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How Much Does a Drip Irrigation System Cost?

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How Much Does a Drip Irrigation System Cost?

Drip irrigation systems, which are sometimes called trickle, localized or micro irrigation systems, are great investments for homeowners because they are more efficient than traditional sprinkler systems. While drip irrigation systems have been around since ancient times, they are less common. However, this type of irrigation system has been growing in popularity. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the cost of having a drip irrigation system installed as well as some advantages and disadvantages of such a system.

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Table of Contents

  1. Drip Irrigation System Project Summary Cost
  2. Drip Irrigation System Cost - Materials
  3. Drip Irrigation System Installation Cost
  4. Drip Irrigation System Cost Factors
  5. Why Install A Drip Irrigation System?
  6. Things To Consider Before Drip Irrigation Installation
  7. Connect With A Local Sprinkler Pro

Drip Irrigation System Project Summary Cost

Your total project cost will depend on the materials you choose, the company you hire and the landscape the contractors will be working with. If you can, try to take on this project during a warmer season, or fall so the ground is not frozen. If you live in a warmer climate, you do not have to worry about this.

Below you will see our complete project summary breakdown, which details the cost of every aspect of this project. Use this information to set a realistic budget for your project.


Below Average


Above Average

Drip Irrigation Material Cost




Drip Irrigation Installation Cost




Drip Irrigation Total Project Cost




Drip Irrigation System Cost - Materials

The material cost for your drip irrigation system project will depend largely on the quality of the material you choose and the amount of material needed for your project. The average cost for materials is between $110 to $180, with most homeowners spending around $145.

If this project seems too expensive, there are material options that can keep the total cost down. Pre-packaged drip irrigation systems cost between $25 and $50. These kits include the rubber tubing that is used to carry water from your outdoor nozzle to the rest of your yard, a filter, end caps, backflow preventer and a pressure regulator. Higher-end kits also include an automatic timer.

Drip Irrigation Cost

Drip Irrigation System Installation Cost

Most money spent on a drip irrigation system installation goes toward labor costs. This is because there is a lot of digging that is required when installing this system. Having a drip irrigation system professionally installed will cost between $300 to $750, and the system can be run off any outdoor nozzle. The job of installing a drip irrigation system is much easier and less costly if the homeowner already has some type of irrigation system installed.

Drip Irrigation System Project Cost Factors

There are many factors that will affect the price that a contractor charges a homeowner to install a drip irrigation system. That is why there is nearly a $500 difference between the minimum and maximum cost to install this type of irrigation system. Some of the factors that will affect the cost are listed below:

  • Yard Size: The bigger the yard, the more materials the contractor will need to finish the job, and the more time it will take.
  • Quality of Parts: High-end parts will increase the price of the overall project. However, they're likely to last longer before needing to be replaced.
  • Uneven Ground - Slopes and hills can make the installation of any kind of irrigation system more challenging. It can also cause several problems with the flow of pressure, which means more pressure regulators will need to be installed. Regrade your lawn if uneven ground is causing an issue in your drip irrigation project.
  • Soil Type: The type of soil you have will play a big factor in the cost. Rocky and sandy soil require machinery. Otherwise, it becomes very time-consuming to install a drip irrigation system.
  • Large Trees: If there are large trees on the lot, there is a good chance that their roots might get in the way of the installation.

Drip Irrigation System Cost

Why Should You Install A Drip Irrigation System?

Traditionally, drip irrigation systems were used to slowly introduce water to a lawn. This prevents the water from evaporating before the grass has time to absorb it, which saves water. Drip irrigation systems have plenty of benefits for you and your yard. If you’re if a drip irrigation system is the right project, test your soil first and see what it needs. The average cost for a soil test is around $1,142.

  • Helps prevent diseases that can set in when plants come in contact with water on their stems or leaves. This is thanks to drip irrigation systems only releasing water by the plant's roots.
  • Reduces the chance of weed growth because the rows between plants in your flower bed stay dry.
  • Saves you money by using water nearly 25% more efficiently than traditional irrigation systems.
  • Prevents less runoff on uneven ground.

Things To Consider Before Drip Irrigation Installation

There are a few factors that can cause issues with the installation of a drip irrigation system. For example, if the property suffers from low water pressure or low water flow, the contractor might have to install a water holding tank. This tank will hold water to allow it to build up pressure before releasing it. Since a drip irrigation system relies completely on pressure, it is extremely important to get the setup just right. Sometimes low water pressure can also be solved by increasing the size of the main water line, which is another job that would have to be handled by a contractor.

Another issue that some homeowners run into is hard water. This is usually an issue when the home is set up on well water. This type of water usually has minerals in it, and these minerals can block up irrigation systems over time. If this is the case, contractors might suggest adding a filtration system to the property. This will be a good investment and will actually increase the lifespan of the irrigation system.

Connect With A Local Sprinkler Pro

Installing a drip irrigation system in your home is no easy DIY project that you can tackle on the weekend. Unless you have experience in this line of work, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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