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What Is Caesarstone?

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National Countertop Costs

$70 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$100 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Additions & Remodels

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What Is Caesarstone?

One of the trendiest countertop options on the market today, Caesarstone is created from engineered quartz stone. These typically feature about 93% natural quartz. It is made by pouring resins into a mold and subjecting them to 100 tons of pressure. The results are some of the toughest countertops you can find for your remodeling project.

Not only does Caesarstone make for a beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom, but it is also easy to clean and maintain. That’s because the material is virtually indestructible and offers more impact resistance than natural stone. However, the aesthetic and functional value it represents comes at a higher price than other types. That’s why you may be wondering what the average cost of Caesarstone is compared to other materials.

On this page, we will help you understand the typical Caesarstone price per square foot you can expect to pay if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to include it. Once you have this information from our Caesarstone price estimator, ImproveNet can connect you with experienced countertop contractors in your area who can help you with your project. 

Table of Contents

  1. How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost?
  2. Caesarstone Countertop Price Per Square Foot
  3. Caesarstone Countertops Cost Factors
  4. Cost Of Caesarstone Vs. Other Countertops
  5. What Is Caesarstone?
  6. Where Can I Install Caesarstone Countertops?
  7. Advantages Of Caesarstone Countertops
  8. Disadvantages Of Caesarstone Countertops
  9. Caesarstone Vs. Granite
  10. DIY Or Hire A Countertop Contractor?
  11. Find A Countertop Contractor

How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost?

In general, the average Caesarstone cost is about $55 to $75 per square foot. This is in addition to $15 to $25 per square foot for labor. Because the average countertop is about 50 square feet in surface area, this means that the total price for your project should fall into the $3,500 to $5,000 range.

Caesarstone Countertop Cost Per Square Foot

Your Caesarstone cost per square foot will depend on how the price of materials and installation break down. Naturally, prices vary by retailer and contractor, but most of the time you can expect to pay between $70 and $100 per square foot including labor. These costs fluctuate based on the quality of the materials. You are also advised to factor in an additional 5% to 10% to account for any measurement or fitting errors that might occur.

  • Most Affordable Pricing: $70 per square foot to $80 per square foot.
  • Mid-Range Countertops: $80 per square foot to $90 per square foot.
  • High-End Countertops: $90 per square foot to $100 per square foot.

It’s important to note, however, that these prices include the cost of professional installation. Although you might be able to save a little money by installing these counters yourself, hiring professionals will guarantee the best results. Remember, this is a heavy, expensive piece of stone that you will be adding to your space. That means you want to be sure that the people handling it know what they are doing and will be prepared for any contingency. It is for this reason that the average cost of Caesarstone countertops, along with installation, should always factor into your consideration.

Caesarstone Price Per Square Foot

Caesarstone Countertops Cost Factors

While most countertops do not exceed 75 square feet, the total can lighten your wallet whether you pay $55 (without installation) or $100 per square foot. Fortunately, like any countertop material, there are ways to ensure your countertop installation cost falls on the lighter end.

Caesarstone Grades & Colors

There are multiple levels to choose from. Most homeowners purchase Caesarstone counters in levels one through five. The grades within each level are typically in alphabetical order, priced lowest to highest. If you want to keep costs down, choose a Caesarstone counter in levels one through three.

In terms of color, you can choose from the classic color collection with more than 40 color options, the patterned textured collection with attractive designs such as lace and a crocodile motif, or the semiprecious stone collection for a bold flair.

Caesarstone Thickness

Beyond grade, you have to consider thickness. Caesarstone thicknesses are typically 20mm and 30mm or between ¾” and 1¼”. Any size or thickness outside of these parameters will cost more because it demands more material.

Caesarstone Edge Profile

You’ll also need to determine the edge profile. A flat edge with a rounded corner is standard and will save you money, but you can also choose between bullnose, ogee, bevel, and square.

Caesarstone Countertop Shapes

The shape of the countertop can also affect the final Caesarstone price. If you have an L-shaped or U-shaped counter, chances are, you’re going to pay more. These often cost more because of their odd shape and are more difficult to install. In some cases, the cost of installation can be affected by how difficult it is to get the counter into the room. If there are corners, stairs, or other obstacles in the way, you might pay a little more for the hassle of getting it inside, especially if the countertop has to be modified just to get it into your kitchen.

Caesarstone Countertop Surface Finishes

Finally, your Caesarstone surface will affect the bottom line. You can choose from polished — the glossy option, honed — which is a matte option, and textured. Caesarstone prices do not fluctuate much based on surface finish. Therefore, choose a surface that makes sense with your decor. While polished is more readily available, honed countertops do not reflect light and make sense if you have a lot of lighting in your kitchen.

Seasonal Factors

Waiting for a contractor’s offseason can have a significant impact on your overall Caesarstone price. Buying in the late fall or winter could mean your professional won’t be as busy during that time, which could lead to a great deal on your Caesarstone quartz cost as a whole.

Styles And Collections

There are many different styles and collections of Caesarstone, and which one you choose can have a noticeable effect on the price tag of your project. For example, if you choose Caesarstone Frosty Carrina™, your price will come in around $65 per square foot. On the other hand, if you’re looking at Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo™, your price could reach between $70 and $75 per square foot. Keep this in mind as you shop for your new countertops, as you might have to choose between remaining within your budget or spending a little bit more to get the look you want for your new kitchen or bathroom.

If you want to achieve the look of quartz but have a slightly tighter budget, you still have options. There is an overlay product that installs easily over existing surfaces such as laminate, tile, and concrete. It doesn’t represent a huge cost savings over the real thing, but this Caesarstone quartz overlay cost is roughly between $50 and $60 per square foot.

How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost

Cost Of Caesarstone Vs. Other Countertops

Caesarstone brings a unique look and feel to your home, but it’s far from the only option you have if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your space. Before you make your final selection, take a moment to consider all of the options you have. Your Caesarstone slab cost is worth the cost if it’s what you want, but there are many other materials that you might prefer if the overall price is an overriding factor.

Take a look at this chart to compare Caesarstone with other popular countertops and think about what you really want.


Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Ceramic Tile Countertops



Acrylic Countertops



Formica Countertops



Laminate Countertops



Bamboo Countertops



Solid Surface Countertops



Granite Countertops



Soapstone Countertops



Engineered Quartz Countertops



Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops



Butcher Block Countertops



Marble Countertops



Caesarstone Countertops



Paperstone Countertops



Avonite Countertops



Slate Countertops



Onyx Countertops



Swanstone Countertops



Corian Countertops



Terrazzo Countertops



Concrete Countertops



Quartz Countertops



Zodiaq Countertops



Limestone Countertops



Glass Countertops



Recycled Glass Countertops



Vetrazzo Countertops



Copper Countertops



What Is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a specific type of quartz counter manufactured in Israel. As said in the intro, this counter contains approximately 93% quartz, with the other 7% composed of resins and pigments to give it unique colors.

Unlike other counters, the resins are poured into a mold and subjected to 100 tons of pressure. Being subjected to that much pressure makes Caesarstone one of the most durable and strongest counters on the market. If your kitchen or bathroom counter gets a ton of use, Caesarstone is a smart addition.

What Is Caesarstone?

Where Can I Install Caesarstone Countertops?

Because Caesarstone counters are so strong, you can install them in multiple rooms. Of course, like most counters, you can install Caesarstone countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, if you cook at home often or guests typically gather around the kitchen, the lifetime value of your Caesarstone counters will pay for itself. Since they’re practically indestructible, you will certainly avoid costly countertop repairs down the line.

Besides kitchens and bathrooms, homeowners install Caesarstone for work areas, offices, in commercial settings and through out basements. Given their hardiness and variety of colors, there’s no limit as to where you can install these beautiful surfaces.

Advantages Of Caesarstone Countertops

All kitchen and bathroom counters bring their fair share of pros and cons. However, as you can see below, you would be hard-pressed to find a countertop with more perks than Caesarstone.

First and foremost is the resilience. Countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and other work areas get exposed to numerous hazards. Hot dishes, sharp knives, hair products, tools and heavy items can all scratch or stain a lesser counter. However, Caesarstone responds well to these hazards and more because of its flexural strength, compressive strength, water resistance, freezing strength and impact resistance. All of this makes for a countertop that can withstand scratches, cracks, stains, mold and other moisture damage, and other common countertop damages. Even when used as a food preparation area, the Caesarstone countertop retains its original appearance.

Next, Caesarstone requires very little maintenance. This beautiful quartz/polymer surface never needs to be resealed or refinished (saving you up to $2.33 per square foot). This reduces much of the care that other high-end counters often require. Caesarstone is also chosen because of the durable, non-penetrable surface that is easy to clean. Usually soap, water and a mild cleanser are the only things necessary to maintain the original luster and appearance of the quartz.

Thirdly, most Caesarstone manufacturers and retailers offer longer guarantees than other products. While you shouldn’t worry about damage, given its strength, a written guarantee is always nice to have.

Finally, installing such a high-end counter will certainly increase the value of your home. So, while the upfront cost is more than granite or laminate counters, Caesarstone counters will not only save you money on lifetime repairs, but also help you sell your house when the day comes.

Caesarstone Price Range

Disadvantages Of Caesarstone Countertops

Despite being nearly indestructible, Caesarstone countertops do come with a few drawbacks as well.

First is cost. As you saw above, these quartz counters can cost upwards of $100 per square foot. Not as durable, there are other counters on the market in the $10 - $30 per square foot range.

Next, you have to consider installation. If your Caesarstone countertop installation isn’t completed correctly, the seams may not match up or the edges may not look professional. If so, your square edges can chip.

Despite being very durable, the surface is not impervious to damage. Hot pans could leave a mark. Therefore, don’t leave hot dishes on the counter for too long.

Finally, engineered quartz tends to generate air pollution (not a green counter) and does not offer the depth of color and appearance that 100% natural stone provides.

Caesarstone Vs. Granite

A common dilemma among countertop purchasers is quartz vs. granite. Both countertop options are on trend and are huge upgrades to the likes of tile or laminate. If you’re considering granite over Caesarstone counters, it pays to have a clear comparison between the two.

First, you have to look at cost. Looking at the table above, granite prices go as low as $34 per square foot or as high as $75 per square foot. Conversely, the Caesarstone price range is between $40 and $100 per square foot. Therefore, you can find granites cheaper than Caesarstone and vice versa. However, on average, Caesarstone and quartz counters cost more than granite.

Maintenance is another differentiator. Both countertops demand little cleaning, but Caesarstone does not require any sealing. The same can’t be said of granite. If you don’t seal granite counters, it can absorb spills and won’t look as good as the day you installed.

Next is design. Both counters come in a wide range of colors, but there are decorators and homeowners who prefer to use only natural ingredients. For these shoppers, granite may be the best option. However, those individuals who are concerned about the destruction that occurs when granite is quarried will enjoy the earth-friendly quality of Caesarstone. Additionally, the manufactured stone countertops can be created to a precise standard, unlike the natural variations that occur in granite.

Finally, Caesarstone is stronger and should last longer than granite. Furthermore, the warranty that typically comes with the Caesarstone is a bonus that sets the manufactured stone above its granite competitors.

Cost Of Caesarstone

DIY Or Hire A Countertop Contractor?

Installing tile or laminate counters is not a difficult project. In fact, if you scratch and edge or add an inch off the side, it won’t cost much to repair or replace. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Caesarstone installation.

Caesarstone counters are very heavy. Beyond the dilemma of getting the large stone slab into your kitchen or bathroom, you have to ensure your cabinets or base can hold the weight. If not, you may not only ruin your brand new counter, but your base cabinets as well.

Therefore, installing Caesarstone countertops, or any quartz counters for that matter, is not a DIY project. Most Caesarstone manufacturers have highly trained contractors with experience installing Caesarstone counters. Not only will you have the piece of mind that comes with a pro handling your expensive countertop, but should anything happen, the replacement cost is on them. The same is not true if you turn this into a DIY project.

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Caesarstone is a beautiful, indestructible countertop that is gaining prominence by the day. If you want to install a durable counter, use ImproveNet to find the best countertop contractors in your area, for free!

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