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How Much Does it Cost to Install A Glass Shower Door?

Most homeowners spend between $663 to $1,004 nationally.
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Modern fixtures like glass showers can increase a home's value and make your bathroom more enjoyable to use. Installing glass shower doors has gained momentum over the years, but job prices can vary widely depending on a shower's layout.

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National Install a Glass Shower Door Costs

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National Average Cost $840
Minimum Cost $60
Maximum Cost $1,706
Average Range $663 to $1,004
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Table of Contents

  1. Glass Shower Door Installation Cost
  2. Shower Door Price Factors
  3. Glass Shower Door Types
  4. Material Costs
  5. DIY or Hire A Pro
  6. Glass Shower Door Repair Costs
  7. Find A Pro

Glass Shower Door Installation Cost

While the average shower door installation price is approximately $800, the overall cost can significantly vary. In fact, according to shower door contractors, they have seen prices as low as $60 or as high as $5,000. Don’t worry; those $5,000 glass shower doors were quite extravagant.

Glass Shower Door Installation Cost

Shower Door Price Factors

With such a wide range, there are of course many factors to consider when determining the overall shower door installation cost:

  1. Bathroom Design
  2. Door Size
  3. Door Type
  4. Glass Type & Styles
  5. Other Materials
  6. Labor/Time

Bathroom Design

Certain bathroom designs are harder to work with than others. For example, a small bathroom design is not easy to navigate, let alone while holding a large piece of glass. Additionally, your bathroom and shower design also affect your glass door design. For example, a glass shower door used on a shower-tub combo requires a little more work than a traditional shower door. They’re also bigger. Furthermore, certain door styles are much better on shower-tub combos versus traditional showers.

Different bathroom designs mean that each glass door installation is unique, and contractors charge based on the labor they'll have to put in.

Door Size

To no surprise, the size of your glass shower door will greatly affect the installation or replacement cost. Larger doors require more material, more labor and more time, thus, resulting in more costs.

Sadly, unless you’re designing and installing a new shower, you won’t have much say in your glass shower door size. It’s largely determined by your current layout. On the other hand, you can change the door type.

Door Type

Luckily, there are a few shower door types and styles to choose from:

  • Custom Shower Doors: Whether you’re adding a special design on the glass, frosting it or installing a glass shower door on a shower-tub combo, customized shower door or enclosures will certainly add to your overall shower door replacement.
  • Hinged Glass Doors: Framed hinged doors used to be the norm, but more and more, people are moving to frameless hinged doors or sliding. Nevertheless, a single glass framed hinged door is the cheapest option discussed on this cost guide.
  • Sliding Glass Doors: More expensive than hinged doors, but many homeowners bite the bullet as they are kid-friendly and do not weigh as much.

Shower Door Price Factors

Glass Type & Styles

When it comes to style, frameless glass shower doors are dominating the industry. Frameless glass shower doors give a modern and sleek addition to any existing shower enclosure. Frameless doors use thicker glass and require specialty hardware and precise manufacturing to eliminate the frames. As a result, they tend to be the most expensive glass shower types/styles on the market. Framed glass shower doors, on the other hand, are easier to install and use a lightweight glass.

Other Materials

Different glass products all bear their own expenses. Glass doors that include frosting or fancy scrolled etching generally cost more, especially when their appearance is custom-designed to meet personal tastes or match antique tile. Thicker sheets of glass that are made to be more durable or include special anti-microbial, anti-glare or tinted coatings are also pricier.


While you can install a glass shower door yourself, more often than not, especially with frameless doors, homeowners hire shower door contractors. Given that a glass shower door is not only heavy, but can seriously hurt you or your children if improperly installed, it seems ideal to let the pros handle it.

Bear in mind, they'll also tack on fees for removing old fixtures or modifying them to accept new hardware. Furthermore, the sooner you need it done, the more expensive your shower glass replacement or installation will be.

Glass Shower Door Types

Glass Shower Door Types

With installation costs out of the way, we can jump into the pros and cons of each door and glass type.

Custom Shower Doors

Custom doors are made, designed and installed for your bathroom and your needs. Whether it has to fit into your unique shower design or includes tinted coatings, custom shower doors should always be perfect.

If you have kids, custom doors add a little more privacy. The same goes for a crowded shower in the morning. Custom shower doors, barring any crazy designs, also add value to your home. Nevertheless, despite all these benefits, custom shower doors are of course more expensive than other alternatives, just like any other custom feature in your home.

Hinged Glass Doors

Hinged doors are the standard glass shower doors. While they are inexpensive, the price will largely fluctuate based on the style; framed or frameless. Fortunately, they are very secure and easy to fix if any of the hinges become loose. The same can not be said for sliding or large custom glass shower doors.

Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms. As opposed to a regular hinge door, that swings outwards, sliding glass doors saves space and makes your bathroom feel larger. Furthermore, sliding glass doors let you enter from either side of the entry. They are lightweight and very easy to use, making them ideal for small children.

On the other hand, the tracks can be difficult to clean (much harder than frameless doors). The doors also provide a smaller entry area, not always ideal for adults.

Framed Glass Doors

Framed glass doors give your shower a little definition and designation from the rest of the room. Framed doors are usually installed with top, bottom and side rails to support and guide glass doors. Framed doors are the standard glass shower doors and as such, are still more popular than their more expensive frameless alternative.

Frameless Glass Doors

While design is always subjective, most designers agree that frameless shower doors look better than framed. They are also easier to clean and there are no tiny spots for water and mold to gather. Finally, frameless doors are more valuable than framed doors and thus, increase the value of your home.

Conversely, frameless doors are more expensive to install. In addition, frameless doors do not hold water as well as framed versions. They’re also not as easy to install and as such, we highly recommend hiring a pro to install any frameless glass shower door.

Shower Door Replacement

Material Costs

All prices discussed above include professional installation. While some glass doors are difficult to install, even for a seasoned pro, it can be done as a DIY project. Therefore, material costs are more appropriate. Below are prices for pure materials and do not include installation, labor or time.

DIY or Hire A Pro

Now that you have both professional installation costs and plain material costs, you have to determine if you can install your next glass shower door without a contractor. The only piece that’s missing is a step-by-step process.

Given that frameless doors have matured over the years, we found a video of how the pros install frameless shower doors. As always, if you decide to take this on, but need a little help, ImproveNet can connect you with up to four bathroom remodeling pros.

Glass Shower Door Repair Costs

To accurately determine the true value of any home remodeling project, you must look at the lifetime costs and future repairs certainly fall into that category. As we touched on earlier, whether the sliding door falls off the roller, your hinges become loose or water starts to leak, repairs will be necessary. Sadly, your glass shower door is not a set it and forget it type of bathroom feature.

Fortunately, the average shower door repair cost is just north of $200. Nonetheless, we have seen prices as low as $55 and as high as $600. Once you get in that $500 range, you should consider replacing the door altogether.

Find A Pro

There are many factors that go into how much homeowners pay for glass shower door installations, although the size, type of glass and pro used are the most obvious. Remember, if you hire a pro, always get multiple quotes. The first bid is oftentimes not the right bid for your particular shower door project.

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