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How Much Does a Concrete Pool Deck Cost?

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How Much Does a Concrete Pool Deck Cost?

Not everyone can afford to add a large and elaborate wood deck around their swimming pools, but many people will find that they can afford a concrete patio. Concrete is a type of building material that consists of small granules of cement and other aggregate materials. When mixed with water and allowed to cure completely, the deck will withstand damage from chlorine and other pool chemicals. Concrete patios come in various designs and styles, and the cost that a homeowner will pay often depends on where the individual lives, the size of the patio and the design chosen.

The Costs

  • $3 to $15 per square foot.

Concrete Pool Deck Materials

The most common types of concrete pool patios include stamped, poured and paver concrete patios.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is one of the more popular and common designs because it is the most affordable. When a builder creates a poured concrete patio, they begin with a series of stakes or wood boards to create an outline of the finished patio. Some homeowners prefer a patio that sits even with the surrounding lawn while others want a patio that sits slightly above the lawn. If the homeowner decides on a level patio, the builder will dig into the ground and tamper it down before pouring the concrete.

Most builders will use an aggregate material on the ground before pouring the concrete. Sand and other materials help the concrete stick to the dirt or grass. The builder will also take care to block off the pool to keep concrete from falling into the water and ensure that the patio sits level with the pool. The builder will then mix the concrete with the proper ratio of water and pour it onto the ground. They will use a series of tools to push the concrete around the surface and keep it level. The concrete will need to cure or dry for several days after.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is similar to poured concrete, but stamped concrete has a stylized design. The builder will use the same process to make the patio as they would with a poured concrete patio. While the concrete is wet, they will place a stamp over the top. This stamp changes the way the patio looks when it dries. The stamp can make the concrete look like field stones, quarry stones, brick or any other material that the homeowner wants.

Some people refer to stamped concrete as textured concrete. Homeowners can choose from a variety of options, including geometric designs and circular patterns. The builder will use large stamps to push the finished design into the concrete, and the patio will feature those designs once it dries. Builders can also add colors to the concrete during the mixing process or hand-apply colors after the material sets.

Concrete Pavers

Another option that some homeowners like is a patio made from concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are often less expensive than poured concrete or stamped concrete, and the pavers come in varieties that resemble brick, slate and other materials. Builders can install concrete pavers in several different ways. Some homeowners prefer the look of pavers placed directly on the surface of their lawn while others like pavers mixed with wet concrete. The builder can pour concrete to make the patio and press the pavers into the surface when the concrete is still wet. When using pavers without a solid base, homeowners need to use pesticides to halt the growth of weeds on their patio.

Concrete Patio Costs

The materials used play a key role in how much a concrete patio will cost. A simple patio made from concrete pavers costs around $3 to $6 per square foot while a poured concrete patio might cost $6 to $10 per square foot. A custom design, including patios with a brick or colored border or a stamped patio, will cost $10 to $15 per square foot. For decks with an intricate design, hand coloring or other special designs, the price will be more.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Some people think concrete is durable enough that it requires no special maintenance, which leads to some common problems. The builder must apply a sealant to the top and sides of the concrete and any other exposed areas of the patio. Pool cleaning products contain harsh ingredients that will stain the concrete and cause discolorations on the surface. Those chemicals can also break down the sealant over time, so homeowners will need to apply a new coat at least once a year.

Concrete can also suffer from cracks that occur as the material expands and contracts with certain weather conditions. Repairing those cracks is especially difficult when it comes to customized designs, and some might find that the repair bills are expensive. When adding a concrete deck around a swimming pool, homeowners should also keep in mind that the material isn't as smooth as other patio materials, which can cause injuries if people slip or fall.

Despite some common problems, concrete swimming pool patios have many advantages. Adding a patio increases the homeowner's outdoor spaces and provides a place where residents can set up a table, a grill or anything else they need. When properly installed, a concrete pool deck will remain level for 10 years or longer, and other than sealing the concrete, these patios require very little maintenance. Many homeowners also like that they don't need to worry about guests tracking mud or dirt into their homes after climbing out of the pool. More and more people are choosing concrete for their patio needs because they find that the low cost and other benefits make concrete perfect to use for their homes.

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