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How Much Does It Cost to Transport Carpets or Rugs Offsite for Cleaning?

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National Carpet Transportation Costs

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How Much Does It Cost to Transport Carpets or Rugs Offsite for Cleaning?

Red wine spills, muddy dog paws and the sauce from that pizza the kids ordered last weekend: Despite your best efforts, some stains and the accumulation of dirt on your carpets is unavoidable. Spot cleaning stains immediately helps keep your carpets and rugs looking their best. However, if the stains are beyond your capability to remove, you may have no other choice but to seek the assistance of a professional cleaning service.

Carpet cleaners usually come out to your home, but in some situations it may be necessary to take up the carpets and transport them offsite for a deep cleaning process. Before you commit to hiring a pro, it's important to understand what the likely costs are and if you might be better off handling the task yourself.

Table of Contents

  1. Carpet Or Rug Transportation Cost
  2. Offsite Carpet Cleaning
  3. Carpet Or Rug Transportation
  4. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  5. How To Clean Carpet
  6. Find A Pro

Carpet Or Rug Transportation Cost

If you decide you want to transport your carpets and rugs yourself, and you have a suitable vehicle, the only costs are your time and effort and the gas to get your items to the cleaner. Costs increase rapidly if you have to make several trips, and you may need assistance from friends or family, as large carpets are heavy and difficult to move around.

If you need to hire a truck for the day, then transportation costs rise significantly. Renting a truck usually involves a flat fee, which could be as much as $50 per day plus an additional charge of approximately $1 per mile traveled. Most rental companies also insist that you take some insurance, which could add another $150 to the overall cost of the project.

In many cases, it's easier for a professional carpet cleaner to come out to your property, collect your rugs and carpets, and take them offsite for cleaning. Collection charges vary depending on your state, the distance to the offsite cleaning location, and the number of carpets. Costs could run from $50 per rug or $200 for carpet, although some cleaners may offer a free rug collection service, so shop around for quotes before making a commitment. Be aware that if the cleaners must move all of your furniture and lift the carpets for you, the job takes longer and may incur some additional costs. You can reduce your outlay by emptying your rooms and rolling the carpets in advance.

Offsite Carpet Cleaning

Offsite Carpet Cleaning

In the majority of cases, onsite cleaning is adequate for carpets and rugs, but, in certain situations, it makes sense to clean and repair them offsite. For example, fine rugs and antiques often require special care in a professional environment, and repairing fringes or patching worn fabrics are tasks ideally suited for a factory or workshop where skilled experts have immediate access to the correct tools and materials.

Offsite cleaning has numerous advantages and is useful for cleaning the carpets without disrupting home life. If the property has experienced flooding or fire damage or there are pets and children in the house, then removing the carpets may be the only option for effectively restoring them.

Carpet Or Rug Transportation

The process for removing carpets and rugs from your home is relatively straightforward. After agreeing on terms with a professional, the team arrives at your home. Where necessary, the team moves obstructing furniture and then lifts and rolls the carpets for transportation. The experts transport the carpets and rugs to and from your property and reinstall the carpets in the correct rooms.

Carpet Or Rug Transportation

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Transporting your own rugs and carpets could save you money, but it does involve a lot of time and heavy lifting as you move all of the furniture from the room, lift the carpets, roll them and remove them from your home, and then journey to the cleaning destination. Hiring a professional takes the back-breaking labor out of the process.

If you need to hire or purchase tools for lifting and laying carpet, or a truck to transport the items, then you risk making the job more expensive than hiring a professional. Furthermore, if you lack experience working with carpets, you may end up causing additional damage. The initial installation charges and subsequent maintenance costs for carpet mean they are often a considerable investment, so it pays to put them in the hands of experts with the necessary skills to restore and repair them.

How To Clean Carpet

There are several ways to clean carpets, including steam cleaning, spot cleaning, and dry extraction. Hot water extraction using a deep cleaning machine is a popular method. The machines, which are available to purchase or rent from stores, inject hot water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet, and they then use a vacuum to draw out the dirty water afterwards. The hot water removes dirt and stains and kills bacteria. Using a water extraction cleaner is straightforward.

  1. First, clean an inconspicuous area of carpet to test for colorfastness.
  2. Remove all furniture from the room.
  3. Add hot water and detergent to the machine based on manufacturer guidelines.
  4. Work from the farthest end of the room toward the entry.
  5. Suck up as much dirty water as possible, emptying the machine regularly.
  6. Leave the carpet to dry thoroughly.
  7. Replace furniture.

For minor stains, immediately blot excess moisture, and treat the stain with a suitable spot cleaner. Acting promptly improves the chances of removing the stain, but it may still be necessary to call in a professional.

How To Clean Carpet

Find A Pro

For minor stains and soiling, you can clean your carpets and rugs at home, but for bigger disasters, it may be necessary to transport your carpets offsite for professional cleaning. Lifting your carpets and transporting them to the cleaners in your own vehicle may seem like a cost-effective solution, but rolls of carpet are heavy and cumbersome. Unless you have the space and skill necessary to lift your carpets without damaging them, it's usually a better idea to hire a pro. Many professional cleaners offer transportation services that get your carpets and rugs cleaned and returned quickly.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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