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How Much Does It Cost To Repair TV Or Home Theater Accessories?

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National Home Theater Cable Replacement Costs

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair TV Or Home Theater Accessories?

An hour relaxing in front of your television is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day, so it's frustrating when some of your home theater accessories stop functioning. Many things have the potential to go wrong, from the projector bulb blowing to the universal remote losing its pre-programmed functions. Employing a home theater or electrical professional to resolve the issue is often the safest and most convenient option, but it's important to know how much it could cost before shopping for quotes.

Table of Contents

  1. TV Or Home Theater Accessory Repair Costs
  2. Common TV Or Home Theater Accessory Repairs
  3. Warning Signs Of Repairs
  4. Repair Or Replacement?
  5. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  6. Find A Pro

TV Or Home Theater Accessory Repair Costs

The cost to repair components, accessories and wiring for your home theater system varies considerably based on the make and model of the parts, the nature and severity of the fault and even your geographical location. The cost to employ a professional electrician to resolve common wiring and component faults (including parts and labor) usually ranges from $105 to $334, averaging $220. Small jobs cost as little as $50, while larger jobs cost as much as $700. Common costs include:

  • Employing an electrician for wiring problems: $160 to $519
  • Employing an expert to consolidate a new universal remote: $100 to $800
  • Replacing cables: $5 to $100

In some cases, it's possible to undertake the repair as a DIY project, in which case the only costs are your time and any tools and materials you require. Reprogramming a universal remote, changing the bulb in a projector, or replacing a broken HDMI cable are suitable tasks for DIY enthusiasts; but it's a good idea to leave any work involving electrical wiring and complex theater components to a professional to resolve safely.

Common TV Or Home Theater Accessory Repairs

Common TV Or Home Theater Accessory Repairs

A home theater system comprises a series of electronic devices wired together. Any aspect of the system has the potential to go wrong, ruining your viewing. If the fault relates to one of the devices, such as a malfunctioning television or Blu-ray player, sometimes the only recourse is to replace the device. In addition to faults with the television, common repairs include:


Method of Repair


Wiring problems

Hire an electrician

Up to $70 per hour

Faulty HDMI cable

Replace the cable

$5 to $35

Damaged cables

Replace all damaged cables

$5 to $100

Broken universal remote

Try reprogramming it
Employ a professional to reprogram it
Replace the remote (and program it)

$30 to $100 to replace

Burned out projector lamp

Replace the lamp

$30 to $400

Warning Signs Of Repairs

Home theater faults vary, so there are many different symptoms to watch out for:

  • The system doesn't turn on: Many faults prevent the system from powering on, including dead batteries in the remote control, a broken device or a loose or broken cable.
  • Low picture quality: Pixilated or fuzzy images may indicate a fault with your television antenna, or it may be the result of a loose or damaged HDMI cable.
  • No sound: If the television is displaying, but there is no audio from your surround sound system, there may be loose or broken cables. Alternatively, you may have a broken speaker system.
  • Remote control doesn't work: If your remote fails to operate the theater system, it may be something as simple as dead batteries that need replacing. If the remote is broken, it's generally more cost-effective to replace it, especially if it isn't one of the more expensive models.
  • Projector lamp doesn't come on: The lamps in projectors usually burn out after approximately 1,000 hours. Replacing them is a common part of maintaining the projector, and is a simple task that most owners do without the need to hire an expert.
  • DVD player or Blu-ray player fails to read the disc: This may indicate a fault with the device, or it may be some dirt or a scratch on the disc.

Repair Or Replacement?

It's possible to repair many types of home theater accessories, including televisions, projectors and speakers. Such repairs may involve transporting the item to a repair shop, which incurs additional transportation charges. The combined cost of transportation, parts and labor may mean it's actually less expensive to replace the device.

Cables that are fraying, or which have cuts out of the protective sheath, are potential fire hazards. You should immediately stop using the cables, dispose of them safely and replace them with new ones.

Warning Signs Of TV Repairs

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Electrician costs could run up to $70 per hour, so doing the work yourself could save a considerable amount of money; however, this is not always a wise move. Sometimes the fault is not immediately apparent, and what you assume to be an issue with the television is actually a fault with a wire, and what you thought was a problem with your speaker cables is actually a problem with the sound system. Discovering the fault in a series of linked systems, especially when wires are inside walls and under floors, is problematic; and working with the electrical components is potentially dangerous. In many cases, it's better to hire a professional who has the ability to quickly determine the fault and repair it with the minimum amount of disruption to your home life.

Experts have all of the necessary tools and equipment, and frequently get components at trade discounts. If you have to purchase all of these things yourself, you may soon discover that the cost of your DIY project starts to increase rapidly. When this happens, it may actually be more cost-effective to turn to a professional for assistance.

Find A Pro

Hiring a pro is the simplest option for repairing your television or home theater. Use our free lead generator to shop for a competitive quote among professionals in your area. Bear in mind that the lowest quote does not necessarily reflect the best value for money. Employ a professional who meets your expectations in terms of professionalism, quality of service and cost.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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