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What is Cultured Stone Siding & How Much Does it Cost?

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National Siding Costs

$7.30 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$9.60 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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What is Cultured Stone Siding & How Much Does it Cost?

Cultured stone siding can enhance the exterior appearance of a home by providing it with a distinctive look that can make the property more valuable. This type of decorative siding creates the look of large natural stones affixed to a portion of the home. Cultured stone can be made from several different materials and can add a customized look to any type of home.

Cultured stone siding is available in multiple textures and colors that help to enhance the exterior view of a home. Homeowners can choose from realistic-looking, handmade brick stone, cobblestone, ledgestone, river rock, fieldstone and many other textures. The most popular colors for cultured stone that is used for siding include many neutral or earthy tones including brown, gray, red, tan or a combination of colors that will create a blended look.

The Costs

  • Minimum: $3,650 for 500 square feet
  • Maximum: $4,840 for 500 square feet

The cost of cultured stone siding depends on the quality of the materials and the amount being purchased. The lowest cost for this type of siding material in discount grade ranges from $2,800 up to $3,710 for a 500-square-foot area. Premium-grade cultured stone siding can cost from $4,920 up to $6,520. Designer grade-panels are priced from $6,600 up to $8,750.

These estimates are for the materials only and do not include the cost of labor, supplies or tools. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $1,430 up to $1,780 for 20 hours of labor if the siding is installed by an expert. The overall cost of supplies and tools that are required can be from $180 up to $210.

The Different Types of Stone Siding

The three different types of stone siding available for homeowners to choose from are natural stone siding, cultured stone siding, which includes manufactured stone veneer, and faux stone siding.

Natural stone siding is harvested from real stone that has been gathered and processed from quarries. Some types of natural stone are processed in a manufacturing factory and turned into large slabs. They can later be shaped into individual stones using diamond saws and other techniques. These stones can be placed together in a section to create a unique look for the exterior of the home.

Manufactured stone veneer does not use any type of natural stones. Instead, a liquid mixture is poured into molds and formed into large, stone shapes. These man-made stones can be placed onto a section of a home’s exterior similar to the way that natural stone siding is applied. There are also manufactured stone veneer siding panels available that can easily be set into mortar as a single unit.

Faux stone siding is lightweight and durable, which makes it easier to install. The molds used to make faux stone panels are cast from natural stone and rock. This creates realistic-looking patterns on the artificial stone. These panels are usually cut using woodworking tools. They feature a patented attachment process of weep channels and air chambers to create a complete siding layout. These panels also have a high insulation value.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cultured Stone Siding


Cultured stone siding is constructed of lightweight materials, making it easier to carry and install than natural rock. It does not require any type of footer or other form of support like natural stone does, and it is available in a wide assortment of different textures and colors that will coordinate with any type of home. One of the best things about manufactured or faux stone is that it can be designed to look identical to real stone. Many people are unable to tell the difference even if they are standing only a few feet away from the structure. Installing cultured stone siding is an affordable way for homeowners to obtain the look of real stone on the exterior of their home without the expensive price tag and high cost of installation.


Some of the disadvantages to manufactured stone include difficulty getting specialized parts and a long wait time for items that are not in stock. The manufacturing process can take some time, and if a unique order is placed, the customer may have to wait several weeks or longer before they can receive their cultured stone siding materials. Creating special parts such as corners can also take more time; and therefore, the company will charge more for those particular panels or pieces. If the stone becomes damaged or hit, it will need to be repainted, whereas if natural stone is hit, it does not become damaged as easily.

Cultured stone siding can add rustic beauty to any type of home. The neutral tones go well with almost any type of exterior design, and there are numerous styles to choose from. Homeowners can enjoy the authentic beauty that traditional stone masonry is known for without the expensive cost of installation and natural stone materials. When inquiring about installing stone siding, customers are supplied with a selection of texture and color samples that will help them find the right siding for their home. These products are highly diverse and can transform a standard, brick home into a one-of-a-kind structure with the impressive, realistic look of river rocks, cobblestone or handmade brick stone.

Cultured stone siding is preferred by many homeowners because it installs without any mortar, mess or mason. Research has shown that more people are likely to consider purchasing a home that has cultured stone veneer applied than one that does not. Add more value to your home by increasing its aesthetic value and enjoy the simplistic beauty of manufactured veneer or faux stone with the assortment of cultured stone siding that is currently available from local stone siding dealers.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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