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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Door?

Most homeowners spend between $542 to $909 nationally.
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Whether you’re replacing an existing door or installing a brand new door, plenty of cost factors are in play. Doors provide safety and security, but various door types and installation costs make your door replacement cost hard to predict. Nonetheless, no matter your project, we found the door cost near you.

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National Install a Door Costs

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National Average Cost $823
Minimum Cost $55
Maximum Cost $2,292
Average Range $542 to $909
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Table of Contents

  1. Door Replacement Cost
  2. Door Installation Cost Factors
  3. Cost To Install Exterior Door
  4. Cost To Install Interior Door
  5. Door Types & Their Costs
  6. Door Materials & Their Costs
  7. New Door Installation Vs. Door Replacement Costs
  8. Door Replacement Considerations
  9. Door Brands
  10. Door Installation
  11. Find A Door Contractor

Door Replacement Cost

As you’ll quickly see, all door installation or replacement costs highly depend on the type of door you’re replacing, the location of the door, various door enhancements and of course, the door contractor you hire. Nonetheless, across the U.S., the average door installation cost is $823, with most homeowners paying between $542 and $909. Note that we have seen door replacement costs range as low as $55 and as high as $2,292.

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Door Installation Cost

Door Installation Cost Factors

No home improvement price is set in stone and that’s because a myriad of different factors usually affect the final cost. Luckily, unlike a few other window and door projects, you have nearly 100% control of this cost. Therefore, if you need to stay on budget, keep the following door replacement cost factors in mind:

  • Door Type: From French doors to accordion doors, there are numerous door types on the market. If you want to keep costs down, install sliding or pre-hung doors.
  • Interior Or Exterior: Sadly, if you need a new exterior door, you can’t install an interior door in the same location. Therefore, this is a door price factor you can’t control. In general, exterior doors cost more to install or replace than interior doors.
  • Door Material: All doors are made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood and aluminum to fiberglass and steel. Fiberglass doors tend to be the most expensive, while wood is usually the most affordable.
  • Door Location: Door replacement is cheaper than a new door installation. That’s because the frame is already in place and no extra carpentry work is necessary.
  • Door Frame: Most door frames can handle a new door, but if your frame is in bad shape, the average door frame repair cost is roughly $150.
  • Labor: While most homeowners hire a local door company, some homeowners can replace existing doors on their own. Of course, installing a door on your own will bring down your total door installation cost.
  • Extras: Like any task, door projects include a few minor materials and chores. Whether you have to replace the door hinges, want to install a new lock or want to change out the handle, all extra changes bring about extra costs.

Cost To Install Exterior Door

The installation of an exterior door is a slightly more complicated process that can add both labor and material costs. Because exterior doors are exposed to the elements and are subject to warping and shrinking, they must be much thicker and better insulated. Often, the process involves the installation of more complex locks and proper sealant, which makes the labor much more demanding.

In general, exterior door installation costs start at $1,500, but can easily rise to $5,000, depending on a few preferences.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of exterior doors that come with a range of prices. The most common material for a front door is wood, but fiberglass and steel are alternatives. Exterior doors come in many decorative options, such as glass panes, that can increase price. Consider screen doors or storm doors as well when budgeting your costs. Having one in addition to your front door can reduce energy costs and increase the longevity of the door.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Door

Cost To Install Interior Door

Most door projects revolve around interior doors. Fortunately, since these doors are lighter and are not exposed to the elements, interior doors are more affordable than exterior doors. As such, the average interior door installation cost is $684.

To keep door costs down, try to purchase a lightweight hollow-core door or just the door slab. Both ensure your final door replacement costs will not exceed the average above.

Door Types & Their Costs

As you just saw, interior and exterior doors are different. Beyond materials, doors range in design, function, weight, height, insulation and plenty of other distinctive factors. While there is a door for all locations and preferences, each bring out different material and labor costs. Nonetheless, you’ll quickly realize that your door replacement cost will highly depend on the type of door you’re installing.

Door Type

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Screen Door



Pre-hung Doors



Bifold Doors



Sliding Glass Door



Steel Entry Doors



Fiberglass Entry Door



Sliding Doors



Storm Doors



French Doors



Vinyl Sliding Doors



Accordion Doors



Cost To Install Exterior Door

Door Materials & Their Costs

The final door characteristic that will play a dominant role in your final door installation cost is the material. Doors are primarily made of wood, steel, fiberglass or aluminum. As you might expect, all bring their own costs, advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Doors

Still the most popular on the market, wood doors offer more variety than any other material. Not only can you use wood for both interior and exterior doors, but the types of wood range from oak, fir and pine to cherry, walnut, mahogany and maple. Wood doors are widely considered more attractive, especially when paired with stained glass, than other door materials and can easily be repaired.

Beyond cost, a primary con of wood doors is maintenance. Exterior wood doors can rot and need extra TLC to prevent warping. To minimize maintenance, quality doors are made with vertical rails from two separate pieces of wood, then laminating them together lengthwise, with the grain running in opposite directions. Then, when moisture penetrates the door, the laminated pieces tend to bow in opposite directions, negating the warping effect.

Steel Doors

Steel doors, on the other hand, are low maintenance and are very durable. Additionally, perhaps the biggest perk of a new steel door is the return on investment (ROI). According to remodeling’s 2017 Cost Vs. Value report, steel entry door replacements recoup 91% of the cost when you eventually sell your home. The only project with a higher ROI is fiberglass attic insulation.

While steel doors are versatile, repairs tend to cost more. Sadly, dents are hard to remove and steel doors easily rust. Finally, you can’t stain steel doors, a primary perk to wood doors.

Fiberglass Doors

If you’d like a wood door, but don’t want to perform the maintenance to keep it looking its best, consider fiberglass doors. While they do cost more, many fiberglass doors look just like wood. Additionally, these doors are hard to dent and don’t rot, warp or scratch easily, despite the elements. As such, fiberglass doors are ideal for those who see a lot of rain or snow.

On the down side, fiberglass doors are expensive and do not bring the nostalgic touch of a wooden door.

Aluminum Doors

Perhaps unlike any other door material, aluminum door prices range dramatically. We have seen aluminum door costs as low as $300 (materials only) or as high as $4,000. Aluminum doors are typically custom built to fit your door frame. Since they are heavier, most door contractors prefer to work with fiberglass or wood.

Luckily, aluminum won’t rust. While they may dent easily, most aluminum doors have 20-year warranties.

Cost To Install Interior Door

New Door Installation Vs. Door Replacement Costs

When it comes to new doors, many of us just replace an existing door in an existing door frame. Fortuitously, this door replacement project is much more affordable than installing a brand new door or moving a door frame from one location to another.

As you might expect, if your contractor has to install a new door in a new location, the frame must be measured and cut, precisely. If you’re replacing a door in the same location, no cutting is necessary (unless you want a bigger door).

Therefore, if you need to keep your door cost down, buy the same sized door and do not change the location.

Door Replacement Considerations

We’ve covered the major cost factors for all door installations or replacements, but there are a few minor details that can still alter your final door cost.

First, you have to consider your door’s design. How it looks, how it opens and how it functions all matter. Beyond flushed or arched doors, you’ll have to decide if you want French doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, doors that swing in, doors that swing out and plenty of other design preferences. As you choose, bear in mind that anything beyond a traditional solid door will cost more than average. Therefore, if you add stained glass above your door, expect your door replacement cost to go up.

Furthermore, while new doors come with new locks, many homeowners like to change it once installed. The cost to hire a locksmith averages $156. Along the same lines, some homeowners change the doorknob. You can choose various colors from inexpensive like black and gold, to more luxurious choices like brass and bronze.

Finally, whether or not you add screens or a storm door will change your door installation cost. Sliding glass doors with a screen are common, although this setup can be rather costly. And, as you saw above, storm doors, while they provide a lot of protection, cost more than a standard door.

Cost To Install Door

Door Brands

You can find virtually any door at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, but many homeowners skip the middlemen and go straight to the source. More often than not, you can save by going straight to the manufacturer, as long as they are nearby. If they’re located on the opposite end of the country, you’ll pay more for any door replacement.

If you’d like to go straight to the experts, check out nation’s top door manufacturers:

Door Installation

Given that our front and back doors protect us from the elements and intruders, most homeowners hire a pro to install or replace an exterior door. However, other DIY enthusiasts attempt to install interior doors on their own. We always encourage homeowners to step outside their comfort zones. Therefore, if you’re ready to install an interior door without a contractor, follow the steps below:

  1. Removing the existing door without harming the frame.
  2. Make sure the base of the door and the entire door frame is level. Trim if necessary.
  3. Hold the new door in desired spot to make sure it fits.
  4. Caulk along the door frame.
  5. Place the door in place and add shims to hold door up.
  6. Lightly fasten nails into hinge. Make sure all is level before tightening.
  7. Test the door and secure if it all looks good.
  8. Add extra insulation if desired.

Find A Door Contractor

Beyond providing a safe barrier from the outside, doors also enhance our curb appeals and raise our property values. Sadly, doors occasionally need to be replaced. Luckily, given the abundance of options above, there is a perfect door out there for all renovation budgets.

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