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Fiberglass French Door Prices

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Fiberglass French Door Prices

When choosing a fiberglass French door, it's important for homeowners to consider the overall cost in consideration to budget. One key benefit to choosing fiberglass French doors is that they don’t have as many maintenance headaches as traditional wood. Price ranges vary depending on the design, size and manufacturer. The higher the quality of door, homeowners can expect to pay considerably more. Here are a few things to consider when determining the cost of fiberglass French doors.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of fiberglass French doors: $600

  • Average maximum cost of fiberglass French doors: $1700

Styles and Uses

Traditionally, French doors were designed to be placed side by side with individual glass panes or a solid pane of glass running down the center. Homeowners can also choose between a left or right hand swing as well as a sliding door option. Knobs are often set facing each other to open the doors from the center outward. Individual French doors can be used as a stand-alone door for smaller entryways or as an accent door to a closet or garage. When considering the cost of fiberglass French doors, design options can cause the prices to fluctuate. There are three main design options, which include sliding, swinging and arch.


A siding French fiberglass door can be very similar to a sliding patio door, however, French door panels are often not as wide and resemble a traditional, swinging French door. The panels also slide back and forth like a patio door. A slider is a great space-saving option as well. This is a first choice for homeowners who are short on square footage. These doors are perfect for a deck or patio because the fiberglass does not need to be treated and sealed like a wooden French door. This style can also be used as an indoor-outdoor piece because the fiberglass resists rust, mold and warping. A sliding fiberglass French door is often one of the more expensive options because of the sliding mechanism and overall design.


The swinging design is the most popular with doors set side by side. This allows for one or both doors to be open, creating a grand dividing space between two rooms. Well known for its articulate design options, a swinging French door combination allows the homeowner to revert to a simple-pane design or an elaborate, stained-glass design. Fiberglass inlays allow for a variety of design additions that accompany everything from the most traditional to Victorian-style architectural elements. The swing-style design can be utilized in bedrooms, dining rooms and any interior room to provide added flair and ambiance as well as privacy.


Except for the arched top, the arch design is similar to the swing design. These are often specialty-designed doors that are more expensive. These doors really make a grand statement when placed at the entryway of a significant room in the home.


In the past, most French-style doors were made from wood or wood veneer. This allowed for the design to match the wood trim within the room. Now with fiberglass options, the look can fit easier into a contemporary home design.

Fiberglass is the perfect option for French doors that will be susceptible to outdoor elements. Unlike French wood doors, they do not require routine polishing and protection. They can also be painted a variety of colors to meet specific design requirements.

It is obvious that the homeowner may lose heat or cool air with a glass door. With fiberglass options, the doors are very airtight and energy efficient. This allows them to be used as semi-exterior doors in warmer climates. Fiberglass doors often come insulated, which provides an additional energy-saving advantage over wood doors. Fiberglass doors are also very strong, durable and built to withstand plenty of wear and tear. Therefore, they make a great option for homeowners with small children and busy families.

Fiberglass designs are also more lightweight than most wood door designs. This means less wear and weight on the structure of the walls and the home. Depending on the door design and purchase price, homeowners can see a long-term savings with French fiberglass doors as opposed to wood.

Another advantage is the style options of the glass. There are many textures and even colors to choose from such as obscure, tinted, laminated or tempered. Obscure provides a sense of privacy as the glass allows light to shine through but still protects the view from each side. A tinted option is perfect for patio areas or places that receive direct sunlight throughout the day. A laminated-design style helps reduce noise overall as well as ultraviolet rays. Tempered glass options are very strong and important if safety is a concern. It is perfect for homes with small children or elderly occupants. Keep in mind that most doors can be specially designed to fit into any construction — new or old.


While there are many advantages to French fiberglass doors, there are a few disadvantages. During a remodel, if a homeowner is trying to match up an old French door with a new one, the fiberglass options may not be a suitable match for traditional colonial or Victorian architecture or decor. Another option would be to choose a custom model that can be tailored to color match the home’s overall decor and space.

For older homes or projects in which there is a lot of original wood trim, wood framing, and wooden pocket doors, French fiberglass doors may stand out as opposed to traditional, wood-framed doors. The absence of wood materials or original architecture can decrease the value of a home on a professional appraisal.

The cost of French fiberglass doors is slightly competitive to wood doors and other composite materials on the market. The homeowner and designer can keep shipping costs down by ordering more than one door at a time or by purchasing doors that are in stock at the warehouse.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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