Window

Boxed bay windows are exactly what the name implies, a box-shaped window. This type of bay window is half of a box extending from the side of your home with windows on all sides. Boxed bay windows cost, on average, $500 to $900.

Full Bay Window

Full bay windows are similar to boxed bay windows, but are much larger. This type of bay window can be found in living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. The average cost for a full bay window is around $1,750.

Bay Window Prices

Bay Window Installation Cost

When you’re getting an installation estimate, be sure that it includes removal, disposal, cleanup and the window installation itself. Having these tasks written down and contracted will make sure your project is done to your satisfaction and you can enjoy your new bay window to the fullest.

The cost of a bay window installation will depend on what floor the window is being installed, the size of the window, the number of glass panels and whether you’re replacing an old bay window or installing an entirely new window setup. Replacing a flat-pane window will increase the overall cost of your project by around $38 per hour. Adding new support structures to you home will add time to your project, which leads to higher labor costs. The average labor cost to install bay windows is between $300 and $500.

Bay Window Replacement Cost

If you want to just replace an older bay window, or maybe one that was damaged by a storm, a team of professionals can complete this job in about three hours. You can expect to pay approximately $30 an hour or close to $100 overall, depending on the complexity of your bay window replacement. Along with your replacement costs, expect to pay an extra $40 for the removal and disposal of your old bay window. In total, your bay window replacement will cost, on average, around $140 to $150.

Cost Of Bay Window Installation

Popular Bay Window Brands & Pricing

There’s a wide range of bay window brands out there and a number of local retailers too, so to help narrow your search, here is a list of some of the most popular bay window brands:




$350 - $700


$800 - $1,200


$1,600 - $2,400

Bay Window Sizes & Prices

As you saw above, your bay window cost will depend on a myriad of factors. Bay window sizes play a key role in that formula. Below is the bay window size range:




3 feet, 6 inches

10 feet, 6 inches


3 feet, 0 inches

6 feet, 6 inches

Most widow manufacturers will have bay windows larger than the maximum above, but just know that will significantly raise your bay window price, perhaps even more than the $3,000 maximum bay window cost mentioned above.

Bay Window Cost Factors

Since every bay window project will be a little different from home to home, it’s hard to pin down an exact price for either materials or labor. However, there are a few key factors that can influence the cost of bay windows. Homeowners should be aware of the following things when planning to construct new bay windows:

Choice Of Window Material

  • Thickness, tint or rating of glass panes
  • Quality and price of hardware finishes
  • Labor costs
  • Number of bay windows installed at the same time
  • Size of bay window
  • Replacement or new installation
  • Number of panes used in bay window (typically three or five)
  • Addition of shelving or seating inside the bay window

How Much Does A Bay Window Cost

Framing Materials

When it comes to the best materials for bay window framing, there are four major options: fiberglass, wood, aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl is one of the cheapest materials on the market for this type of project, and it can be very durable as well as easy to maintain.

However, vinyl may not give homeowners the aesthetic quality you’re looking for. Wood is another affordable option, and it tends to be the longest-lasting when properly cared for over time. It also requires minimal maintenance, and its versatile look blends in well with most home styles.

Aluminum is slightly more expensive than vinyl and on par with wood. It can withstand extreme weather conditions with ease. Aluminum bay windows can also be painted to suit any home design or color scheme.

Finally, fiberglass is one of the newer material options on the market, and its both durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, fiberglass tends to be the most expensive choice for bay windows, but the upfront investment might be worth the long-term benefits.

Consider the material options above and take into account what’s right for your home and your budget. Choose a material that will match your homes siding and color scheme and a material that will do well against the elements. The last thing you want to worry about during a storm is the thought of repairing brand new window frames. Framing repairs are not expensive when compared to the windows themselves, as well as installation, but they can increase the cost, along with the size of your window. Framing repair costs average $398, with most homeowners spending anywhere from $207 to $374.

Bay Window Installation Cost

Where To Install Bay Windows

There is no wrong room to install a bay window, as long as there is adequate space for expansion. Bay windows are most common in living rooms and sitting rooms, and they can create a nice space for reading in the sunlight or placing potted plants that require significant sunshine to grow properly. In bathrooms that are dark, cluttered or small, bay windows can be a clever way to brighten up the space and add additional shelving for storage, and the addition of shades, curtains or blinds can retain privacy without sacrificing the natural light. Bay windows are also beautiful when added to kitchens and bedrooms, but they are less common in dining rooms. While adding bay windows to a second or third story is possible, it requires significantly more work and cost, and it is very uncommon for those two major reasons. Along with the added costs and work, consider the maintenance and cleaning of these windows. The average cost for a window cleaning service is approximately $201. Most homeowners reported spending between $161 and $220 for their window cleaning service.

Bay Window Installation & What To Expect

While adding bay windows can certainly be a wonderful way to upgrade the home, homeowners should understand more about the planning, design and installation aspects of the project. In many areas of the U.S., adding new bay windows to a home is considered a substantial remodel, and it can require a permit from a local building department before construction can begin. In addition, it’s important to understand that not all existing windows would be suitable for the bay-style design.

Something to think about when it comes to placement is not to add a bay window on the side of your home near the street. This can reduce privacy substantially, and windows close to public sidewalks may not even have the space to expand and accommodate the added space from a bay window design. Finally, be aware that bay windows can be customized to fit a specific style, but these versions will be substantially more expensive than the standard three and five panel sizes that are readily available online and from most building and window retail stores.

Bay Window Cost

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bay Windows

The major advantages of bay windows include:

  • Allowing natural light into the home
  • Adding curb appeal from the exterior of the structure, serving as a focal point
  • Creating additional seating and adding space to smaller rooms
  • Allowing sunlight in from several different directions rather than just one, rooms are warmed and lit in a natural way
  • They add valuable square footage to the home
  • Bay windows are also very attractive items, and they look stunning from the street outside the home

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to bay windows that include:

  • Costs more than traditional flat-pane windows
  • More surface area that requires cleaning and the logistical issue of expanding the home
  • This added cost can be quite a bit more than a traditional flat-plane window, with the average window costing between $125 and $2,700, depending on the scope of the job.
  • Replacing a traditional flat or picture window pane with a bay window is not as simple as removing one and installing the other
  • Requires a lot of structural work, permits and additional space on the property
  • Bay windows also require more regular maintenance and cleaning because of their size

Find A Local Window Contractor

Bay windows are a great addition to any home and can add great views, more space and natural light into your home. Bay windows can also increase your home’s curb appeal, making this a project with a good return on investment.

Consider all the aspects of your bay window project before contacting a contractor, and review all of the information above. Let ImproveNet help connect you with local contractors today and get started on your bay window project!

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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