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Cost of House Cleaners

Most homeowners spend between $122 to $167 nationally.
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With the hectic schedule that modern life often demands, it can be difficult to keep your home as clean as it should be. Hiring a maid or cleaning service can ease the burden of household chores. This kind of help isn't limited to the extremely affluent; many people rely on maids to keep their homes tidy when they can't manage it themselves.

National Hire a Maid Service Costs

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National Average Cost $157
Minimum Cost $52
Maximum Cost $333
Average Range $122 to $167
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Average House Cleaning Costs

The average national cost of hiring a maid service is $185, with apartment cleaning on average being a cheaper $95. Many factors may influence this price, including the size, number, and types of rooms you want cleaned and how often you want the cleaning done. Clutter, pet hair and other special cleaning considerations such as washing windows may increase the price. The number of stories and square footage of your home also need to be considered.

When looking for a house cleaning service, the maids' level of experience, as well as whether you hire an individual or a team, will impact how much you pay. As with all home jobs, talk over the specifics with the maid or group of cleaners before they start work to make sure that you're all on the same page about what you want done. Find out if the service charges by the hour or by the job to avoid a surprise when the bill comes.

Hiring A Maid Service

There are several pros and cons to consider before hiring someone to handle routine home cleaning. Pros relate to how a cleaning service can benefit your lifestyle:

  • You can maintain a clean, organized home without a large time investment.
  • Regular cleaning dates ensure that messes stay under control.
  • You have the ability to call in extra services in an emergency or last-minute situation.
  • Cleaning service allows you more free time to spend with family and relax after a hectic week.

When hiring someone to clean your home instead of doing it yourself, choose your service carefully. The quality of cleaning jobs may vary from service to service, and not every service will cover every chore. Specific instructions are required so that the service knows exactly what needs doing, and cleaning supplies may need to be provided if you have specific requirements.

To hear more about what a maid service can and can not do, watch the video below:

Questions to Ask Maid Service

While we would all like to trust anyone we invite into our home, that dream is far from reality. In order to find the right maid cleaning service, build a unique bond with them and trust them in the friendly confines of your home without your presence, you need to ask them these nine crucial maid interview questions.

Tell Me About Your Cleaning Experience

Just like any interview, you should ask about their past work history. Similar to a contractor, you wouldn’t hire a bathroom remodeler if they never renovated a bathroom before. The same goes for maid cleaning services. If you want them to do laundry, remove stains or clean ceilings, make sure they have done all of it at their previous employers. It’s a simple question, but one frequently forgotten.

Tell Me About Yourself

Before you invite anyone into your home once a week or once a month, you should know a little bit about their personal life. Do they have kids? Do they like being a maid? What are their long-term goals? It may seem silly at first, but knowing a little bit about their personal lives can help you build that bond that all homeowners should have with their maid cleaning service.

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Who Will Supply Cleaning Equipment?

Many maid cleaning services come with brooms, mops and buckets, but others expect the homeowner to provide all the equipment. While you may have the everyday glass and counter spray, housecleaning professionals tend to use any and all equipment available. Therefore, it’s important to decide who will supply the cleaning equipment.

Who Exactly Will be Cleaning My Home?

If you hire an individual house cleaner, you know you’ll have a consistent clean each time they come out. However, depending on the size of your maid cleaning service, you may not receive the same quality each time out. That is because many services send different crews. Schedules change and some pros can’t make it to the same job each week.

Make sure you have a chance to talk to the individuals cleaning your house. If the service can’t tell you exactly who will be cleaning your house each time, then negotiate that into your rate. There’s a good chance they will reduce the price.

Is There a Charge for My Type of Residence?

Some services charge more if you live in a condo, townhouse or apartment building. Oftentimes, these types of residences require extra security for entering the premises. Sadly, whether it’s extra security or minimal parking spots, your maid cleaning service may charge extra. Make sure you know all the costs associated with their work before hiring. 

Can You Give Me Some References?

The best way to determine if a professional cleaning service is right for you is by calling their references. As I noted in 8 Pros & Cons Of Maid Cleaning Services, you need to hear from unbiased homeowners who have used their service before. Ask them what they like about the service, but more importantly, ask them what they dislike. When it comes to word of mouth reviews, people are honest and don’t hold back. Once they give you references, be sure to call each and every one.

Do You Have Children?

While this is certainly not a deal breaker, having a parent clean the home can be beneficial. Many homeowners choose to have a maid, whether it be a live-in or a 9-5 professional, home when the kids arrive. Clearly, trust would be a huge factor, but just like cleaning the home, I know the mothers and fathers of the world would feel more comfortable with a parent babysitting/watching their children.

Do You Clean at Home?

They say pros never work a day in their life if they love what they do. Well, there are professional cleaners who love to clean. Whether its making the bed, mopping the floor or cleaning the counters, they do it with a smile on their face. If they love what they do and clean at home, you can bet their quality of work will be a step above the rest.

How Would You Like to be Paid?

Before your hire any service, make sure you agree on a payment schedule. The service might have an established system in place. Some ask for the money up front and others are fine with payment after. Either way, come up with a cleaning and payment schedule before all is said and done. This way, everyone has a clear idea of the expectations and no misunderstandings will occur.

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