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Floor Furnace Prices

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National furnace Costs

$2,100 Minimum Cost
$2,600 Maximum Cost

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Floor Furnace Prices

Floor furnaces are becoming decreasingly common these days as most modern homes are built with ventilation and duct systems that allow for the installation of central furnace systems. However, in older homes without proper ventilation systems, floor furnaces are still quite common. These heating systems are actually level with the home's flooring and release heat, which is then radiated into the rooms of the home through the process of convection. See how and what it costs below.

The Costs

  • The maximum reported cost of floor furnace installation is $2,600.
  • The minimum cost reported for floor furnace installation is $2,100.

All About Floor Furnaces

The nice thing about floor furnaces is that they do not require a complex duct system that can be very expensive to have installed. This makes floor furnaces an ideal option for owners of older homes who do not want to spend potentially thousands of dollars on a traditional furnace system installation. 

Of course, floor furnaces do come without their inherent drawbacks. These systems are among the least energy efficient home heating options on the market. Because these furnaces work through radiating heat from the floors directly above the unit, they typically do not do a very good job at keeping the entire home warm. This is especially true in larger homes, where rooms furthest away from the floor furnace unit may receive very little heat. Often times, homeowners must remedy this by using space heaters in these areas of the home. Furthermore, floor furnaces themselves can take up square footage in the home, making it difficult to place furniture in some areas.

Other Considerations for Floor Furnaces

In general, floor furnaces are only recommended for homeowners who already have them in place and are simply looking to update the heating system without overhauling the entire home by adding duct work. When deciding upon the correct floor furnace for any given home, it is important to keep in mind the unit's:

  • Safety Features
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Heat Settings 

Today's floor furnaces are generally safe. Some systems even include special safety features to insure the system does not fail. Homeowners shopping around for floor furnaces should be sure to look for units that have a removable floor furnace grill. This seemingly trivial feature can actually increase efficiency and safety while the unit is in operation by allowing homeowners to clean the grill when the furnace is not in use. Homeowners should also consider a unit that incorporates a large-diameter gas flue, the part responsible for carrying dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide, outside of the home so as not to sacrifice air quality.

Aside from safety features, energy efficiency is another important aspect of choosing a floor furnace. Homeowners should be aware that floor furnaces, on their own, are not very efficient as it is. Even the most energy efficient floor furnaces, will not be as efficient as a traditional home furnace. However, shopping for a unit that has an AFUE value of between 68 and 72 percent can help homeowners to save money on operation costs.

Finally, homeowners can save money by purchasing a floor furnace unit that comes with adjustable heat settings. Many floor furnaces do not have this feature. It may require some shopping around to find units that do. Homeowners may spend a bit more money on a furnace with this feature, but most agree that it is more than worth it in the long run. After all, having adjustable heat settings allows homeowners to turn the heat down during the day when nobody is home, thus saving money. Parents of small children can avoid accidental burns by turning the furnace down while children are playing in the room.

Costs of Installing Floor Furnaces

Most homeowners who purchase a floor furnace will spend between $1,500 and $1,800 on the unit itself. However, the total cost associated with floor furnace installation is usually closer to $2,300, as a project of this size is never recommended as a do-it-yourself job. Instead, it is recommended that homeowners rely on a professional and experienced HVAC contractor to make sure the job is done correctly and safely.

It is important to note that it takes nearly eight hours for an experienced team to install a new floor furnace. As such, homeowners can expect to spend an additional $450 to $600 in labor costs alone. This also does not factor in the cost of materials needed to install the furnace such as lumber, drywall and insulation materials, which can add an additional $200 to $250 onto the project's total cost. Still, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that the installation job was done correctly. Most will agree that this is more than worth the extra cost.

Saving on Floor Furnace Installation

Still, most homeowners want to save as much money as possible when having new heating systems installed in their homes. The good news is that there are all kinds of great ways to save on new floor furnace installation. For starters, calling a number of local HVAC companies and requesting quotes from each of them is a great way to see who will do the work for the lowest price. Of course, it is important to find out what is included in the quoted price to make sure it includes the cost of the unit itself on top of any labor and materials.

Aside from shopping around for the lowest quoted prices, homeowners can also potentially save money on a floor furnace by being on the lookout for special promotions and discounts. Oftentimes, HVAC companies will hold special sales throughout the year where they mark down discontinued models. This is especially true during the months of spring and summer, when furnace sales are usually down and companies are looking for a way to increase profits.

By keeping these tips and considerations in mind, homeowners can find the floor furnaces that are right for their needs and budgets.

Get free estimates from local furnace contractors

Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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