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Gas Boiler Price Guide

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National Boiler Costs

$1,500 Minimum Cost
$7,500 Maximum Cost

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Gas Boiler Price Guide

Whether a house is a new construction or a candidate for remodeling, buying a new high-efficiency gas boiler is a long term investment in the home and the owner’s budget, but how much one decides to invest in a gas boiler will also impact how much savings a homeowner will reap in the long run. 

Before choosing a high-efficiency gas boiler, homeowners should consider the different types of home heating options, the advantages and disadvantages of boilers, the types of gas boilers available, and the short-term and long-term costs associated with gas boilers.

The Costs

  • Minimum: between $1,500 and $2,000 for a lower efficiency model
  • Maximum: between $5,000 and $7,500 for a higher efficiency model with multi-staging or modulating capabilities

A Range of Home Heating Options 

There are a wide range of residential heating options available to owners. Recently, heating alternatives such as active solar heating and geothermal systems have become very popular, but there are also wood and pellet heaters, heat pumps, furnaces and the most-widely used system, boilers. Boilers are popular because of their long list of advantages and relatively short list of disadvantages.

Advantages of Gas Boilers

Gas boilers have many advantages for homeowners who choose to install them, other than the fact they're highly efficient. For one, gas boilers save space. They're compact, easily fitting into small spaces because they don't require enormous tanks of water or other parts required to heat the home. They don't require a lot of maintenance either, needing only to have the flue chamber cleaned every once in a while. Ceramic pieces will only need to be replaced every five to seven years. Gas boilers also have automated controls, which means you'll be able to monitor your energy use and see how efficient your heating is during the winter months. Homeowners also don't have to worry about noxious emissions from their gas boiler, as it is safe and will not cause an explosion if it gets too hot. Most important, gas boilers are very affordable. 

Disadvantages of Gas Boilers

In spite of the overwhelming advantages of forced-air heating systems, there are a few disadvantages. The main one that homeowners with multiple bathrooms should consider is the hot water. Gas boilers are compact, but this means they can't product a lot of hot water. So those who want to take a hot shower right after someone else might want to reconsider a gas boiler in their home. Gas boilers can also be loud and noisy, depending on if they have to kick on often to compensate for heating. 

Types of Gas Boilers 

After choosing a gas boiler over other heating systems, the homeowner must then consider the different types of boilers. New gas boilers generally have efficiency ratings between 55% and 90% percent AFUE (or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). A high-efficiency gas boiler usually has an AFUE between 90 percent and 96 percent, and a few models even boast a rating as 97 percent. The primary cause of this higher efficiency is the boilers second heat exchanger. This second heat exchanger reclaims a portion of heat that is lost water vapor in the exhaust. Instead of being vented, the water vapor is condensed, which releases additional usable heat, and the exhaust temperature is lowered to the point where it can be vented outdoors through a plastic pipe. High-efficiency gas boilers cut monthly utility bills significantly, and in spite of their expense, they are the most cost-effective option for large homes or home in colder climates.

Considering All of the Costs

When choosing a heating system, the owner should consider all the costs beyond those of initial purchase and monthly utility bills. Due to the popularity of high-efficiency gas boilers, there is an abundance of qualified service companies available. This availability also guarantees a competitive cost for seasonal servicing, as well as repair work.

Although there are a few disadvantages to gas boilers, they are widespread for good reason. The investment in a high-efficiency gas furnace will pay for itself over the life of the boiler, keeping homeowners comfortable for years to come.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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