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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Dryer Or Dryer Vent?

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Dryer Or Dryer Vent?

Are your clothes taking longer than normal to dry in your clothes dryer? Or perhaps cool drafts are leaking into the interior of your home? While dryers and dryer vents can last for more than a decade, periodic maintenance and repairs are often necessary. Homeowners should look for potential problems and address them immediately to avoid fire dangers and excess energy costs.

Costs for work depend greatly on the problem being addressed, but in general, dryer and dryer vent repair can be inexpensive if you know what to address. Dryer vent technicians are trained to specifically address problems, which are more likely to arise in newer homes where clothing dryers are positioned in the center of the home instead of an exterior wall, presenting longer vents and more causes for repair. Plus, professionals can tell if your vent was installed to the local building code and fix it if necessary.

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Table of Contents

  1. Dryer Repair Cost
  2. Typical Dryer Repairs & Their Costs
  3. Dryer Repair Prices By Brand
  4. Gas Dryer Repairs Vs. Electric Dryer Repairs
  5. Signs Your Dryer Needs Repair
  6. Dryer Repair Discounts
  7. Find A Laundry Room Contractor

Dryer Repair Cost

A professional cleaning of a dryer vent costs between $100 and $150, and it normally starts with an inspection of the vent itself. Look for a certified Dryer Exhaust Technician, a designation created by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. But if there is another problem, such as a dryer not tumbling or heating at all, there may be more work to be done.

An appliance repair technician can determine the problem and fix it for an average cost between $300 and $420, but it greatly depends on what needs to be fixed. Of course, always expect a diagnostic fee, which can cost between $30 and $80, depending on what kind of dryer you own.

Typical Dryer Repairs & Their Costs

Typical Dryer Repairs & Their Costs

Like so many home appliances, dryers and dryer vents contain many different parts that can fail. While some are very simple fixes that can be done by the homeowner, others take more expertise and can cost a lot more. In general, fixing a dryer is less expensive than installing a new dryer. Here is a look at some of the typical dryer repairs and the cost of materials:

Part to Fix

Average Repair Cost (for Materials Only)

Door Latch


Dryer Belt


New Fuses


Heating element

$35 - 100

New Drum Bearings


Thermostat Replacement


Gas Ignition Coils


Unclog Dryer Vent

$100 - $150

Dryer Repair Prices By Brand

Homeowners almost always purchase a washing machine and dryer together, so it's smart to consider the long-term repair costs for both. Appliance testers and experts report that for electric dryers, LG models have lower breakage rates over Frigidaire, GE, Electrolux and Samsung. While the average repair cost for dryers is around $103, fixing an LG or Samsung dryer is more expensive with an average of $120. Meanwhile, for gas dryers, again LG models are most reliable, while Frigidaire has significantly higher breakage rates among all the brands. Out-of-pocket repair costs for gas dryers is $110 on average, but again, Samsung is more expensive, with an average expense of $135.

Dryer Repair Prices By Brand

Gas Dryer Repairs Vs. Electric Dryer Repairs

When purchasing a new dryer, you have to decide between an electric or gas dryer. One way to determine which is best is to look at the difference repairs and costs. Electric dryers tend to have a breakage rate of 6% to 15% by the fifth year in the home, while gas dryers have slightly higher breakage rate of 7% to 21% by the fifth year. Electric dryers dry clothes using heating coils, require more energy to run but less maintenance costs. Heating elements, fuses and belts are relatively inexpensive to fix and break less often. Gas dryers use gas burners, which result in energy savings but often more repairs. Gas dryers frequently require a pilot light fix, which can be expensive and requires a specialist.

Signs Your Dryer Needs Repair

There are many signs your a dryer is not working properly, such as:

  • Too noisy: When dryers are too noisy, it’s possible parts such as bearings, seals or belts are worn or broken. When a squeaking noise is heard, it’s likely that the dryer belt needs to be replaced. To accomplish this, you have to remove the lint filter and dryer top and remove the screws holding on the front of the dyer. Then, it’s possible to remove the old belt, vacuum the debris and then replace it with the new belt. Professionals cost about $200 to fix noisy dryers.
  • Does not start: If the dryer will not start, the high limit thermostat or heating element may need to be replaced.
  • Won't heat properly: If it does not heat properly, a fuse may be blown or the heating element may be broken.
  • Does not tumble: Switches and belts may be to blame.
  • Timer does not advance: If the timer does not advance, the timer's motor may need replacing.
  • Does not shut off: Door switches or timers may cause a dryer to not shut off.
  • Shuts off too early: Heating coils, thermostats and fuses may be the culprit for dryers shutting off too soon.
  • Not drying clothes in one cycle: There are many reasons why the machine would not dry efficiently, and that may be the result of a clogged vent or other causes. Although vent-cleaning kits can be purchased, a professional can help troubleshoot the problem and ensure the entire duct is cleaned effectively.
  • Vent leaks: Sometimes, exterior dryer vent caps leak and bring cool air inside. Water leaks are often the result of a clogged vent, since the moist exhaust does not have any place to go. However, condensation in cooler climates can also result in drips. A professional can replace a broken cap or duct, as well as insulate pipes against cold outside temperatures.

Signs Your Dryer Needs Repair

Dryer Repair Discounts

Many appliances are covered by product warranties and, often, home warranties. It may be wise to purchase a home warranty to cover the repair or replacement of major home appliances, including water heaters, well pumps or air conditioning units. Homeowners can save substantially in repair costs by purchasing a warranty. Always check the warranty information on new clothes drying machines as well, as the repair may also be covered. However, you will likely be required to use a factory-authorized repair shop for the service, which can be more expensive. In fact, one survey found that the median cost of a warranty was $136, while the cost of the repair was $152.

Find A Laundry Room Contractor

While some work can be done at home by the homeowner, it’s wise to work with a professional dryer exhaust or appliance technician to determine the exact problem and solution to keep your clothes dryer operating safely and economically.

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