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How Much Do An Electric Car Charging Stations Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $405 to $628 nationally.
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There are many reasons that you might choose to buy an electric car, from protecting the environment to saving on gas costs. Whatever your motivation, the electric car trend is only growing and every owner needs a way to stay charged.

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National Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Costs

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National Average Cost $593
Minimum Cost $85
Maximum Cost $1,670
Average Range $405 to $628
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Table of Contents

  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost
  2. What Is A Charging Station?
  3. Car Charging Station Cost Considerations
  4. Types Of Car Charging Stations
  5. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Basics
  6. Charging Networks
  7. National Electric Charging Stations
  8. Find A Pro

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost

On average, installing an electric vehicle charging station costs around $1,100 to $1,200. This estimate includes $600 to $700 for the charging station itself, and $65 to $85 per hour in labor for the electrician to install the charging station.

Car Charging Station Cost Considerations

What Is A Charging Station?

An electric car charging station, or EV charging station, supplies AC power to an electric car and fills its battery. Many electric cars can be plugged directly into the wall with the right plug, but an EV charging station fills the car's battery much faster.

Car Charging Station Cost Considerations

Several factors can affect the cost of a car charging station, including the type of charging station, the amount of work the electrician needs to perform and whether you have a location in your house suitable for installing a car charging station.

Charging Station

There are many varieties of electric vehicle charging stations on the market. The cost depends on the features of the particular model that you select. For example, a 16-amp charger costs less than a 30-amp charger. A portable charger typically costs more than one that is hardwired into your home's electrical system. Finally, certain perks like Wi-Fi capability can add to the cost of the charger.


The other major component in the cost of installing a charging station is the cost of hiring a professional electrician and the amount of work that needs to be done to complete the installation. For example, the cost of the electrician will be greater if your home needs a new electrical panel to accommodate the increased electrical load of a charging station. Similarly, the cost will increase if the location of the charging station is far away from your home's current electrical sources because the electrician will need to run more wire.

Garage Modifications

One potentially hidden cost of installing a charging station is any garage modifications needed. Certain charging stations should not be exposed to the elements. If you’re considering installing one of these charging stations and you do not have a place for it inside a garage, you’ll have to build some sort of structure to protect the charging station. Be sure to plan ahead for the cost of either remodeling your current garage to fit the charging station or building a new structure to house the charging station.

Types Of Car Charging Stations

Types Of Car Charging Stations

Stations typically fall into one of three types of charging categories:

Level 1

A level 1 station is not a true charging station at all. Instead, level 1 charging refers to plugging your car into an ordinary household outlet. Level 1 charging does not cost anything to install as long as you already have a receptacle in your home that is accessible for your vehicle. The downside of level 1 charging is that it’s significantly slower than level 2 or 3 charging.

Level 2

The most popular type of charging station is level 2. These chargers offer a variety of charging speeds depending on the type of charging station you select, but they are typically much faster than level 1 charging. Most public charging stations are also level 2.

Level 3

A level 3 charger is the fastest type of electric vehicle charger available. It works by bypassing the car's on-board charger to deliver power directly to the car's battery. In addition to being the fastest charger, a level 3 is also the most expensive.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Basics

Once you’ve decided to install an electric vehicle charging station, the most important consideration is the location. Keep the length of the charging cord in mind and ensure that it will be able to reach your vehicle.

Like the other appliances in your home, as long as the electrical work on the charging station is done well by an experienced, licensed professional, the charging station should require little maintenance throughout its life span. Typically either the company that sells the charging station or the electrician who installs it will be able to offer replacement parts or repairs as needed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Basics

Charging Networks

Electrical vehicle charging networks provide public charging stations. These networks may be free, may charge based on the amount of electricity you use or may require a monthly subscription. Many networks are concentrated in one region of the United States. Chargepoint, GE WattStations, Greenlots and Tesla Superchargers can be found nationwide.  

National Electric Charging Stations

When you're planning a trip that is farther than your car's charge range, it's important to know where you can find charging stations along the way. There's a number of websites that allow you to find the nearest charging station based on your current location. PlugShare is an app that lets you find charging stations all over the country and internationally. Open Charge Map is another app that helps you find charging stations and has a navigation function built into the app.

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