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How Much Do Fiberglass Windows Cost?

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National Window Costs

$200 per window Minimum Cost
$900 per window Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Fiberglass Windows Cost?

Fiberglass is a strong and energy-efficient window option. While initial fiberglass window costs tend to be a bit higher than other materials, you won’t find many materials with a longer lifespan or more style options than fiberglass.

See how fiberglass window prices compare to all window materials. Then, use ImproveNet to find the best fiberglass window installation companies near you.

Table of Contents

  1. Fiberglass Windows Cost
  2. Fiberglass Windows Installation Cost
  3. Fiberglass Windows Price Factors
  4. Vinyl Vs. Fiberglass Windows Costs
  5. Wood Vs. Fiberglass Windows Prices
  6. Types Of Fiberglass Windows & Their Costs
  7. Fiberglass Windows Materials
  8. Fiberglass Windows Advantages
  9. Fiberglass Windows Disadvantages
  10. Fiberglass Windows Manufacturers
  11. Find A Window Contractor

Fiberglass Windows Cost

Fiberglass window prices range between $200 and $900 per window. This fiberglass windows cost is for materials (the actual window and frame) only and does not include professional installation.

Fiberglass Windows Installation Cost

Fiberglass window installation does not lend itself to DIYers. If you’re replacing existing windows, your new fiberglass windows have to sit flush within the frame. As such, more often than not, custom modifications must be made. Most window manufacturers can do this for you, or some window contractors, but this undoubtedly raises your window installation cost.

Overall, expect to pay between $100 and $500 per window to have a professional install your fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Windows Price Factors

Your fiberglass windows price will likely fall in the range above, but there are ways to lower your fiberglass replacement windows cost. Fortunately, you have control of many factors mentioned below.

  1. Type of Window: We’ll go over all fiberglass window types below, but fiberglass hopper or awning windows cost less than other fiberglass windows.
  2. Window Frames: You can choose between an all fiberglass frame, wood frame or aluminum frame. Wood interior frames will raise your fiberglass windows price. In addition, full frame replacements cost more than window inserts.
  3. New Construction or Window Replacement: Generally, installing fiberglass replacement windows is more than new construction windows. Custom sizing, added labor and other special modifications increase the fiberglass cost.
  4. Number of Windows Installed: While most window companies have a standard labor cost per window, others offer discounts if you install more than five fiberglass windows at once.
  5. Location & Time: Window contractors will always charge more if you need service right away. In addition, they charge more in summer and early fall. Also, the farther the contractor or your window has to travel, the higher your fiberglass window cost will be.

Vinyl Vs. Fiberglass Windows Costs

More often than not, the cost of fiberglass windows will be more than vinyl. As we referenced in our vinyl window cost guide, vinyl window prices start at $150 per window. Furthermore, installing a vinyl window is usually simpler than installing a fiberglass window. Therefore, labor costs are lower.

Wood Vs. Fiberglass Windows Prices

Wood and fiberglass window replacement costs are similar, up front. However, replacing wood windows is usually more expensive over the long haul due to added maintenance and paint (if desired). Furthermore, fiberglass windows have a longer lifespan and occasionally come with lifetime warranties. You won’t get the same with wood windows, which generally last up to 15 years.

Types Of Fiberglass Windows & Their Costs

There are many different styles of fiberglass windows available. As referenced above, the style and design you choose will directly affect your fiberglass windows cost. Therefore, before your purchase any window, knowing the different styles of available will surely help you make the right decision.

  • Casement Fiberglass Windows: Casement windows are easy to spot because the windows are attached to the frame by hinges. These hinges are located on either side of the window. This style of window can be used as a single window or paired with another. They tend to be more energy efficient than traditional windows and are easier to clean from the outside by folding the windows inward. The biggest drawback to this style is its high price tag. Casement window prices range between $75 and $1,599 per window,
  • Double-Hung Fiberglass Windows: Just like traditional double-hung windows, double-hung fiberglass windows are made up of two different window panels. Opening and closing the window causes the two different panels to slide up and down each other. This is the most common type of window found in homes across America. Fiberglass double-hung windows cost between $600 and $900 per window.
  • Sliding Fiberglass Windows: Sliding windows are best known for their ability to slide open and closed instead of being fixed to a hinge. Although some open vertically, a sliding window traditionally refers to one that opens horizontally. Due to the way that sliding windows are built, these are a great option for large windows. In fact, sliding windows are often used as patio doors. Since sliding fiberglass windows are generally larger than other window types (and often used for doors), they’re usually more expensive, with prices starting at $800.
  • Awning Fiberglass Windows: These types of fiberglass windows are usually opened using a hand crank. Because this type of window does not require direct force from the user, they’re typically easier to open. The crank can be turned using just one hand to open the window. This style is perfect for windows that have furniture in front of them, which prevents homeowners from standing close to the window. Awning fiberglass windows start at $400 per window.
  • Hopper Fiberglass Windows: This is a very versatile style of fiberglass window because it can open completely. Using a hinge, the window can open from the top or bottom and lean inward or outward. This makes this style of window perfect for small spaces. Hopper windows were traditionally used in basements and bathrooms, while some homeowners even put them on top of traditional windows to increase ventilation. Like awning windows, hopper fiberglass window costs start at $400 per window.
  • Transom Fiberglass Windows: Finally, these very large windows can remain stationary to simply let in more light or can be mounted to open like a door for ventilation. Due to the large nature of these windows, they’re often extremely expensive and are not commonly found in average homes.

Fiberglass Windows Materials

The only material required by homeowners to install a fiberglass window is the window itself. Most of the time, fiberglass windows come ready to be installed by a window contractor.

The only other material that homeowners may need is paint (if they wish to paint the frame). Fiberglass windows can be painted. However, unlike a wood window frame, there is no need to treat fiberglass windows because they’re not susceptible to rot or decay.

Fiberglass Windows Advantages

Fiberglass has had a coming of age recently with residential windows and given all their advantages, it’s no surprise why.

First, the primary benefits of installing fiberglass windows are their durability and strength. Fiberglass window frames are the strongest available. They have a fantastic lifespan (up to 20 years), which makes them a very popular option in areas with harsh climates. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about expensive window repairs.

Fiberglass is also energy efficient, so the high cost of installing this type of window eventually pays for itself because you’ll save on heating and cooling expenses down the line. In turn, this will also lower your carbon footprint.

Fiberglass windows can be designed in a variety of styles and colors, and they can even be made to mimic the look of wood-framed windows. This is a popular style for fiberglass windows.

Finally, unlike wood frames, fiberglass requires very little maintenance. The material can be painted, but it's not required. Also, fiberglass expands and contracts a lot less than wood. This puts less stress on the actual window.

Fiberglass Windows Disadvantages

Fiberglass windows are not perfect, believe it or not. Of course, the biggest drawback to fiberglass frames is the fact that they’re more expensive than wood or vinyl frames. Although this price is offset by less maintenance, repair and heating costs down the road, it could still take years for homeowners to break even.

Also, fiberglass windows are still not as popular as traditional windows, so finding the perfect style, color and supplier could be more challenging than if you choose to go with a more traditional approach.

Finally, fiberglass is sensitive to UV. If you don’t want your fiberglass windows to display a chalky-like substance, a factory-applied coating must be installed.

Fiberglass Windows Manufacturers

There are hundreds of different fiberglass window manufacturers around the country and beyond. Of course, some stand above the rest. The list below is just a small glimpse at the bountiful of fiberglass window manufacturers in the world:

Find A Window Contractor

Fiberglass windows may cost more up front, but their durability, energy efficiency and lack of maintenance required all contribute to their rising popularity. If you’re ready to install or replace you fiberglass windows, we can help. Use ImproveNet to find the best window contractors near you.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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