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How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $134 to $198 nationally.
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A sad truth is that by the time you sell your home, you’ll have a few pests and insects running around your home. While DIY remedies may work for a bit, the best way to eliminate the problem, as opposed to minimizing it, is to hire a pest control service.

Continue reading to see the average exterminator costs near you. Then, use our friends at Pest Removal Quotes to find the best local extermination services.

National Hire an Insect Control Service Costs

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National Average Cost $211
Minimum Cost $52
Maximum Cost $700
Average Range $134 to $198
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How do we get this data? This info is based on 13296 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members.

Table of Contents

  1. Exterminator Cost
  2. Pest Control Prices By Insect
  3. Pest Control Costs By Frequency
  4. Ongoing Treatment Pests
  5. Exterminator Price Factors
  6. How To Lower Your Pest Control Cost
  7. Dangers Of Not Using An Insect Control Service
  8. Find A Local Exterminator

Exterminator Cost

As you’ll soon see, your extermination price will largely depend on the insect at hand and whether or not you require ongoing pest control service. Nonetheless, after analyzing over 13,000 pest control projects, most homeowners spend between $134 and $198, with an average of $211.

  • National Average Cost: $211
  • Average Range: $134 to $198
  • Minimum Cost: $52
  • Maximum Cost: $1,500

Exterminator Cost

Pest Control Prices By Insect

There are hundreds of pests, insects and other animals you don’t want crawling or flying around your home. Just like different flooring options, your exterminator cost will surely depend on the pest at hand.

Below are the average cost ranges to remove some of the most popular pests found in homes:

  1. Ants: All ants feed on left-out food and crumbs. They are one of the most common pests, but one of the easiest to prevent. Carpenters ants are stronger, can cause more damage and therefore, require more to remove. The cost to remove carpenter ants can go up to $1,000, but regular ant removal may cost as little as $250.
  2. Termites: Drywood termites and subterranean termites can infiltrate your home. If termites damage your wood, you could be looking at an expensive repair bill. If you just need to remove the pests, the average price to remove termites is $489.
  3. Bats: While rare, some homeowners have to get rid of bats in or around their homes. Most homeowners spend between $168 and $429 to control or relocate bats.
  4. Bed Bugs: These are insects that live within furniture such as mattresses, and couches. When they do emerge, they look like small pill bugs and can be dangerous as they do bite and present health risks. They can also cause itching and rashes. Since they are hard to pinpoint, bed bug extermination costs tend to range between $500 and $1,500.
  5. Bees: The most common pest, bees are more annoying than harmful. They can of course be serious if you’re allergic, but more often than not, there is a DIY spray you can purchase at the store. If you hire an exterminator, they’ll likely charge between $100 and $300.
  6. Carpet Beetles: As the name suggests, carpet beetles can eat away at your carpet and furniture. They can also lead to more serious health issues. Therefore, if you spot a carpet beetle, contact a pest control service immediately. Initial services start at $200.
  7. Cockroaches: These larger pests carry serious health risks if they come in contact with a human. They’re also pretty large, so you’ll want them out of your house right away. Cockroach removal services start at $250.
  8. Dust Mites: These smaller pests give you another reason to clean your home often. Dust mites are particularly harmful to those with bad allergies or breathing issues. Pest control services charge between $200 and $500 to remove dust mites.
  9. Fleas: If you have a pet, fleas are always a possibility. Fleas attach to your dog and then make their way into the home. They can’t simply be brushed off. Costs to remove fleas are minimal, starting at $100.
  10. Mice: Mice can not only be a pain to live with, but they can also be very unsanitary and even cause damage to your home by burrowing into the walls and chewing up insulation or wiring. Mice also leave their droppings in food! The cost to professionally remove mice hovers around $150.
  11. Rats: One step above mice are rats. Like mice, rats carry diseases such as salmonella, rabies, foot-and-mouth, and Hantavirus. Both also like chewing on electrical wires, causing additional damage. Since they are larger and more serious, rat removal prices start at $300.
  12. Spiders: Another common pest is the spider. They present little risk to humans, but they can form webs, which lead to dust. Frequent cleaning keeps spiders away, but if you want to hire an exterminator, you’ll likely pay $200.
  13. Squirrels: They usually stay outside, but some do get inside the house. Animal removal costs vary greatly, but most people pay between $100 and $300
  14. Wasps: One of the most dangerous pests, their sting will hurt and could even cause serious health issues. Do not take the risk and call a pest control service as soon as you see a wasp. Their costs range between $200 and $500.

Pest Control Cost

Pest Control Costs By Frequency

Beyond the type of pest in the home, the other major cost factor for all bug spraying services is the frequency of their visits. As you can imagine, most bug issues do not go away after one visit. Many require ongoing treatment, especially if you’re dealing with a large infestation or multiple issues. Therefore, to get an accurate pest control price, you have to evaluate costs based on the frequency.

  • One-Time Fees: $200 - $700
  • Initial Visits for Re-Occurring Treatment: $100 - $200
  • Monthly Visits After Initial Visit: $20 - $50
  • Quarterly Visits After Initial Visit: $100 - $300

One-Time Visits

This is the all-in-one option. Some pests can be fully eliminated after one visit. However, one-time visits require more time and effort to get all done correctly. Therefore, exterminators charge more (up to $700) than periodic treatment options.

Initial Visits

If the pest control service knows they’re coming back, they won’t have to do as much on their first visit. Nonetheless, the exterminator will find the entry point and incorporate one or two fixes before they leave.

Also, pest control pros use the initial visit to schedule ongoing visits as well come up with an agreement should any issues arise between visits. Some exterminators offer interim treatments for free!

Periodic Visits

Whether you agree on monthly or quarterly visits, chances are, you’ll pay between $20 and $300 for ongoing exterminator services. The price range based on the size of your home, how often they come, the treatment needed and your location. Be sure to discuss all factors before you sign any contract.

Exterminator Prices

Ongoing Treatment Pests

Certain animals go away after one treatment and frequent cleaning by the homeowner. Other pests don’t go away that easily and require ongoing treatment to ensure they don’t affect you or your loved ones.

If your exterminator spots any of the following pests, consider signing up for ongoing pest control treatment:

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Rates
  • Fleas

Exterminator Price Factors

You’ve heard the most influential pest control price factors, but there are additional dynamics that can increase or decrease the cost of pest control.

First and foremost is the pest at hand. As you saw above, certain pests, such as fleas, cost as little as $100 to remove and other inconvenient pests, such as bed bugs, can cost $1,500 or more to completely remove.

The next prominent factor is treatment frequency. Since some pests require ongoing treatment, you may not have a choice with this one, but you should be aware of the price range nonetheless. One-time visits can exceed $500, while ongoing treatment can cost as little as $20.

Like any other service, the size of your house, as well diameter of the issue, will affect the bottom line. If ants are getting through a hole in the living room and only congregating around one area, your cost will be less than if your entire house had an ant issue. To no surprise, cheap pest control services usually require one-room jobs.

Climate plays a role as well. Warmer climates tend to see termites that are attracted to wood and colder climates see more insects. More often than not, warmer climates cost more to service than cooler climate.

Finally, your location and location of the pest control service affects the final exterminator cost. Some pros charge by the mile, while others don’t take location into account at all. Before you get a pest removal estimate, ask about driving fees.

Pest Control Prices

How To Lower Your Pest Control Cost

The pest control prices above may sound daunting, but like any project, there are ways to lower, or even eliminate, your extermination costs. Many of the tactics below are preventative measurers, but pest prevention is the best way to lower your lifetime exterminator cost.

  1. Clean: Most pests need food and find their way inside your home looking for just that. Therefore, when food is left uncovered or crumbs are all around the kitchen, pests will smell it and seek it out. Get rid of their prize by cleaning and sweeping for food often.
  2. Close Holes Around Home: Pests have to get inside the home somehow and more often than not, there is hole inside the wall or along the edge of the exterior. If you can see the hole, patch it up immediately. If an exterminator comes out and points out the entry point, get it patched right away.
  3. Fix Leaky Pipes: Leaks cause dampness that pests are attracted too. Fix the pipes and ensure unwelcomed rodents don’t ruin your pipes.
  4. DIY Pest Control: If you see a few insects, you can try a few DIY remedies. Many local hardware stores carry insect baits, pesticides, traps, herbicides and other remedies the pros use. If you’re problem is small enough, these DIY solutions may work.
  5. Coupon Sites: Most coupon sites have deals for pest control. These usually represent cheap pest control services, but these bug spraying services can help.
  6. Get Free Quotes: Most exterminators offer free quotes, but some do not. If they are confident in their work, an exterminator should 100% offer a free quote.

Dangers Of Not Using An Insect Control Service

While there are a few DIY remedies out there, given the health issues mentioned earlier, we highly recommend contacting an exterminator as soon as you see any pests. Sadly, this is not a home issue you can put off. If you do, you’re putting your family and home at risk.

First, insects do a lot of damage behind the walls. They can eat through drywall, pipes, electrical wires, your clothes and more. Given the first three, it’s no surprise certain pests can cause expensive ongoing repairs if not handled right away.

In other areas of the home, carpenter ants can eat through wood and other structures holding up your home. These ants can even pass mold via damp wood. All in all, carpenter ants can ruin the structure of your home. Sadly, foundation repairs are expensive.

Beyond physical damage to your home, you have to consider physical and mental damage to you and your family. Beyond carrying diseases such as salmonella and rabies, the thought of any bug mentioned above can wreck havoc on your life. If not taken care of, you’ll be left wondering if that last scratch was a normal itch or a bug crawling around. While this may sound minor, this burden can easily form into a major pest phobia.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost

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While some pests are minor, all disrupt our daily lives and need to be addressed sooner rather than later. To ensure no creepy crawlers are roaming about your home, our friends at Pest Removal Quotes can help you find the best exterminators near you!

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