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Most homeowners spend between $1,272 to $1,917 nationally.
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Are you looking to add more space in your home but don’t know where to start? Consider installing a closet either in your bedrooms, hallways or entry points in your home. Adding a closet to any room in your home is a great way to take advantage of the unused spaces. Closets can help remove clutter that naturally accumulates, making rooms seem magically larger. 

Try our cost estimator below to see how much it costs to build a closet in your area! If you need some help along the way connect with a local closet contractor ready to assist you with any project you may have.

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National Average Cost $1,779
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Maximum Cost $4,700
Average Range $1,272 to $1,917
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Table of Contents

  1. Average Cost To Build A Closet
  2. Closet Cost Factors
  3. Types Of Closets
  4. Closet Material Costs
  5. Closet Organization
  6. Closet Inspiration
  7. How To Build A Closet
  8. Permits & Building Codes
  9. Find A Closet Pro

Average Cost To Build A Closet

When most homeowners think of closets, there isn’t a lot of thought behind it. After all, it’s a closet, right? There is more to building a closet than you think. There are a few components that can affect the cost, the size being the biggest cost driver. We’ve seen closets cost as little as $600 and larger projects cost as much as $8,000. Overall, closets are generally inexpensive with the average cost to build a closet around $1,836.

White Cabinet Closet

Closet Cost Factors

So, how much does it cost to build a closet? When budgeting for your new storage haven, there are several factors that come into effect; the type of closet, materials used, organization inside, adding a wardrobe or armoire and permits/building codes. These all affect the cost of this space saver. First, let’s go over the types of closets and how they differ from one another.

Types Of Closets

There are two types of closets, reach-ins or walk-ins. Luckily, both have many styles depending on your personal preference. Before anything, first consult with the contractor you’re hiring to build it. They can provide valuable insight into proper placement to obtain the most space, as well as identify all possible placement options.

Reach-In Closets

While typically on the smaller side, reach-in closets can be highly functional and provide great design aesthetic. They may be small, but they are very efficient when placed correctly and organized optimally.

Reach-in closets are commonly found in smaller bedrooms or in hallways. The average reach-in closet cost ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on materials and design.

Walk-In Closets

The most popular type of closet, the walk-in provides the most room and is a room within a room. Walk-ins are great because they’re completely dedicated to your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Typically, walk-ins are more expensive with the average cost to build a walk-in closet around $1,500. However, that cost comes with a space that fits your needs and is designed with your style in mind. There is no cramming or stacking of items with the larger space. When used properly, walk-ins will give you a full view of all your items.

Wardrobes & Armoires

Wardrobes are often the most common addition for more storage in one’s home. If you don’t want to do a costly closet construction, wardrobes and armoires are a great alternative that provide a solution for storage and serve as a stylish piece of furniture.

On average, with the total cost and time being less than building a closet, you should expect to spend around $2,000 for a wardrobe or armoire. Again, this price is dependent on the size and personal needs of you and your family.

Walk-in Closet

Closet Material Costs

You must consider the cost of various materials associated with your closet construction. You will almost always need lumber to lay the frame for the closet itself, as well as drywall. Consider the ceiling and the floor when putting together an accurate assessment of material costs.

Organization solutions are other expenses you should consider. Shelves, drawers, hanging rods and shoe racks will all add onto the cost of your closet project. To get an idea of how much these organizers will cost, use our estimator to see the average price near you.

Use metal over wood when you can to lower the cost in certain areas. Metal studs as opposed to wood are always preferable when framing. Not only are they cheaper materials, but they’re also lighter without sacrificing quality. Metal studs in framing can increase productivity as well as cost-efficiency.

Instead of using drywall for the walls, consider using prefabricated pieces of wooden paneling. Although not as sturdy as drywall, they serve the purpose for many closets. Drywall applications take much more finishing work such as spackling and sanding before being painted, which could increase the cost.  

Choosing to extend a tile or wooden floor can make the price increase dramatically. Think about carpeting the closet floor rather than a continuation of wood or tile to significantly cut costs.

Building a closet is a task any general contractor should be able to accomplish in a week, including the finishing work. The materials you choose will greatly affect the cost of labor when installing a closet. For a general contractor to build a closet in your house, expect to pay an average of just under a thousand dollars.

Wardrobe & Armoire

Closet Organization

The way you organize your closet is crucial. You have a new storage space, so why not take full advantage of it? Custom-built organizing solutions can be specific to your needs, which will help keep your closet clean. However, this customization also comes with higher costs.

To keep your closet clean and stay within budget, the best rule is the simpler, the better. Approach your closet with a system and strategy in mind to maximize storage. Need some help? See what tips we have for keeping your closet clean. If you have a lot of clothes, consider installing these closet organizers.

  • Shelving Units: These are easy to find at any furniture or department store. Most have large sections so there are plenty of options to fit your closet needs. Shelves are helpful to store any category of clothing and create more space.
  • Drawers: Drawers are great for storing any piece of clothing.
  • Shoe Storage: Shoes can be stored in many ways, most commonly on a shoe rack, but there are alternatives to shoe racks that can take up floor space. Other ways of storing your shoes is to have shoe bins, hanging shoe cubbies or repurposing wall space to hold your shoes and put them on display.
  • Hanging Rods: Rods run horizontally in your closet and are best for hanging clothing. This organizing option also opens more space to be used inside your closet.

Closet Inspiration

When it comes to design, the simpler, the better. This will help keep costs down and make organizing easier. Just because your closet is simple in design doesn’t mean your storage should be dull. Check out these closets to find some inspiration and add some new décor to your home!


Closet Remodel Cost Estimator


Traditional Closet


Country Closet

How To Build A Closet

If you’re looking to save on labor costs or have some carpentry experience, building a closet is a great way to save money and make it truly yours. The first thing to consider before building your own closet is to make sure you have the floor space for the project. Look for unused space in your home like corners, hallways or just open wall space in the room you want to build.

Allow a minimum of 27” for the inside depth of the closet. After you have the necessary space, begin building the frame of the closet and secure it to the walls to reinforce stability. Next, attach the panels and doors that will be the walls and opening of the closet. The last step of your build is to add organizers such as hanging rods, shelves, drawers or any other custom organizer you may need. These will help organize and create space for storage.

Permits & Building Codes

Some cities and towns will require permits before building a closet. Research the needed licenses before constructing a closet. Not attaining the necessary permit could result in serious consequences, whether that be harm to someone in your home or delay in the sale of your home. It’s best practice to get the required permits before starting construction to make sure every step after goes as planned.

An example of when you’ll need a permit is if you’re very particular about the location of the closet. This can also increase costs. There are natural parts in the framing of most homes that contain unused space behind the finishing. This means much less raw construction, which will significantly decrease costs.

Find A Closet Pro

There is a lot to consider when it comes to installing a closet. While you can DIY a closet in your home, most homeowners leave it to the professionals to ensure the quality you want out of this space saver. Be sure to contact a local closet pro to make sure the job is done right.

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