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Gas Stove Price Guide

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National Kitchen Appliances Costs

$360 Minimum Cost
$2,900 Maximum Cost

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Gas Stove Price Guide

Replacing an older model or simply purchasing a new gas stove can be an involved process. Serious considerations such as budgeting, features and options, brand choices and installation issues can make the decision even more difficult. Every situation is different. For example, the aesthetic appearance of the stove may be a crucial detail for kitchen remodeling. For homeowners who are creating a gourmet kitchen, the quality and features may be the most important components. For those getting rid of an aging or dysfunctional stove, budget constraints may be a factor that cannot be ignored.

The Costs 

  • Maximum = $2,900
  • Minimum = $360

The cost of a gas stove can vary widely from basic units without many features to high-end stoves with many options and useful extras, all of which have an impact on the price of the stove. Factors that influence the cost include:

  • Features such as self-cleaning and double ovens
  • Larger size
  • Retailer purchased from
  • Finish
  • Brand of stove

A basic gas stove is generally available for under $400 at major retailers. These stoves tend to have a generic appearance and few, if any, special features. Brand-name manufacturers generally create products in this price range, so the overall quality may be acceptable, depending on its intended use — a vacation home versus an amateur chef's kitchen. 

Homeowners should be prepared to pay more for additional features like self-cleaning, sealed cooktops, additional burners, double-ovens or convection units. Luxury-level gas stoves can cost over $5,500 for the newest, most powerful and feature-rich models. A unit with highly usable features, like self-cleaning parts or heavy-duty grills, will generally cost $650 to $880 and can be quite suitable for the average home kitchen.

Size is also a factor that influences cost. Larger units in terms of internal size may cost substantially more. This can be attributed to increased material costs, and larger units are more popular for luxury kitchen renovations. Width is both a cost and practical consideration. Many stoves are 30 inches wide. Others can exceed this standard. Homeowners must consider the ability to accommodate a larger unit in their existing space or design plans, not only within their budgets.

The retailer used to make the purchase may also influence costs. Purchasing from outlets often beats the prices of superstores and home improvement retailers. Online purchases may offer savings as well, but these can be eroded by shipping costs. Sales on last year's models may result in discounts. Regional price variations should also be considered. Comparison shopping, whether online or in-store, can often significantly reduce the cost of many household appliances.


In general, certain finishes will cost more than others. Stainless steel is often the most expensive while black and white are more budget-friendly options. The difference is generally between $200 to $300 for moderately priced stoves. Faux stainless steel is a possible compromise; however, not all these are necessarily of good quality. Unusual finishes or custom colors are generally more expensive than those regularly stocked by retailers. A red finish, for example, can raise the average price from $3,500 to $5,000. Many of these models are also imports.

Some brands are more expensive than others in terms of both unit cost and installation. Bosch, Smeg and Sterling all produce top-of-the-line gas ranges with price tags to match, many costing more than $1,800. GE is somewhat budget-friendly with affordable options in inventory hovering around $900 to $1,000. Whirlpool and Frigidaire tend to have excellent offerings at the middle and lower ends of the price range from $600 to $900 along with steady reputations for a wide variety of home appliances.

These prices may not include the costs of installation and disposal of an old stove, which vary. Some retailers may offer installation or disposal as incentives to purchase a gas stove from them. If they are not included, a basic installation will cost about $100 to $120 and more for removal. If the gas line must be extended, repaired or otherwise manipulated, the cost will also rise closer to $175 to$250, depending on the level of work to be done.

Advantages of Gas Stoves

The advantages of purchasing a gas stove are numerous. A new stove is generally more energy efficient, allowing homeowners to recoup at least a portion of the cost in energy savings over the life of the stove, which is an estimated 15 years. Heat or energy derived from natural gas is almost always more affordable than using electricity. A newer stove cooks food more evenly, offering greater satisfaction and potentially less wasted food. Gas stoves offer the ability to make temperature adjustments more quickly than electric. They also cool down faster. The features provided by some mid-range or higher models can decrease both cooking and cleaning time.

Disadvantages of Gas Stoves

As with many appliances, gas stoves can have some disadvantages as well. For anyone accustomed to cooking on electric ranges, the experience of using gas is quite different and requires time to adapt. Lighting the pilot light, if necessary, may take some practice and can make people unaccustomed to gas heating or appliances nervous. Additionally, some people perceive them as more dangerous due to the slight risk of explosion and the existence of open flames in some models. Baking can also be more challenging because heat distribution in the oven is not as even as in an electric oven, even if the stove top is generally considered superior. The heat created by a gas stove is often more humid in nature, which can change the texture of dishes roasted in the oven.

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