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Cultured Marble Tub Surround Cost

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Cultured Marble Tub Surround Cost

Tub surrounds are a popular option among homeowners who want to add a little bit of style and elegance to an existing tub or tub/shower combination. Essentially, a surround can be installed over an existing tub fixture to give it a more luxurious look. Most commonly, marble is used as a material for tub surrounds, but ceramic tile and porcelain are also options. Typically, marble is the most expensive, the most durable, and looks the most elegant of these options. A marble tub surround is a great option for homeowners who are looking to revamp the look of an existing bathroom without having to install an entirely new tub in the process. Furthermore, a new tub surround can add resale value to the home, should the homeowners decide to put it up for sale down the road. Since many home buyers prioritize houses with updated kitchens and bathrooms, a tub with a marble surround can be a huge selling point.

Homeowners who are interested in the idea of having a marble tub surround installed should learn about the average costs, potential add-on expenses, the pros and cons of each type of marble, and other considerations that should be kept in mind along the way. This article will give homeowners some useful tips for saving on the overall cost of such a home improvement project.

The Costs

  • The maximum reported installation cost for a marble tub surround is $1500.
  • At minimum, homeowners should expect to spend $1000 on a marble tub surround.

Types of Marble

One of the first decisions a homeowner will need to make when it comes to having a marble tub surround installed is the specific type of marble to be used. The two most common and highly recommended options for tub surrounds are carrara and calacatta marble. Both types come from Italy and have some similarities, but each have their own unique pros and cons that homeowners should weigh carefully before making a decision. Furthermore, homeowners will also want to consider their specific desires and budget for the project when choosing which specific type of marble is the best choice for them.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Carrara marble tends to be softer than calacatta. It also has more of a gray color to it. Because of the fact that it is softer than calacatta marble, it tends to be more affordable. On the other hand, it is not quite as durable and therefore may be more prone to damage over time. Still, it is typically durable enough for use in bathrooms, so it is not likely that damage will actually be much of a concern. Calacatta marble, on the other hand, is a much harder type of marble and tends to be closer to white in color. Because of its hardness and increased durability, it is typically more expensive than carrara, but not significantly. Most homeowners decide between the two not based on price but based on the natural color of the marble. White calacatta, for example, can offer a crisp contrast in an otherwise darker bathroom space, whereas the gray color of carrara can be a great choice for those looking for a more neutral and less bold look.

Other Considerations

Aside from the type of marble to be used, homeowners should also consider the other possible materials that can be used for a tub surround. Common and less expensive alternatives include porcelain and ceramic tile. However, marble is by far the most durable option and will yield the highest resale value down the road. Furthermore, marble does not require any maintenance, whereas porcelain and ceramic would both require regular grout cleaning to prevent staining over time.

Homeowners should also consider the style of tub surround that best suits their needs. Those looking for something more elegant and detailed may want to consider a combination of both marble and ceramic or porcelain tiling. This can provide a deeper level of detail than sticking with just one material. On the other hand, it can also drive up the cost of the project.

Cost Factors

The average reported costs for having a marble tub surround installed are listed at the top of this article, but homeowners must realize that there are certain factors that can influence the overall cost. For starters, not all tub surround installers will include the cost of labor in their estimates, so it is important to find out whether or not this is the case before having work done. If installation is not included, it is important to realize that most labor costs for this kind of project range between $100 and $200.

The size, style and shape of the tub being worked with are also an important consideration to keep in mind. For example, a bathtub that sticks out from the wall lengthwise rather than being flush against a wall will require more materials to complete the tub surround. This is especially true of free-standing claw-foot tubs, which will require the most material by far.

Tips for Saving

While installing a tub surround may seem like an expensive endeavor, the good news is that this often pays off in terms of home resale value. Furthermore, there are some effective ways to go about saving on the total cost of the project. For starters, homeowners should consider purchasing their own materials for the job. This way, they can shop around at various local marble suppliers to guarantee the lowest price, rather than being stuck with the contractor's fixed price for marble. From there, requesting estimates from several different local contractors who are experienced in tub surround installation is also a good idea. This can help homeowners to compare rates and find the best deal, especially since most contractors provide free estimates with no obligation.

Marble tub surrounds are a great addition to any bathroom. By making informed decisions about the type of marble to be used in addition to knowing how to save money on the job, homeowners can enjoy their luxurious tub surrounds for the lowest price.

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