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How Much Does A Cement Patio Cost?

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National Patio Cement Costs

$1 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$3 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does A Cement Patio Cost?

Cement patios are not only attractive and more durable, but cement patio costs are less than wood decks. As wood decks continue to break down, homeowners are turning to cement patios for a more permanent and maintenance-free solution. Of course, before you install, you must have a full breakdown of all cement patio costs.

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Table of Contents

  1. Total Cement Patio Cost
  2. Cost Of Cement (Material)
  3. How Much Does Cement Cost To Install?
  4. Cement Cost Factors
  5. How To Reduce Cement Patio Prices
  6. Cement Patio Costs Vs. Other Patio Material Costs
  7. Cement Patio Costs Vs. Paver Costs
  8. Cement Backyard Design Options
  9. Cement Patio Advantages
  10. Cement Patio Disadvantages
  11. DIY Or Find A Mason?
  12. Find A Mason Contractor

Total Cement Patio Cost

The cost of a cement patio comes down to materials and installation. More often than not, homeowners hire professional masons to install a cement patio. Of course, if you choose to DIY, your cement patio cost will only come down to materials.

However, if you hire a pro, cement patio costs range between $5 and $11 per square foot. As such, a 100sf cement patio typically runs homeowners between $500 and $1,1,00 total.

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Cement Patio Materials



Cement Patio Labor



Total Cement Patio Cost



Cost Of Cement (Material)

Few homeowners DIY their cement deck installation and save on labor costs. If you do, you can cut your cement patio price in half, at the very least. Cement generally does not cost more than $3 per square foot. This assumes a relatively thin layer of gray cement. If you color the cement, have a non-traditional patio layout or have to transport the cement from far away, your cement costs will go up.

Beyond the cement, layout and location, other materials such as rebar and wood posts can raise your cement patio price.

How Much Does A Cement Patio Cost

How Much Does Cement Cost To Install?

Installing a cement patio is no easy task. You can’t just pour cement, set it and forget it. Professional cement patio contractors have to prepare the site, place the perimeter forms and expansion joints, reinforce the cement patio with rebar, pour the cement and level the patio to ensure an even surface and proper water drainage. It’s a lot of work and masons do charge for the labor. Some masons charge by the hour, ranging between $50 and $200 per hour. On the other hand, many other masonry contractors charge by the square footage. If they do, expect to pay between $4 and $8 per square foot to just install the cement patio.

Please note that the prices above do not include the costs of demolishing or removing existing structures or excavating and grading the land.

Cement Cost Factors

More than likely, your cement deck will fall within the price range above. However, just like any exterior projects, there are various components that can increase or decrease your cement backyard cost.

Unfortunately, you can’t control some of the factors mentioned below, such as location and the land, but there are a few you have complete control over. Keep the following cement patio cost factors in mind to ensure you’re not overpaying for your new cement backyard:

  1. Patio Size: As you saw above, your cement patio cost will largely come down to the size of your desired patio. More than likely, your material and labor costs will heavily depend on the size of your desired patio.
  2. Mason: Homeowners who choose a cement contractor with several years of experience can expect to pay more for labor than those who hire a less-experienced landscaping contractor.
  3. Time of Year: As it gets colder, installing a cement patio gets harder. Therefore, labor prices go up in late fall and early spring. However, some pros offer discounts during their slow season (winter). Therefore, shop around and see who offers the best deals based on the time of year.
  4. Patio Design: Most cement patios are relatively simple shapes such as squares, rectangles or circles. However, if you want a non-traditional design, it will add both labor and materials, thus, increasing the cost of your cement patio.
  5. Cement Quality: There are low and high-grade materials used within cement patios. High-grade, which can last longer, cost more.
  6. Land Excavation or Regrading: The ground needs to be flat. Therefore, some landowners need to reslope the land. Most homeowners spend roughly $1,600 to regrade a whole yard.
  7. Special Features: Cement contractors offer extended warranties or additional features like slip resistance. Of course, both will raise your cement patio cost.

Cement Patio Cost

How To Reduce Cement Patio Prices

Saving money on your new cement patio is easy. As long as you get multiple quotes from local masons, install your cement patio during the slow season, use basic materials and a simple design, your cement deck cost will fall on the lower end of the spectrum.

However, bear in mind that spending a little extra can go a long way. Spending more for quality materials and labor means that you’ll have less patio repairs and maintenance in the long run, which can actually end up saving you money over time. Finally, choose a design you actually like. You should be proud of your new cement patio. This won’t only give you peace of mind as you’re enjoying a cold beverage in the summer, but it will also add to the resale value of the home.

Cement Patio Costs Vs. Other Patio Material Costs

Cement is a terrific option for a new patio. Nevertheless, it’s not the only option. As you can see below, you have plenty of materials to choose from. To get a full picture of cement patio prices, you have to see how its prices compare to other patio options:


Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Stained Concrete Patio



Bluestone Patio



Screened In Patio



Colored Concrete Patio



Interlocking Brick Patio



Stamped Concrete Patio



Imprinted Concrete Patio



Natural Stone Patio



Fieldstone Patio



Aggregate Concrete Patio



Flagstone Patio



Brick Patio



Cost of Cement Patio

Cement Patio Costs Vs. Paver Costs

In addition to standard patio materials like concrete and brick, you can also install pavers for your new patio. While cement, concrete, brick and wood are more popular for backyard patios or decks, other homeowners do prefer the look of the following pavers.

As always, your decision will largely come down to price. Please note that the following prices are for materials only:


Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Limestone Pavers



Permeable Pavers



Bluestone Pavers



Interlocking Pavers



Thin Pavers



Flagstone Pavers



Granite Pavers



Thin Brick Pavers



Quarry Stone Pavers



Sandstone Pavers



Travertine Pavers



Slate Pavers



Cement Backyard Design Options

Clearly, you have many different options when it comes to a new patio. As you just saw, fancier materials come with higher costs. Fortunately, cement comes in many more options than just traditional gray. In fact, it can be stained to almost any color you desire. Stains can be used to create subtle colors, bold designs and even custom graphics. Stains come in both acid-based and water-based versions.

In addition to being poured smoothly, cement can also be installed as individual cement pavers or poured and stamped to look like cement pavers, stone, brick or tile. Stamped cement is cheaper to install initially, but cement pavers require less maintenance, will look better and cost less over time.

Traditional cement forces water to run off instead of drain through the cement in order to reach the ground. Pervious concrete, also called porous pavement, is a porous form of concrete that allows water to drain straight through the cement. Divider strips can be used to obtain interesting patterns in various sizes and shapes including square, rectangle, circle and diamond.

Because cement patios are generally poured, they can take any size or shape that you want. Whether large or small, they can be made into rectangles, circles with perfectly rounded edges or even free form shapes that wind around existing landscaping. Cement decks can also be slip-resistant or have a sparkling effect at your request.

How Much Does Cement Cost

Cement Patio Advantages

Cement patios are becoming more popular every day and there are plenty of reasons why. In addition to a low cement patio cost per square foot, cement patios bring a host of other advantages that all interested homeowners must know:

  • Cement patios provide the perfect place to relax and escape at the end of a long day.
  • They provide an excellent area for entertaining, especially for people who live in a small house.
  • Cement patios are a fun place to decorate.
  • Cement patios increase a home’s resale value.
  • Cement patios are very versatile. They can be formed into any shape, stained any color, set in a vast array of patterns or made to look like a number of different materials, including natural stone, brick and wood.
  • Cement is extremely durable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.
  • Cement is not only affordable when you install your new patio, but will cost less over the patio’s lifespan.

Cement Patio Disadvantages

Brick, stone, wood and even cement patios come with a few drawbacks as well. While cement may have fewer disadvantages, understanding all before you make your final decision is always a good idea:

  • Cement is very hard, which could cause people to become injured or objects to break more easily if they fall or are dropped onto a cement patio.
  • Cement patios can encourage heat buildup in some areas and often prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground.
  • Cement can crack over time, which can be unsightly and expensive to repair.
  • Cement patios do not raise your home’s value as much as a wood deck.

DIY Or Find A Mason?

If you DIY your cement patio installation, you can save hundreds on your total cement patio cost. However, this is not an easy DIY project. Beyond preparing the site, excavating the land and mixing the concrete, you have to reinforce the land with rebar, place perimeter joints, pour the cement quickly into place, level the patio and clean everything when all is done.

Given the amount of work and the precision necessary to install a beautiful cement patio, most homeowners hire professional masons.

Find A Mason Contractor

Cement is a versatile and durable option for patios across the nation. Given the low cement deck cost, it’s no surprise more and more homeowners are adding cement to their backyards.

If you’re ready to install a cement patio, we can help. Use ImproveNet to find the best masons near you.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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