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Cyclone Fencing Cost

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National Fencing Costs

$4 per ft. Minimum Cost
$30 per ft. Maximum Cost

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Cyclone Fencing Cost

The name "cyclone fence" comes from the fact that in hurricane-prone areas, this style of fence allows wind and water to pass through it while fences made of wood tend to be flattened. Cheaper than many other types of fencing, cyclone fencing is one of the more popular choices among today's home improvement consumers.

The Costs

  • Ornamental steel cyclone fencing costs up to $30 per foot.
  • Galvanized chain link fabric and fused, bonded chain link fabric cost from $9 to $12 per foot.
  • Lower end cyclone fencing costs as little $4 per foot.
  • Higher quality fencing generally costs $8 per foot.
  • Vinyl cyclone fencing can cost from $14 to $22 per foot.

    About Cyclone Fencing

    In addition to its relatively low cost, cyclone fencing:

    • Is durable
    • Requires very little maintenance
    • Offers a degree of security to a property that other types of fencing do not

    Known also as chain link fencing, cyclone fencing is generally composed of woven LLDPE-coated or galvanized steel wire. The wires form a diamond pattern that provides security while allowing sunlight into a yard or other property. Those who prefer more privacy can insert slats into the mesh. 

    Types of Cyclone Fencing

    Steel tends to be the cheapest cyclone fencing material. However, it is not a good choice for people who live in coastal areas or other damp climates as steel is vulnerable to rust. It is also subject to steel price fluctuations when the global market shrinks and grows. Ornamental steel cyclone fencing is more expensive than standard steel fencing. 

    Other sturdy cyclone fencing materials include galvanized chain link fabric as well as fused and bonded chain link fabric.

    Vinyl fencing is yet another option. This fencing is made of fused metal coated with a layer of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. Not only is this material more durable, it is rust-proof and can be cleaned with water or simple cleaning supplies. Vinyl cyclone fencing often comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition to its low-maintenance and high-quality, vinyl cyclone fencing is sought after for its variable appearance and availability in many colors. 

    Cost Considerations for Cyclone Fencing

    The cost of a cyclone fencing project depends on:

    • The total length purchased
    • The height of the fence
    • The cost of accessories and parts

      Generally, cyclone fencing comes in heights of 42, 48, 60 and 72 inches, and consumers will often find that the more material they buy, the lower the fencing costs per foot. Multiple accessories, including gates, can add to the overall cost. Gates for cyclone fences vary widely in price depending on their quality and the quality of associated parts, such as hinges and latches. Posts are also a factor in material costs, and a property owner will have to choose whether to hire professionals to install the fence. Due to the expertise required in making sure a fence is stable and straight, a professional installation may be the best choice for a property owner with little DIY experience.

      Considerations for Obtaining & Installing Fencing

      When purchasing cyclone fencing, a homeowner is well advised to consider his or her geographic region as well as the reason for wanting to install a fence before choosing a material. A chain link fence may not be ideal for a property owner with invested interest in the home's curb appeal, but this type of fence offers low-cost and durable security for any yard.

      Most large home improvement retail centers offer online estimates for the cost of building materials, including fencing. Those who prefer to shop with an independently owned supplier can usually get a reliable estimate by email or phone. Knowing the cost of a fencing project beforehand can help a homeowner successfully budget and complete a fence successfully.

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      Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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