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Garbage Disposal Removal Cost

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Garbage Disposal Removal Cost

A garbage disposal is one of the most heavily used kitchen appliances, so it's no surprise that it needs to be removed for maintenance or replacement from time to time. With the amount of food waste that a garbage disposal handles on a regular basis, it’s important to keep the unit running well. Removing the current garbage disposal is often a necessary task whether you need to repair the unit or are upgrading to a newer model.

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Table of Contents

  1. Cost To Remove A Garbage Disposal
  2. Garbage Disposal Removal Cost Factors
  3. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  4. How To Remove A Garbage Disposal
  5. New Garbage Disposal Models
  6. Find A Pro

Cost To Remove A Garbage Disposal

The cost to remove a garbage disposal can range anywhere from $42 to $77. The bulk of this fee is labor, with each job taking an estimated two hours. Labor fees include setup and cleanup, gathering the necessary materials, removing the disposal and the time it takes to dispose of it properly. Typically, labor fees alone range from $22 to $152. Many contractors also charge an additional fee to dispose of the old disposal as well as any related waste, which ranges from $20 to $25 on average. If your service call involves the purchase or installation of a new garbage disposal, then you can expect your overall fee to rise.

Garbage Disposal Removal Cost Factors

Garbage Disposal Removal Cost Factors

Removing a garbage disposal is a relatively straightforward job, unless your disposal is damaged or there is corrosion around the connection site. Many plumbers charge by the hour, so if you have an old disposal or an unusual plumbing connection that requires extra work to disconnect, then expect to pay more.

Typically, garbage disposal removal coincides with the installation of a new garbage disposal, which a professional can do at the same visit. If you’re purchasing a new garbage disposal through a hired professional, then that can also raise the rates. New disposals range in price from $70 to over $300, depending on the type and features you want.

Replacing an old item with a newer model is almost always a welcome change, but there are cases where the new garbage disposal doesn't match up with your current plumbing hookup. If you get a unit that isn't directly compatible, then the removal and installation costs will rise, since your contractor has to work longer hours and may need to purchase additional parts or fittings.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Removing a garbage disposal is something that you can do yourself, but there are a few steps involved. Plus, working with electricity around water can be dangerous if you aren't extremely careful. If you have any misgivings about working with your electrical wiring or your plumbing setup or you want to avoid the hassle, it's best to hire a professional.

New Garbage Disposal Models

How To Remove A Garbage Disposal

With the right tools, removing a garbage disposal shouldn't take more than a few hours, even if you remove the garbage disposal yourself. Every unit is different, but removing one generally requires these basic steps.

  1. Unplug the garbage disposal. If your disposal is hardwired, then follow step 2. If you can disconnect from a wall socket, then skip to step 3.
  2. If your garbage disposal is hardwired to the home, turn off the circuit breaker for the garbage disposal. Be sure that all power is off to the unit before proceeding. Use a screwdriver to remove the plate that covers the wires on the disposal, and then disconnect the exposed wires. Untwist the wire caps that join the disposal wires with the wires to your home, and then separate the disposal wires. Replace the caps over the home wires; push them back inside the disposal box, and reconnect the cover plate. Use a noncontact voltage tester to make sure that there is no electricity coming from the garbage disposal.
  3. Place a plastic bowl or bucket underneath the garbage disposal to catch any water held in the hoses. If your disposal is connected to a dishwasher, then use a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp on the dishwasher discharge hose. Pull the hose from the clamp fitting.
  4. Disconnect the sink drain fittings from the disposal. The drain fitting usually connects to the disposal by a mounting-ring assembly. To remove the disposal from the assembly, hold it from below and turn the three-tab mounting ring at the top of the unit counterclockwise to release the disposal. Finish removing the drain assembly by loosening the remaining bolts and prying off the retaining ring. 

No two garbage disposals are the same, which means that your disposal might connect to the drain a bit differently than these instructions imply. Looking for a more visual guide? Watch the video below for alternative instructions.

New Garbage Disposal Models

Instead of removing your old garbage disposal to clean it or repair it, chances are you're replacing it with a newer model. When shopping, you'll find that garbage disposals either have a continuous feed or a batch feed. Continuous feed disposals are common, open-mouth disposals that operate with the flip of a wall switch. Batch feed disposals require you to place all the food waste in a chamber and then close a stopper lid to activate the grinder. These models are more expensive but a better choice if you’re looking for additional safety features. Additional variations are found in the engine's motor size, grinding chamber and noise of the unit. Here are some popular models:

  • InSinkErator Evolution Excel: With stainless steel construction, a 1-horsepower motor, quiet operation and seven-year warranty, this disposal is at the top of its class. However, consumers can expect to pay more for its powerful, high-end performance.
  • KitchenAid KCDB250G: This KitchenAid garbage disposal is an affordable option for anyone who wants a standard garbage disposal that gets the job done. It offers a 0.5-horsepower motor that rotates at 1,725 rpm, and it features a continuous feed for consistent use.
  • Waste King L-8000 Legend Series: This Waste King garbage disposal offers a 1-horsepower motor with stainless steel impellers, stainless steel grinding components and a removable splashguard for easy cleaning. Its rust-free grinding components come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Find A Pro

Hiring a professional to remove your existing garbage disposal and install a new one can save you time and stress, while protecting against the possibility of running into electrical or plumbing problems. Contact a professional kitchen contractor in your area today by using our free lead generator.

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