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Cost to Repair Electric Blinds

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Cost to Repair Electric Blinds

Motorized or electric blinds and shades are a convenient home upgrade that allows you to effectively control the light or privacy in just about any room. In addition, upgraded models of electric blinds can move automatically, adjusting to changes in the sun's position or providing security while you’re away from home. Unfortunately, however, these upgraded window treatments aren’t foolproof. Frequent use, accidents and time itself can all take a toll on the operation of electric blinds and shades, making it necessary to repair or replace certain parts. Understanding these common issues as well as their solutions helps you decide whether to fix problems with electric blinds yourself or seek professional help.

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Table of Contents

  1. Electric Blinds Repair Costs
  2. Advantages of Electric Blinds
  3. Disadvantages of Electric Blinds
  4. Electric Blinds Options
  5. Common Problems with Electric Blinds
  6. Common Repairs to Electric Blinds
  7. DIY Fixes for Electric Blinds
  8. Find A Pro

Electric Blinds Repair Costs

Depending on the type of problem and the shape and location of the electric blinds or shades, the cost to have a pro repair them varies significantly. In general, minor repairs, such as replacing slats, cost as little as $50, whereas major issues such as a broken motor can cost upwards of $250 or more. Complicated designs, such as arched windows and skylights, will add to these costs both in terms of labor (because they take longer to work on) and on parts, which may need to be special ordered.

Advantages of Electric Blinds

Electric blinds offer a whole new world of convenience to homeowners as well as an attractive upgrade to any room in the home. Especially in homes featuring multiple windows, adding motorized blinds is an easy way to save time while taking advantage of the privacy and light control offered by any window covering. When it comes to high windows, such as skylights, motorized blinds offer even more convenience because opening and closing blinds manually on these types of windows usually involves a long pole, talent and a bit of luck.

In addition, upgraded versions of motorized electric blinds can offer additional convenience features such as automatic adjustment with the sun and timers. This helps homeowners keep heating and cooling costs down as well as add security to their home, whether they’re there or not. Finally, because they’re cordless, motorized blinds and shades completely eliminate the choking hazards common among corded blinds, protecting children and pets alike.

Advantages of Electric Blinds

Disadvantages of Electric Blinds

Because they’re a luxury upgrade, installing electric blinds, shades or drapes costs significantly more than standard manual options. In addition, if major damage takes place, such as a broken motor, homeowners may be stuck with their blinds in one position until they can schedule a repair with a pro. Finally, the repair costs on major issues like this are also quite expensive, sometimes even more expensive than buying new manual blinds.

Electric Blinds Options

There’s a variety of window covering styles that come in motorized forms, each of which offers different features and different repair possibilities. Popular brands such as, Graber and Bali all offer different colors and styles of motorized blinds in the following varieties:

Among these varieties, there are two main electronic features that you can choose: motorized lift and motorized tilt. Motorized lift blinds allow you to raise and lower the entire window covering by the flip of a switch or push of a remote control button. Motorized tilt, on the other hand, is limited to slat-style blinds. It allows you to control the direction of the slats through remote control or an upgraded wall switch.

Electric Blinds Options

Common Problems with Electric Blinds

There are several components of electric blinds that can wear out or break down over time. Among the most common of these elements are:

  • Slats: Whether from prolonged use or trauma, such as putting too much pressure on them, the slats of horizontal blinds are subject to cracking, breaking, bending and more. This is common even on manual blinds.
  • Head Rail: When dirt and debris build up in the head rail of motorized blinds, it can hinder operation. The head rail, which contains many of the mechanical elements of electric blinds, is also subject to wear and breakage over time.
  • Motor: A broken motor can result from any number of issues including general overuse, electrical failure, circuit problems and mechanical malfunction.
  • General Wear: More ornate blinds and motorized shades often include fabric, which can fray and fade over time. In addition, accidents near a window can tear or discolor fabric blinds as well, requiring replacement.

Common Repairs to Electric Blinds

The most common repairs done to electric blinds directly relate to each of the above problems. For example, replacing slats and clips or fabric is a common DIY repair for any type of blind. In addition, you may also need to check the head rail and tighten components if they’ve loosened over time. Broken motors are the most severe of these issues and generally require the intervention of a professional.

Common Repairs to Electric Blinds

DIY Fixes for Electric Blinds

Although some issues with electric blinds, such as motor problems and blinds located in higher or out-of-reach areas such as skylights, should always be addressed by a professional, there are two easy DIY fixes for electric blinds that confident homeowners can perform with ease, general troubleshooting and replacement of slats and clips.

General Troubleshooting for Electric Blinds

As simple as it may seem, sometimes the problems with electric blinds are obvious and easy to fix. That’s why it’s important to troubleshoot before undertaking any more complex repair. This means checking the connections and power to the blinds themselves. Check the remote, for example, inspecting for damage and missing buttons. Replace the batteries, even if they’ve recently been switched out. For wired blinds, check the switch for damage, and don’t forget the circuit breaker.

Replacing Slats and Clips on Vertical Electric Blinds

Another easy DIY repair for any type of blind is replacing a damaged slat and/or clip. To do this, simply remove a damaged slat from its clip or both the slat and clip from the head rail. Then, purchase identical replacements. Hook the new clip into place on the head rail, and then firmly press the slat into the clip to snap it into place.

Find A Pro

For more complex problems with electric blinds, hiring a pro to take care of the repair is a wise way to make sure that it’s done safely and correctly. Use our free portal to connect with local pros who can advise you on your options and give you a quote for the work.

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Last updated on Nov 15, 2018

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