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Fiberglass Entry Door Prices

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National Door Costs

$200 Minimum Cost
$1,500 Maximum Cost

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Fiberglass Entry Door Prices

Entry doors are most commonly made from one of three materials: wood, steel or fiberglass. While wood doors require constant upkeep to avoid weather damage, and steel doors are susceptible to dents and have limited aesthetic options, fiberglass doors combine ease of maintenance with aesthetic appeal. Fiberglass doors are also relatively inexpensive, highly durable and may be able to go for years without requiring touch-ups. They are ideal for harsh or humid climates as they provide insulation and do not shrink or stretch like wood.

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Fiberglass Entry Door Costs

  • Average minimum cost of fiberglass entry doors: around $200

  • Average maximum cost of fiberglass entry doors: around $1,500

While the average maximum cost hovers around $1,500, this can go into the many thousands of dollars depending on how the homeowner wants the fiberglass entry door to look. The price range for fiberglass doors can vary depending on different factors. These include size and shape, window styling, paint and other finish options, weather resistance, locks and hardware and custom detailing.

The price will also depend on whether or not the homeowner chooses to purchase a fiberglass door to frame and hang as a DIY project or if the homeowner purchases a pre-hung door-and-frame system. A pre-hung door will generally add another $100 to $200 to the overall cost of the door. A homeowner will likely be able to find a simple, no-frills fiberglass entry door for around $200 to $300 at a local home-improvement retailer. Purchasing a painted door or one with a custom finish often costs an additional $100 to $200. This price applies to doors within a standard range, usually 32 inches or 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. Other sizes may require a custom order.

The cost of installing a prehung fiberglass entry door may also vary depending on the home's construction. For standard wood-frame construction, it may only cost around $100 to install the door. However, for brick, metal or other homes, extensive carpentry may be required to build a frame into which the pre-hung door can sit. In this situation, the price of installation may go up to $600 to $1,000.


Fiberglass entry doors often look like wood doors from afar, though they tend to be stronger, sturdier and more weather-resistant. In the past, it was more difficult to get a custom fiberglass entry door than a custom wood door, but now many people can find custom fiberglass options through major retailers that fit their needs.

Basic fiberglass entry doors generally have a tiny window at the top to let a small amount of light in. However, the homeowner may opt to purchase a door with a fancier or larger window. Decorative or colored glass is also available for fiberglass entry doors. Some entry doors may provide the option to install a peephole to see who is at the door. While most fiberglass doors provide the same level of weather protection, certain types of glass are more energy-efficient than others.

Beyond the cost of the door itself, there are the costs of installation or pre-framing. Many retailers offer pre-hung doors, meaning that the door comes inside a frame already on its hinges. This pre-hung door must then be attached to the house.

The quality and style of the hinges may also be variable. Homeowners may be able to purchase pre-installed weather stripping and scratch guards on the floors. Some pre-hung doors also come with door hardware such as locks and handles, and the quality, material and durability of these locks may vary from door to door.

Some retailers provide the option of adding a paint finish or additional weather protection to the door. Many homeowners opt to paint the door themselves as they have access to a wider range of color options.

Unless the homeowner has a strong background in carpentry, it is generally not recommended to attempt hanging the door as a DIY project. While many home improvement projects provide a margin for error, hanging a door does not. Homeowners who make a mistake or take a lot of time to complete the job may end up with an unsecured entry door.

Advantages of Fiberglass Entry Doors

There are many advantages to purchasing a fiberglass entry door that include it does not easily dent or scratch much like durable, strong wood.  Unlike wood, fiberglass also does not warp, stretch or shrink with the weather and humidity, making it perfect for climates that see a lot of rain or rapid humidity changes. It also doesn't require annual maintenance the way a wood door might. A touch-up job of the paint finish may be the only maintenance a fiberglass entry door needs.

A fiberglass entry door may be painted or given a wood grain finish for a classic appearance. Every retailer offers different options, but many fiberglass entry doors look like wood doors even on close inspection. Major retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot have fiberglass doors on display in the store. Seeing the doors first hand may help a homeowner choose the door that fits best with the home. A painted fiberglass entry door may go best with painted siding, and wood siding may make a wood grain entry door more appealing.

Disadvantages of Fiberglass Entry Doors

The main downside to fiberglass entry doors is that they are not as affordably priced as steel doors. For homeowners on a tight budget, steel doors may be a better choice. Furthermore, while the appearance of fiberglass can almost exactly mirror that of wood doors, it will not feel the same or have the same heft as a good wooden door. Finally, because of the nature of fiberglass construction, achieving a custom appearance apart from the hardware, finish and window options may not be easy to do.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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