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Clogged Drain Repair Costs

Most homeowners spend between $146 to $206 nationally.
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The most common plumbing issue in homes today is a clogged drain. Whether the garbage disposal has been overloaded or the shower drain refuses to work properly, it can be frustrating for the homeowner. Many individuals will try to tackle clogs on their own, which is certainly a possibility. Plungers, commercial draining products and some elbow grease can make a difference, but serious problems might be better left to the professionals. Before making the call to a local plumber, take a look at this cost guide to gain a better understanding of the average prices for things like clogged drain repair.

National Repair a Clogged Drain Costs

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Average Cost


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Maximum Cost
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National Average Cost $195
Minimum Cost $54
Maximum Cost $500
Average Range $146 to $206
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How do we get this data? This info is based on 13368 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members.

Hiring A Plumber

The first question that many homeowners have is simply, "How much does it cost to hire a plumber?" Before it is possible to get a specific answer to that question, however, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Location is one because those who live in large cities may pay more than those living in rural areas. In addition, the scope of the problem will dictate the price. Plumbers who are able to arrive, tackle the clog in a few minutes with minimal equipment, and then leave without having to dispose of any waste will charge a lot less than a plumber who has to haul out corroded pipes and bring along two or three assistants for help. Overall, expect the average cost of hiring a plumber to run somewhere in the range of $360 to $498.

Basic Drain Clog Repair

In many cases, the clogged drain will actually be relatively simple to fix. Using a long, thin tool to snake the drain, plumbers are able to effectively break up or remove the offending blockage in the pipe in just a few minutes. In these cases, the cost of hiring a plumber will be minimal, but the expense will go up substantially for those who call a plumber outside of normal business hours. When the toilet won't stop running or the kitchen sink won't drain, however, emergency plumbing situations can arise. Expect to pay $176 for a simple drain clog repair during business hours and as much as $300 for an emergency call that takes priority over other appointments on the plumber's schedule.

Replacing Corroded Pipes

Unfortunately, not all clogged drains are so simple that they can be repaired by snaking. In some cases, the pipes have actually corroded inside, which means that the space for water to travel through is narrow. When this occurs, the damaged pipes themselves may need to be removed and replaced. Hiring a professional plumber to install a new garbage disposal is almost certainly the best route, but the total expense will include several hours of labor, hauling out the damaged pipes and installing new ones. Expect to pay a minimum of $739 for this service.

Having a clogged drain may be common, but it can still be a major hassle when it happens at home. Knowing average prices for common plumbing services can help homeowners budget for a clogged drain or even something more severe.

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Last updated on Mar 31, 2017

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