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Cost of Copper Siding

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National Siding Costs

$7 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$9 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Cost of Copper Siding

When it comes to the exterior of the home, many homeowners live by the phrase “set it and forget it.” Well, when it comes to siding, copper may be your best options given its durability, even in areas with sever weather. The copper color and shiny look of the siding will make any home stand out.

See the full breakdown of the costs of copper siding below.

The Costs 

  • Minimum Cost - $7.00

  • Maximum Cost - $9.00

Copper siding is going to cost on average between $7 and $9 per square foot. To figure the amount of copper siding, calculate the exterior square footage of the home requiring siding. The costs of copper siding for most homes will be between $3,000 and $6,500.

In addition to cost of the copper siding, the cost of labor and additional materials should be calculated into the full price of the job. For a skilled handyman, installing copper siding takes between 12 and 20 hours. Based on the average price of a handyman, the labor costs are going to add from $450 to $900. For complex configurations and multiple-level homes or on site fabrication, expect to add $200 to $250 to the job. With the additional costs, installing copper siding will fall between $3,650 and $7,150.

Advantages of Copper Siding

The biggest advantage of installing copper siding on a home is the fact that it's lightweight and extremely durable. The lightweight nature of copper siding makes it much easier to install than other metal sidings. Because of this, some homeowners may choose to tackle the job as a DIY project. Installing copper siding without professional help can ultimately save someone up to $900. Since copper is an extremely durable material, the siding should never corrode. This means that the copper siding will most likely never have to be replaced over the entire life of the home. Durability is also a major plus when living in areas that are frequently hit with severe storms. Copper siding will be able to withstand large hail and damaging winds. The final advantage to copper siding is the unique look it delivers to any house. The copper color and shiny look of the siding will make any home stand out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Disadvantages of Copper Siding

The two biggest disadvantages when it comes to copper siding are cost and color fading. Copper siding is much more expensive than other siding options, so someone on a budget may need to seek an alternative. Copper siding is priced higher than almost every other siding material because of its high quality. It provides a very unique color and design to the outside of a home, but this color quickly fades due to exposure to the sun. If someone is purchasing copper siding for the purpose of the unique color, they may be disappointed when the look changes in a few years. However, the color change could also be seen as an advantage by some people, giving a home with a unique look every few years when the color of the copper siding is altered. 

For homeowners that do not balk at the cost of copper siding, it is a durable option, which is guaranteed to give their home a unique look and add to its value.

Get free estimates from local siding contractors

Last updated on Nov 7, 2018

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