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How Much Do Frameless Shower Doors Cost?

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Frameless glass shower doors can be a modern and sleek addition to an existing shower enclosure. The seamless appearance of frameless glass is very appealing to many homeowners and potential buyers. Frameless glass doors can be easily cleaned, look better and last longer than traditional curtains. The low maintenance required, in addition to the cosmetic appeal of frameless glass shower doors, make them a popular option for those renovating their bathrooms.

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The Costs

  • The average reported cost of frameless glass shower door installation is $1,000.
  • The minimum cost of frameless glass shower door installation is around $900.
  • The maximum cost of frameless glass shower door installation is around $1,300.

Advantages & Disadvantages )f Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Homeowners who are thinking about replacing their existing shower enclosure with frameless glass doors should keep some specific considerations in mind. For starters, they should make themselves aware of the various potential pros and cons of this door type. Carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages while also thinking about the price and how it relates to a homeowner's budget are all important steps to take before making a long-term decision. 

One of the best features of frameless glass shower doors is their sleek and stylish appearance. Homeowners who opt for glass doors have much more freedom in terms of designing and decorating the bathroom as opposed to having to work around a shower curtain. Furthermore, glass shower doors can be custom made, so they can fit any shower space. The same simply cannot be said of shower curtains or even pre-made glass doors with frames.

Furthermore, frameless glass shower doors are much easier to keep clean. The only thing homeowners have to worry about is soap scum, which can build up on glass over time and become difficult to remove. Fortunately, all it takes is a weekly spray with some basic glass cleaner to prevent this from happening. Glass doors are also very resistant to mold and mildew, which can become a common problem in humid bathrooms. As such, frameless glass shower doors are an ideal option for bathroom spaces that are not well ventilated and may experience mold or mildew problems otherwise.

Of course, frameless glass shower doors do not come without their potential drawbacks as well. Specifically, since these doors do not have frames to seal water out, they tend to be more expensive because the burden of this falls on making very well designed and engineered glass that fits flush with the tub as it is. As a result, frameless doors tend to cost about twice as much as framed glass shower doors. However, many homeowners agree that the additional cost is more than worth it in terms of cosmetic appeal.

Other Cost Considerations

The average listed prices of frameless glass door installation are listed above, but the fact remains that these costs can fluctuate quite significantly depending on a number of factors. Some of these influencing factors to keep in mind include:

  • Size and design of shower
  • Thickness/quality of glass
  • Other needed bathroom modifications

The biggest consideration that can influence costs is that of the size and design of the existing shower. The larger the shower, the more materials and labor will be required, and thus the more expensive the entire project will be. However, some small showers may call for an expensive installation. For example, showers with many different edges and corners as opposed to a plain rectangular or square shower will require more work and craftsmanship, thus driving up the overall price.

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Last updated on Jan 24, 2017

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