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Closet Organizer Costs

Most homeowners spend between $1,336 to $2,172 nationally.
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While it’s seldom on the top of most people’s home improvement lists, organizing your closet is a simple way to make your daily life less stressful. A disorganized closet not only creates wasted time as you search for a particular belt or matching shoe, but it under-utilizes space and often creates a more disorganized home in general. In fact, properly organized closets store more and reduce clutter around the home. And organizing a closet is easier than most people realize. As a beginning-level DIY project that can be as simple or as complex as time and budget allow, closet organization is an easy, effective way to improve the look of your home and daily life within it.

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National Average Cost $1,941
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Maximum Cost $5,500
Average Range $1,336 to $2,172
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Table of Contents

  1. Closet Organization System Costs
  2. Closet Organizer Cost Factors
  3. Closet Organizer Materials
  4. Advantages of Closet Organizers
  5. Disadvantages of Closet Organizers
  6. How to Build Your Own Closet Organization System
  7. Storage Tips
  8. Find A Pro

Closet Organization System Costs

Closet organizers come in a lot of different forms. Something as simple as a second hanging bar, a new shoe rack and some door hooks may cost only $100 or so. In the middle, closet organizer kits, available at most home improvement retailers, offer a comprehensive and more custom system of organization for a few hundred dollars. On the high end, complex and custom-built closet organizing systems cost several thousand dollars to design, build and install. However, on average, homeowners report spending between $800 and $1,900 on closet organization systems throughout their homes.

How to Build Your Own Closet Organization System

Closet Organizer Cost Factors

There’s a variety of factors that can influence the final cost of a closet organization system, ranging from the size and number of closets in a home to the materials and details of the systems themselves. Take a look at the most common:

DIY vs. Professional Closet Organizers

Choosing to design and install your own closet organization system is less expensive than hiring a company to do the work. However, there are quite a few benefits to a custom, contracted closet organization system from a professional home organizer, especially when you lack the time or skill to implement design plans or a closet is oddly shaped.

Closet Systems

When choosing a DIY path for closet organization, there’s still a variety of options available. Prefabricated systems sold at most home improvement retailers and online offer an easy solution for organizing that’s quick to build and install but generally more expensive than making those parts yourself or buying each component separately.

Closet Size

Larger closets clearly require more shelves and allow you to install more complex organizers and even display pieces. However, small closets in tight spaces such as apartments can actually be just as expensive to organize since they require more strategy and equipment to maximize the use of their limited space.

Advantages of Closet Organizers

Closet Organizer Materials

Most prefabricated closet organization systems come in one of two materials: laminated particleboard or plastic-coated metal or vinyl rods. These materials are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to customize into a variety of shapes and storage solutions. Whether part of a prefabricated kit or used as a raw material for custom jobs, these two materials are the most cost-effective choices for closet organization.

For a more elevated look, longer-lasting and stronger finish, some homeowners opt to use hardwood rather than laminate for shelving. Harwood is sturdier and capable of holding more weight for users with heavier items to store. It’s also more expensive, however, and usually limited to custom-built closet organizers, whether part of a DIY project or professional build.

Advantages of Closet Organizers

There are many advantages to closet organization systems. Like any room or space in the home, a system of storage makes cleanup easy, facilitates finding items and generally leads to a cleaner, less-stressful home. Used in hall/coat closets, linen closets, spare bedrooms, children's rooms and master bedrooms, closet organizers help you better utilize your space, often making it easier to live in smaller homes with less clutter.

Closet Organization System Costs

Disadvantages of Closet Organizers

There are very few disadvantages to an organized closet space and a system that makes this organization easy to follow. However, there’s a cost associated with this home improvement project, and it’s one that homeowners are unlikely to recuperate on resale, even if they install a professional, customized system. As long as budget allows it, however, this is a simple DIY home project that’ll directly benefit homeowners and improve their daily lives.

How to Build Your Own Closet Organization System

In between the purchase of a prefabricated system and hiring a professional storage company to install closet organization is a slightly more complex, albeit still attainable, DIY project: building and installing your own shelves. This intermediate-to-advanced home improvement project is easy to complete in a weekend with the right tools and materials and involves measuring, designing, cutting and installing each shelf, drawer or organization feature. For more information and instructions, be sure to check out our full guide on how to build storage shelves.

Closet Organizer Cost Factors

Storage Tips

On the other end of DIY projects, the craftier homeowner can implement a number of system "hacks" and storage solutions into a closet space with minimal time, effort and skills required. Check out our complete guide on storage solutions for small spaces, or consider the following closet-specific organization ideas:

Think Outside the Shelf & Rods: Most closets include a rod for hangers and a top shelf, but using just these elements to store clothing and accessories leaves a lot of space open. Consider hanging baskets between the shelf and rod (if space permits), mounting hooks on the side walls and behind the door and building up from the floor to add in more storage options.

Label Everything: Help keep things organized into the future by labeling bins, boxes and shelves. Think of places for seasonal, occasion-based and even item-specific storage. That way, a spare sock has an obvious resting place, and finding the perfect workout outfit is as easy as opening a drawer.

Skip the Door Entirely: While traditional doors on closets can serve as storage solutions unto themselves, in very small spaces prone to clutter, consider opting for a curtain rod and attractive curtain instead of a standard accordion door. This is a great way to add some design interest into the room as well as easily conceal messy buildup without the need to jam the door closed.

Accessories Matter, Too: Properly organizing shoes, scarves, jewelry and more is completely possible even in small closet spaces. Use small bins, circular hooks and narrow shelves with trays to keep smaller items contained with the rest of your wardrobe.

Find A Pro

Adding closet organizer systems is an easy DIY project that most homeowners can confidently complete in a day or two. However, in larger homes with extensive walk-in closets or small condo spaces with very little wiggle room, the advice and experience of a professional may be the best route for true organization. Plus, an expert can help resolve any snags you might run into during the DIY process, too. Get connected with a pro in your area to start talking closet remodeling and organization today using our free tool.

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