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Cedar Shutter Installation & Cost Guide

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National Shutter Costs

$350 per window Minimum Cost
$2,800 per window Maximum Cost

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Cedar Shutter Installation & Cost Guide

In order to turn a house into a home, some type of window treatment is usually a priority. Shutters are a top choice as they can be adjusted to let in varying amounts of light, they provide a layer of insulation to keep energy costs low and they are an attractive design that is versatile enough to fit in with most home styles. Shutters can be made from materials like vinyl, synthetics and fiberboard, but woods like cedar are one of the most visually appealing choices. This guide explains some of the costs associated with cedar shutters, what to know about installation, the advantages and disadvantages of cedar shutters and the various types of shutters that can be made from cedar.

The Costs

  • Average Minimum Cost of Cedar Shutters: $350 for a standard window
  • Average Maximum Cost of Cedar Shutters: $2,800 for a standard window

Advantages of Cedar Shutters

Most homeowners and real estate agents agree that cedar shutters have the potential to drastically increase the resale value of a home. Cedar shutters are incredibly attractive, and they add warmth, elegance and style wherever they are located. This shutter material is also durable, and its can last for up to 20 years if properly cared for and maintained during that time. Cedar shutters tend to be installed with a snug fit, which is ideal when it comes to insulating the home. Wood is a poor conductor of temperature, which is what keeps cold or hot air from transferring into the heated or cooled home. Homeowners typically experience lower energy costs after the installation of their cedar shutters. Finally, cedar shutters are relatively easy to clean. Although wood shutters all need occasional maintenance in the form of sealing in order to prevent humidity damage, cedar is no harder to keep in good condition than any other wood variety.

Disadvantages of Cedar Shutters

There are definitely plenty of upsides to installing cedar shutters either inside or outside of the home. Unfortunately, however, the biggest drawback to these shutters is the price. Cedar shutters may increase the curb appeal and potential resale value of a property, but the initial investment can be overwhelming, especially for homeowners who want to add light control and privacy to all of the windows in their home. Cedar can also warp over time, and that is more likely in places with high humidity for much of the year. Finally, cedar will naturally age, and the patina that results may not fit in with more contemporary designs. However, most homeowners like the look of aged cedar shutters and are happy to work with this gradual change.

Cedar Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most common shutter types on the market. Made from broad slats on a fixed frame, cedar plantation shutters are an alternative to the thinner slates used in European-style shutters. These large slats make it easy to let in lots of natural sunlight, which can drastically brighten up a small or dark space. Larger slats made from cedar also help to preserve the view of the outdoors, which is ideal in scenic neighborhoods or rural areas. Typically, cedar plantation shutters are kept with the house even when it is sold, and they are designed especially to fit the space and coloring of the home perfectly.

Cedar Cafe Shutters

While not as popular as cedar plantation shutters, cedar cafe shutters can be a truly beautiful addition in the home. Also called half shutters, cafe shutters are designed to be installed only along the bottom half of the window. They can be used in kitchens or dining areas to give residents privacy when they are seated, but the open top half of the window lets in lots of light and brightness. Cedar cafe shutters can be the perfect fit for a room that looks out onto a street or a sidewalk.

Cedar Double Hung Shutters

Sometimes referred to as tier on tier shutters, double hung shutters are similar to cafe shutters when it comes to their thinner slats. However, these shutters differ in that they cover the entire window, and they have a sash in the middle so that each panel can be independently opened and closed. Users can keep it all closed to view the attractive cedar, or they can swing one side, the top or the bottom open to let in light. This is fantastic when homes need natural sunlight but don't want the glare of the sun during certain times of day.

Cedar Exterior Shutters

The shutters mentioned above are all interior shutters, and there is no question that most cedar shutters are used inside of the home rather than on the exterior. However, some homeowners choose to install cedar exterior shutters, which can be either fixed or moveable. Exterior shutters add substantially to the curb appeal of the home, and they are often used in order to create a certain traditional aesthetic. Fixed cedar exterior shutters stay in the open position on either side of a window, and they are usually in a contrasting color to the walls. Moveable cedar exterior shutters can be opened or closed, and they may protect the glass from breaking in strong storms or winds.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cedar Shutters

There are several things that can increase or reduce the cost of cedar shutters. Some of the biggest influencing factors include the following:

  • Exterior cedar shutters are more expensive than the interior versions.
  • Size of the shutters, with larger being more expensive.
  • Thinner slats, or louvres, increase the price of cedar shutters.
  • Custom measurements and fit also raise the cost of cedar shutters.

What to Know Before Installing Cedar Shutters

Since the fit of cedar shutters is so important to their look and their insulating factor, most homeowners let professionals handle the job. A simple interior cedar shutter installation might be as affordable as $40 for an hour of work, but custom fittings may be more expensive and cost as much as $900 for the entire home.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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