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Crushed Granite Cost

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Crushed Granite Cost

Crushed granite is used for many purposes in residential and commercial landscaping. Its durability, strength and plentiful supply make it a financially wise choice in lieu of other similar materials. Crushed granite is available in a range of types suited to different uses. Home and property owners should take care in choosing the right type of crushed granite for their project.

Crushed Granite

  • The average cost per square foot of basic crushed granite is $0.50.
  • Types #10, #57 and #411 crushed granite average $0.50 per square foot.
  • The average cost per square foot of the highest-quality crushed granite is $0.76.
  • Types #2 and #1 of crushed granite average $0.76 per square foot as they are of the highest quality of rock.
  • This cost estimate is for materials only.

Types of Crushed Granite

Types of crushed granite are graded by size. The size of the granite dictates what it can be used for in various types of projects.

  • #10 granite. The smallest type is called screenings or Type #10. This is a powdery base that is most often used underneath other types of fill or building materials. It can also be mixed with larger pieces of crushed granite to fix the pieces and keep them form moving around on a path.
  • #57 granite. The second type of crushed granite is known in industry as #57. Pieces of this material are around 0.75 inches long and wide, or about the size of a nickel or quarter.
  • #411 granite. Type #411 crushed granite is similar to a pre-made mixture of #10 and #57 crushed granite.
  • #2 granite. Type #2 crushed granite comes in pieces around 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • #1 granite. Type #1 crushed granite consists of pieces that are 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter, or ranging from the size of an egg to the size of an orange.

How Crushed Granite Is Used

Type #10 crushed granite is usually used as a base before pouring concrete, laying stone, placing pavers or pouring sand. Type #57 crushed granite is typically used for walking trails, bike paths, driveways or as a base before concrete is poured to form a sidewalk, driveway, patio or parking lot. Type #411 crushed granite is typically used to fill a hole in a sidewalk or driveway. It can also be used to create the base of a retaining wall made of larger rocks. Type #2 crushed granite is also used for making paths. Some gardeners use it to improve drainage in plant containers. It may be mixed with smaller sizes of gravel to reduce movement from being walked on or from heavy rain. Type #1 crushed granite is mixed with Type #2 and other smaller sizes when used in making a path. It may also be appropriated to edge flower beds, trees and other landscaping features.

Choosing the Best Type of Crushed Granite

In order to choose the best type of crushed granite, a home or property owner needs to have a project design. If a property owner plans to build something such as a driveway out of crushed granite, the project will require prep work and the right sizes of rock. If the pieces of granite will be staying fixed, and no one will be walking upon them, it is not necessary to mix sizes or add any concrete mix to prevent shifting. For most projects, the larger the size of granite pieces used, the deeper the area must be dug out, and thicker layers of granite are needed to achieve the desired effect.

Benefits of Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is made in the USA and is often sourced locally from an area. This allows home and property owners to create an authentic, natural look with whatever project they are building. Due to the abundance of crushed granite and the ability to have it sourced locally, it is a cost-effective solution for many different types of landscaping and home projects. Crushed granite is strong and can withstand the pressure of a vehicle parked on it. The pieces of rock allow water to filter through so that no puddles or mud is formed, which adds to the safety and aesthetic appeal of crushed granite pathways. The stone can be used with or without binding materials. Concrete, asphalt and tar all work well with crushed granite. When used as a landscaping material, the crushed granite can help reduce soil erosion, conserve water, halt or prevent the growth of weeds, and act as a base for some types of plants, such as cacti.

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Last updated on Aug 21, 2020

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