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Storm Shelter Cost and Price Guide

Most homeowners spend between $4,628 to $7,187 nationally.
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Even the largest and most secure homes may not be able to withstand a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado. With high-speed winds, entire homes can be flattened in seconds. Of course this may be a rare occurrence, but being prepared in order to provide safety and security for your family is never a bad idea. A common option is to build a storm shelter on your property. While you may be able to handle the construction on your own, leaving it to the professionals may help you get the safest structure possible. Discover more about the average costs and pricing of professionally constructed storm shelters.

National Build a Storm Shelter Costs

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National Average Cost $6,298
Minimum Cost $500
Maximum Cost $25,000
Average Range $4,628 to $7,187
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Average Costs of Constructing a Storm Shelter

If you want to pin down the exact cost of building a storm shelter on your property, it may help to start with an estimate based on previous projects similar in size and location. On a national scale, homeowners in the past have paid primarily within the price range of $7,293 and $9,623. Of course, every project is different and costs can fluctuate wildly from one storm shelter to the next.

Regulations and Building Permit Costs

Something important to keep in mind before planning for your own storm shelter is that many cities and states require you to apply for a building permit before starting construction on a storm shelter. Whether you are building the shelter yourself or hiring professionals to tackle the job, this permit, costing between $50 and $200, is a necessity.

Choosing the Right Location For Your Storm Shelter

The exact location of your storm shelter will also play a role in its total cost. The shelter should be close enough to the home to access quickly but still at least 10 to 15 feet from any other structure. The terrain, if it is especially rocky or uneven, will also make the shelter harder and more expensive to construct.

Additional Factors Influencing Total Cost

Along with location, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of professional storm shelter construction. Size is a major component to consider, and all the residents of your home should have roughly 10 square feet of floor space in the shelter.

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