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Frieze Carpet Cost Guide

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National Carpet Costs

$2 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$3.50 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Frieze Carpet Cost Guide

When replacing the carpet in an old home or choosing carpet for a new home, homeowners have a variety from which to choose. One such choice is frieze carpet. This style of carpet is characterized by the way the fibers in the carpet are twisted tightly together. As a result, this design creates a textured surface for the carpet. Overall, the very distinct look of frieze carpet is created only by winding the carpet fibers together many more times than what is traditionally done with plush carpet. The more the fiber in the carpet is twisted, the more each fiber spirals and curls back into itself. In the end, the carpet has a very appealing coiled appearance.

The Costs

  • Minimum cost: $2 per square foot

  • Maximum cost: $3.50 per square foot

Just like any other carpet that homeowners can choose from, frieze carpets differ in price. The two major factors that affect the pricing are the cost of installation and the material out of which the frieze carpet is made. For example, polyester frieze carpet runs only about $2 a square foot. Nylon frieze carpet can cost upwards of $3.50 a square foot. If homeowners want to, they can even use Smartstrand frieze carpet that runs about $3 per square foot.

Although frieze carpets are a bit more expensive than other carpet choices, it is not as expensive as a homeowner choosing hardwood floors for a home. As a result, frieze carpets tend to be a popular choice among homeowners who do not have a huge budget but are looking for something a little different.

When choosing a style of frieze carpet, the homeowner needs to remember that there are two other factors aside from the materials that affect the cost of the carpet: face weight and twist level. As the name suggests, the twist level is the amount of times the fibers in the carpet are twisted. The more they have been twisted, the higher the cost. Face weight is a measurement of how much material or fabric was used in the making of the carpet. Obliviously, the more material that is used, the more the carpet will cost.


The materials that are needed to install frieze carpet do not differ that much from the tools and materials needed to installed traditional carpet. The contractor that is hired to install the carpet will more than likely supply all of the tools needed to complete the job. However, the homeowner will have to buy some of these materials to complete the project. The following is a list of the tools and materials that are needed to complete the project.

  • Frieze carpet – The homeowners will need to choose and buy the style of frieze carpet that they like. Some contractors will allow the homeowners to purchase the carpet through them.

  • Subflooring/Padding – The padding used under the carpet will also need to be chosen. There are a few different qualities from which to choose; it is best for homeowners to go with a padding that will stand up to wear and tear.

  • Glue – Carpet glue will be needed to glue the seams of the carpet together.

  • Staples – Staples will be needed to hold the carpet in place.

  • Carpet Stretcher – This is a tool that helps to stretch the carpet nice and tight before stapling it down.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Frieze carpet is a very popular carpet choice for homeowners. However, just like plush carpet, frieze carpet has its own drawbacks. Homeowners need to compare both the pros and the cons before deciding to go with frieze carpet to make sure it is worth the investment.


Frieze carpet is extremely popular and adds to the value of most homes. On top of that, frieze carpet does not leave footprints when people walk on it. This is because the fibers are twisted so tight that they bounce back after being walked on. There are some cases where footprints might occur, but these are easy to remove and happen far less than with plush carpet. Despite the textured look of frieze carpet, it is very soft. This makes it feel good to walk on. Also, since the fibers are twisted, it is a lot more durable than other carpets and does not shed as easily. Compared to plush carpet, frieze carpet does not hold dust and dirt as much, which makes it easier to clean. Last but not least, frieze carpet can be made out of recycled plastic bottles. This type of carpeting, which is usually referred to as PET, is very stain resistant and eco-friendly.


Unlike some other textured carpets, frieze carpets are not very good at holding any kind of elaborate patterns. As a result, homeowners will only be able to choose from simple patterns. Like with plush carpet, heavy furniture may permanently crush the fibers that are twisted together. Walking on the carpet usually does not cause this problem, but heavy furniture can. Although frieze carpet looks nice, it is not very fancy. Thus, people who are looking to add more class or elegance to their homes may want to choose a different type of carpet.

Care Tips for Frieze Carpet

Just like any other type of carpet, frieze carpet still has to be taken care of to keep it looking nice. It is a very resilient and durable type of carpet, but to keep it looking nice, homeowners need to vacuum it regularly. This helps remove the dirt and dust that gets trapped in the coiled fibers overtime. In some cases, a carpet rake might be needed for frieze carpets. This tool is usually recommended for carpets that have a textured look or feel. This helps to remove all the dirt that settles to the bottom of the textured areas.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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