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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Greenhouse?

Most homeowners spend between $900 to $2,600 nationally.
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A greenhouse is the perfect addition to your beautifully landscaped yard and garden, providing a safe, warm environment for your plants to grow. As with any structure, your greenhouse requires regular maintenance and repairs. Minor repairs may be a pleasant weekend project for a DIY enthusiast, but in many cases, working with steel, concrete and glass requires the assistance of a skilled contractor. Understanding the likely costs for the project makes it easier to shop around for the best quotes.

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National Repair a Greenhouse Costs

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National Average Cost $2,109
Minimum Cost $290
Maximum Cost $9,000
Average Range $900 to $2,600
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Table of Contents

  1. Greenhouse Repair Cost
  2. Typical Greenhouse Repairs
  3. Typical Greenhouse Fixes
  4. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  5. How To Repair A Greenhouse
  6. Find A Pro

Greenhouse Repair Cost

The cost to repair a greenhouse varies significantly depending on the nature of the repair, the time the project takes, ease of access to the work site and your geographical location. Usually, the cost of hiring a contractor for the repairs (including materials) is $650 to $2,300, averaging $1,475. Small projects cost closer to $375, while big projects, such as replacing foundations and rebuilding parts of the structure, cost $3,000 or more.

If you're skilled in home repair, then you may wish to tackle the project yourself, in which case your only costs are renting or buying tools and purchasing the necessary materials.

If a greenhouse is beyond repair, then the best option is to hire a contractor to construct a new one. Costs for building a greenhouse range from $8,666 to $21,743 and average $13,893, depending on the size of the structure and the materials you use.

Typical Greenhouse Repairs

Typical Greenhouse Repairs

Exposure to the elements takes a toll on any outbuilding, and without regular maintenance, a greenhouse quickly falls into disrepair. Many common complaints are the result of damage from bad storms or general wear and tear.

  • Broken Panels: Damage to the side and roof panels is a common issue, particularly in glass greenhouses. Double-strength glass replacement panels cost around $2.50 per square foot, but many homeowners choose polyethylene, which is only around $0.12 per square foot and is harder to crack.
  • Broken Frame: Greenhouses usually have steel or wooden frames. Wood expands and contracts, causing it to split and twist; and if it's not cared for, it may start to rot. Steel frames may buckle over time. Wood frames cost approximately $1 per linear foot, while steel frames cost approximately $2.50 per linear foot.
  • Heating: Greenhouses in areas with freezing weather usually require a heating unit. A unit capable of heating a greenhouse measuring 12 feet by 12 feet costs approximately $250.
  • Foundations & Flooring: For stability, outbuildings such as sheds and greenhouses should be on a stable surface, such as a foundation slab of concrete. Failure to install a foundation may cause the structure to become unstable over time, as dirt floors become muddy and uneven. The concrete for making or repairing a foundation costs around $10 per square foot, while pavers are around $11 per square foot. Small greenhouse kits may not require a foundation or base, but if you choose to leave the floor as dirt or gravel, then it's a good idea to put down a layer of weed-block.

Typical Greenhouse Fixes

One of the most common fixes for greenhouses involves replacing broken panels. Your contractor determines the size of the panels required and then installs them correctly. You may decide to take this opportunity to use a different type of panel, such as switching from glass to polycarbonate, which is light, rigid and less of a strain on the framework.

For damage to the framework, your contractor may be able to cut out the damaged sections and match up new frame pieces for seamless repairs. If there is significant damage to the structure resulting from bad weather conditions or poor foundation work, then you may need a completely new frame.

When the issue relates to foundations, your contractor may suggest excavation and putting down concrete before investing in the new framework. Depending on the size of the greenhouse, excavation may involve the use of heavy machinery.

If you have a heating system that isn't working, then check the fuses and thermostat first. Broken heaters usually require complete replacement.

Typical Greenhouse Fixes

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Whether or not you choose to hire a pro depends on the nature of the problem and how confident you are in your ability to complete the project to a high standard. For example, if you have a small greenhouse with a torn plastic cover, then it's relatively easy to patch the plastic yourself. You might even try your hand at replacing a broken glass panel. For larger repairs that involve working with steel frames and concrete foundations, it's usually better to hire a professional. Contractors have the necessary skills and access to the heavy machinery for mixing concrete and excavation work.

How To Repair A Greenhouse

Replacing a single pane of glass is relatively straightforward, and you may be able to complete the repair yourself:

  1. Cover the ground beneath the pane with a sheet or plastic liner.
  2. Access the pane using a ladder if necessary.
  3. Remove the pane by cutting away any sealant and releasing the retaining clips.
  4. Remove any remaining shards of glass from the frame.
  5. Install the new pane using the original pane clips.
  6. Clear away your ground sheet, and safely dispose of the broken glass.

Be aware that handling broken glass fragments can result in injury. Keep children and pets safely out of the way while you work, and always wear safety glasses and work gloves. If in doubt, seek out a professional to complete the work for you.

How To Repair A Greenhouse

Find A Pro

Handling broken glass, excavating foundations, making concrete slab bases, and cutting and shaping steel frames are jobs usually left to the professionals who have all of the necessary skills and equipment. It's easy to use our free lead generator to find a landscaping pro in your area. Take the time to shop for competitive quotes, and, when possible, check out a contractor's previous work to see if the standard meets your expectations.

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