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Board on Board Fencing Cost

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Installing a wood fence isn't as easy as some homeowners might think. They sometimes assume that it only entails putting up a few panels and a few posts, but the job actually involves measuring the size of the yard, choosing the right type of fence, selecting the boards and doing other smaller tasks before and during the construction process. A board on board fence is a good option for homeowners who want a privacy fence that adds to the decorative design of the yard. Their unique design can get costly though.

See the full cost breakdown and if you're ready to add board on board to your yard, connect with a local fencing professional.

Cost Of Board On Board Fencing

  • Fencing Panels: $11 to $23
  • Overall Fencing Costs: $450 to $20,000 with an average of $1,000

Determining how much a board on board fence costs involves factoring in the cost of the materials and labor. Board on board panels measuring six feet tall cost around $11 to $16 while a fence measuring eight feet tall costs around $21 to $23 per panel. The total average cost for a wood fence is just over $1,000 with a low cost of around $450 and a high cost of more than $20,000.

Though this range of prices might seem odd to some, homeowners need to consider the length of fencing they need. A shorter fence that surrounds a small backyard might only cost a few hundred dollars while others need a fence that surrounds a large yard or a yard of an unusual shape. The cost can also rise if the contractor needs to remove debris from the area, check the property lines or purchase additional supplies before work begins. Removal of an old fence, more expensive wood pieces or rental of a post digger is all factors that can increase the price of the job as well.

What Is A Board On Board Fence?

A board on board fence is essentially a fence that consists of central wood posts with wood fencing panels on either side. Some privacy fences use a series of posts but only one piece of wood on one side of those posts. Homeowners need to decide if they want to place the wood panels on the inside or outside of the yard. This means that the decorative side will only appear to those inside of the yard or on the outside of the yard. Board on board fences offer two decorative sides.

Uses Of Wood Fences

The most common reason for installing a wood board on board fence is for privacy. Some homeowners find that they have nosy neighbors frequently dropping by or watching them when they're outside. Others just enjoy the idea of relaxing in their yards without worrying about stares from their neighbors. A wood fence of six feet is usually high enough to give the homeowner a sense of privacy. 

Board on board fencing can also add to the security of a home. Most cities require that homes with a swimming pool have some type of exterior fencing that keeps children and animals from gaining access to that pool. A board on board fence can prevent kids and animals from sneaking into the yard, and homeowners will feel more comfortable when relaxing in their pools when they have a privacy fence in place.

Advantages Of Board on Board

The biggest advantage of a board on board fence is its decorative style. This is especially important when two homes sit close together. The homeowners might decide to split the cost of the fence, and the decorative look of this fence will make both parties happy. Some designs also have small gaps in between the individual pickets. This lets air pass through the gaps, which can help the wood boards dry faster after a rainstorm. 

Board on board siding is available in a variety of different wood types, including cedar and pine. Homeowners can either stain or paint the wood to a color that matches or complements their home or even their patio furniture. When properly treated and sealed, the wood will retain its color and shape without warping for years in the future. 

Board On Board Disadvantages

Though some homeowners prefer the natural color of cedar wood, cedar board on board can suffer from a number of problems, including:

  • Warping
  • Rotting
  • Splitting

Cedar fencing must be properly sealed before the homeowner paints the wood, but even with sealing, these problems can occur. When any type of moisture penetrates the wood, the water can cause the wood to swell and warp. The constant expanding and contracting can also lead to the wood boards splitting or rotting. This more commonly occurs in areas with a long freeze/thaw cycle, including the Midwest. Snow and ice melts into the wood and freezes and thaws as the temperature rises and drops, causing a host of different problems.

Installing The Fence

Homeowners should always work closely with a contractor or a fencing company instead of attempting to do the job alone. Though it might seem like an easy job, home installation can lead to a number of problems. Using the wrong number of posts can cause the fence to tilt or lean to one side, and not centering those posts can cause the boards to warp. Homeowners also risk not adding enough concrete to each hole, which affects the strength of the fence.

A contractor will measure the total length of the yard, divide that measurement by the number of posts needed and determine where to place each post in the yard. The first step in installation after measuring involves digging holes for those posts. A good contractor will add a small amount of water to the hole and tamper it down with a special tool that flattens the bottom. After adding and centering the post, the contractor will add wet concrete and stabilize the post until the concrete dries. Once the contractor finishes installing each fence post, panels or pickets can be attached to both sides of the post.

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Last updated on Jan 23, 2017

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