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Guide to Floor Repair Costs

Most homeowners spend between $456 to $845 nationally.
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Beautiful floors can be the showpiece of an entire household and can either reinvent or define a certain motif. Floors are offered in many different styles, colors and materials – all of which are factors that can affect the cost of the floor itself and possibly repair costs as well. 

National Repair Flooring Costs

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National Average Cost $741
Minimum Cost $55
Maximum Cost $2,210
Average Range $456 to $845
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Some of the most popular materials that are used in flooring are tile, finished hardwood, a "floating" wood system, linoleum and marble. It is sometimes the material more than anything else that has the largest impact on the price of repairing a floor. Obviously, repairing something like marble is much different than linoleum, and different types of flooring offer different repair options and price points. 

Replacing tile of any sort is not the easiest job, but it can be very cost-effective and quick. Because tiles are laid one by one, a professional should be able to remove just a couple of tiles and replace them. The professional must keep with the pattern in existence, in addition to ensuring a level patch job. For a simple repair of a few tiles in a floor, expect to pay about $100 in materials, depending on the amount of tiles as they are priced individually. Overall, with labor, this is a $300 to $500 job for an established, reputable business. 

Repairing a hardwood floor usually means having the floor refinished. If a total refinishing job is not done, the floor will undoubtedly look uneven – the new finish will make the old portion stick out greatly. For this kind of service, expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $4 per square foot from a true professional. The end result is a floor that looks virtually brand new for a fraction of what a new floor would cost. Other types of wood floors offer other options that are more cost efficient. For example, a floating wooden floor involves no glue or adhesive during installation – the pieces simply snap together. Although it can be tedious, repairing a wooden floor of this kind is much less expensive – perhaps the cost of a box of flooring plus labor – and should not cost the consumer anymore than $250.

Repairing linoleum flooring is the easiest and most inexpensive, and yet it is probably the least-used method. The reason is simple – new linoleum flooring is very inexpensive, and often by the time the floor needs to be repaired, it is time for it to be replaced. Linoleum is a very eco-friendly option as well since the waste materials break down quickly and safely. A brand new linoleum floor costs roughly the same as a refinish on hardwood – between $3 to $4 a square foot. 

Floor repair costs vary greatly depending on the materials. While some flooring may be repaired inexpensively, other types such as marble may cost well into the thousands to repair.

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