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Exterior Painting Cost

Most homeowners spend between $1,926 to $2,837 nationally.
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There are plenty of reasons that homeowners might decide to paint the exterior of their home. A new coat of paint can drastically change the look of a home, and a new color can be a delightful upgrade. Of course, exterior painting also increases curb appeal and can be a smart move before showing, staging or trying to sell a home. Whatever your motivation, having a clear picture of the associated costs can better help you plan for the project.

National Paint a Home Exterior Costs

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Median Cost


Minimum Cost


Maximum Cost
Average Range:


National Average Cost $2,490
Minimum Cost $75
Maximum Cost $5,500
Average Range $1,926 to $2,837
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How do we get this data? This info is based on 18779 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members.

National Paint A Home Exterior Costs

$630 Minimum Cost

$2,856 Median Cost

$6,300 Maximum Cost

Average Range: $1,710 to $4,002

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How do we get this data? This info is based on 18779 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members.

Average Cost of Painting a Home's Exterior

Although the cost of painting the exterior of a home can vary substantially depending on location, home size and painting company, many people still want to have a rough estimate as a starting point. On average, homeowners will pay anywhere from $1,710 to $4,002 to have a professional prepare and paint the exterior of their home. This amount includes labor, supplies and the paint itself. 

For a cheaper alternative, consider powder coating or electrostatic painting.

Size and Height Variations That Influence Total Cost

It should come as no surprise to learn that the larger a home is, the more it will cost to paint its exterior. However, size is not the only factor to consider when hiring a professional painter. Accessibility is another big concern, and some homes can end up being incredibly expensive to paint. For example, a three-story home that is 2,000 square feet may be twice as expensive to paint as a one-story home that is the same square footage. This is simply because of the time and effort it takes to paint from atop a large ladder as well as the safety costs involved.

Costs of Preparation Work Before Painting 

Another cost that homeowners should remember to work into their budget is that of the preparation work, which must be done before painting can even begin. This typically involves a heavy-duty cleaning of the exterior, and it might include power washing with hot water or pressure washing with cold water. Removing the dirt and buildup from the exterior surfaces will improve the quality of your painting job. On average, the preparation work costs between $474 and $690, but it can be done as a DIY project by those with the right equipment. 

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior? The short answer is that it depends. If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, this guide can be a great way to anticipate related costs.

Expected Labor Costs

The price of labor makes up most of the cost to paint the outside of a house. Contractors will likely ask for anywhere between $25 and $75 an hour. However, most painters will submit their bids based on estimates for how long the project will take. This means that the bid will include all expected work hours. Sometimes a painting contractor will charge by the hour. Be careful if this happens, because it could indicate that he or she doesn’t have the experience to come up with an estimate.

Average Costs by Siding Material

In addition to the size of your home, the type of materials used on the outside also play a huge role in determining an exterior house painting estimate. These costs can range from $1 to $4.50 per square foot. Here’s a rundown of how much each type of siding costs to paint and why.


Based on a 1,500- to 2,000-square-foot house, painting a stucco exterior should run between $1,400 and $6,000. The rough, irregular finish means there is more surface area to coat. The same amount of paint that would cover 350 square feet of a smooth area can only be expected to coat about 200 square feet of stucco. Stucco siding also requires a significant amount of prep work, including cleaning and filling in cracks. If stucco is damaged, replacing it completely may be only slightly more expensive than painting it.


Like stucco, brick is more difficult to paint than a smooth surface. In addition, brick is porous, so much of the coating will soak into it. This means the paint will require a primer to help it adhere. These factors add up to make brick one of the most expensive materials to paint, at an average cost of roughly $3,500 to $10,500 for the typical home.


When painting wooden siding, it’s important to remember that it’s not as durable as other materials. This means that even though the job may be less expensive, you will likely need to paint it again within a few years. Wood is also susceptible to rot and termite damage, which could require repairs before another coat of paint. Be sure to factor these considerations into the decision-making process. A typical painting job for wood siding can cost between $700 and $3,000. 


Concrete’s porous nature means it requires a sealant or primer before paint can be applied. This not only helps the paint stick, but it also protects against water seeping into the concrete and causing damage. If concrete has been painted before, it needs to be stripped before a new coat can go onto it. This means the average cost to paint a house exterior with concrete siding is typically between $500 and $3,000.

Metal or Aluminum

Although it is one of the most durable types of siding, metal or aluminum still requires some care. Painting helps prevent corrosion and other types of damage. However, before starting a refinishing project, you may need to do some prep work, such as removing old paint, etching the surface with acid, or even replacing rusted sections. If there is too much damage, you may need to replace the entire exterior. The average cost for exterior painting of metal siding is between $400 and $3,500.


Even though vinyl exteriors have their colors mixed right into the materials, repainting can be a relatively inexpensive option for giving your home a new look. However, it’s generally not recommended unless your existing color is completely degraded or worn away by climate conditions. This type of job can cost between $600 and $3,500.

Choosing the Right Paint for the Job 

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior? One of the largest contributing factors to the final price tag will be the paint you choose. Working with a professional contractor means you have access to years of experience and expertise. A painting company should be able to help you select the coating that makes the most sense for your home’s materials. 

However, to make the final choice, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Latex- and acrylic-based paints tend to be less expensive and easier to clean, while oil-based products offer greater durability. Higher-end paint also features resin as a binder, which results in better adhesion. Pay attention to the labels when shopping for paint and you should be able to find the best option.

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