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How Much Do Outdoor Flood Lights Cost?

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How Much Do Outdoor Flood Lights Cost?

Investing in outdoor flood lighting is a wise decision, whether it is needed for small residential homes or large businesses. Besides the safety features, outdoor flood lighting can turn the darkness into a welcoming area and adds a special touch that enhances any property or building. From extending backyard activities during summertime evenings to producing a warm glow along a walkway all year long, flood lights can provide just the right amount of light that is needed.

There’s a huge variety of outdoor flood lights on the market today. Ranging in costs, sizes, styles and features, consumers can easily be confused over which flood lights will work best for their home or business. Factors such as the amount of area that is to be illuminated and the purpose for the lighting will dictate the type of the flood light to be purchased.

The Costs

  • Minimum costs for outdoor flood lights: $7
  • Maximum costs for outdoor flood lights: $1,400

Outdoor flood light prices vary, depending on the amount of light that is needed. For example, football stadiums, parking lots, outdoor recreational facilities and university campuses all rely on huge amounts of illumination while storefronts, signs, entranceways and driveways don’t require as much. Flood lights commonly used for these areas come in 1000 watts and generally cost about $400 to $500 each.

Homeowners or any individual desiring a small amount of light along a sidewalk can choose a halogen flood light for under $10 that can be installed and provides 20 watts of light. Motion sensing security lights can be purchased for under $20 and provide 110 watts of florescent light.

For people who wish to have more security with a reliable flood light, the solar powered LED security flood lights are very popular and range in price from $50 to $350.

Costs to have a professional electrician install a flood light can range from $30 to $80, depending on the type of light installed and where it is installed on the building. If the electrician has to do in-depth electrical work in the installation process such as tapping into an electrical circuit, an additional estimated charge of up to $400 should be calculated into the final cost.

Portable flood lights are a great resource for people who work outside during the nighttime or in emergency situations. These lights can cost as much as $35 to $3,574.

Varieties of Flood Lights

From security purposes to beautification, there is a flood light to fit any outdoor lighting need. Some flood lights produce a warm, yellow-white color while others produce a crisp, bright white, depending on the bulb used. Many people prefer flood lights that detect motion while others opt for those that automatically turn on and off through the use of a timer or a light-detection sensor.

Flood lights with motion and light-detection sensors are excellent choices for safety purposes. Motion sensor flood lights can sense movement from 75 feet away, using infrared sensors to detect movement through heat waves and automatically go off when no motion in sensed. The dusk to dawn flood light is also a prime choice for homes and businesses alike.

Flood lights provide an illumination of 120 degrees, whereas spot lights produce only a very narrow beam of light that illuminates objects. Flood lights, therefore, can easily illuminate large capacity and commercial areas that need a huge output of light. Flood light varieties include:

  • LED flood lights
  • Low Energy flood lights
  • Metal Halide flood lights or (HID) High Intensity Discharge
  • Portable flood lights
  • 110V Industrial flood lights
  • Sodium Halogen flood lights 
  • Induction flood lights

Many of these types of flood lights are made from durable material and offer higher wattage that is more appropriate for large commercial and industrial use as they are available with high wattage. For example, low energy flood lights and 110V industrial flood lights are found in many commercial uses such as warehouses, factories and industries where a lot of light is needed. Sodium and LED flood lights are often used for street lighting.

Metal halide or high intensity discharge (HID) flood lights are powerful and work best as a dusk to dawn flood light. Many homeowners and business owners alike choose this type of flood light for so many benefits. Plus, this type of flood light is available from 70 to 2,000 watts, making it a very versatile flood light.

More and more, LED flood lights are preferred over metal halide and sodium halogen flood lights for a variety of reasons both for the homeowner and business owner. LED flood lights give off a high amount of light while using the least amount of energy compared with all other flood lights.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Flood Lights?

The main reason people purchase flood lights is to keep their property safe and secure. In fact, statistics prove that flood lights successfully deter burglars and criminals from breaking into a home or building.

Another advantage that flood lights offer is their incredible cost effectiveness. More and more, flood lights can produce large amounts of light at low costs through advancements in technology such as solar powered flood lights and those that use fluorescent and HID bulbs. LED flood lights offer a long life of more than 50,000 hours of use, making them easy to operate and maintain. Furthermore, this type of flood light contains no hazardous material such as mercury.

Dusk to dawn flood lights offer convenience and savings by virtually operating themselves and keeping the electric bills down by operating only at night. Motion sensor flood lights also save money by turning on and off.

What About the Disadvantages of Flood Lights?

With all the advantages of flood lights, there are only a few disadvantages. Owners may find it difficult to change the light bulbs in flood lights, especially if the lights are located in high or inconvenient areas of a building.

Neighbors may be disturbed by bright flood lights during the night.  Some flood lights may contain hazardous materials such as mercury. Consumers should be aware of this fact and carefully dispose of this type of flood light.  The initial purchase of some flood lights such as LED flood lights is expensive. Lastly, installation of flood lights may be difficult for a homeowner, and they may need to hire a professional.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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